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Thursday [ˈθɜ:zdeɪ]  [ˈθɜ:rzdeɪ] 


Thursday 基本解释

名词星期四,礼拜四,周四; [电影]惊爆星期四

Thursday 情景对话


A:Did you get the job?

B:Yes, I’ll be working in the development department.


A:Did you meet your boss?

B:Just briefly. She seemed nice.

A:Will you have to work overtime?


B:Sometimes. They said I should expect to work overtime once or twice a month.

A:Is it paid or unpaid?

B:It’s unpaid, but I can then take an extra day off. So, if I work an extra 8 hours on a Thursday night, I can take Friday off.


A:That’s alright. It might be tiring, but then you can at least have a three-day holiday.


B:I think it’s great.

A:How about your daily office hours?

B:It’s just a 9-5 job, with a 30 minute lunch break.
      朝九晚五,中午有30 分钟的午休时间。

A:Did you meet your other colleagues?


B:I met the people from my department. They all seemed nice.

A:Do you have an office?


B:Not yet. For now, I have to sit in a cubicle.

A:How do you feel about that?


B:I’m not ecstatic about it, but if nothing else, it will motivate me to work harder so I can get an office!

A:You’re always looking on the bright side of things!

Thursday 网络解释

1. 911查询·英语单词大全

1. 周四:讲述了Melanie和朋友Tim之间的电话谈话,Tim打电话为自己失约向Melanie道歉,并约Melanie第二天再一起吃饭,但她已有约,两人最后决定周四(Thursday)再见.

2. (名)星期四:比如星期二(Tuesday)以战神铁尔(Tyr)的英文名命名;星期三(Wednesday)以主神奥丁(Woden是古英语的奥丁)的英文名命名;星期四(Thursday)以雷神索尔(Thor)的英文名命名;星期五(Friday)是以奥丁之妻芙丽嘉(Frigg)来命名.

3. 木曜日:| 星期一(Monday) 晴分类:未分类 | 评论: 33 | 涉猎:706 | 推荐指数:0 | 星早期两(Tuesday) 晴分类:已合类 | 评论: 8 | 阅读:597 | 推举指数:0 | 木曜日(Thursday) 阴分类:未合类 | 评论: 18 | 阅读:938 | 推举指数:0 | 礼拜六

Thursday 双语例句

1. Mussina didn't have a problem with math or with much else in a brilliant career that ended, officially, Thursday afternoon.

2. On Thursday the final act as European champions will be completed. Final, but always enthralling and prestigious.

3. SZEGED, Hungary, Oct 1-Hungary, the Crech Republic and Romania will host a 500-million-euro($728.5 million) pioneering laser facility with a wide range of advanced sientific applications, Hungary said Thursday.

4. SELLING TOBACCO 售卖烟草 Zimbabwean farmer Chipo Chisya waited with her baby to sell her tobacco on the first day of the selling season in Harare, Zimbabwe, Thursday.

5. Francie Rehwald, left, tosses her hat into the air, while posing for friends, Thursday, June 26, 2008, in Malibu, Calif., as she realizes her dream of turning an old 747 aircraft into a home is about to come true.
    2008年6月26日,加州,女商人Francie Rehwald在废旧波音747机翼前丢起帽子与之合影,她的飞机豪宅梦即将实现。

6. Four days after closing the 2008 Beijing Games in triumph, China lit the 2008 Paralympics torch amid pomp and ceremony at Beijing's Temple of Heaven Thursday.

7. On Thursday, I taught them to how to pronounce by spelling the different parts of an animal.

8. Thursday的近义词

8. Why don't you give me a buzz in Thursday and we'll have dinner before you go.

9. By the way, we shall attend the prayer meeting this Thursday. If you have

10. Descriptions of Xu Yuyuan, the alleged perpetrator in Thursday's attack on 29 students in Taixing, a city in Jiangsu province, indicate that he was a troubled participant in China's economic rise.

11. It is on Thursday that Venus returns to your sign, beginning one of the most important Venus returns on record.

12. In America, Thanksgiving Day falls on the fourth Thursday of November.

13. Greece's bank workers union, OTOE, said it would stage a 24-hour strike Thursday in memory of three people who were killed.

14. In this photo made Thursday, July 9, 2009, Pet Airways Co-founder Alysa Binder's dog, Zoe, walks by one of the upstart airline's aircraft in Omaha, Neb, United States. Agencies

15. In this photo made Thursday, July 9, 2009, Pet Airways Co-founder Alysa Binder's dog, Zoe, walks by one of the upstart airline's aircraft in Omaha, Neb, United States....

16. The mood at Chelsea`s training ground was already good on Thursday afternoon following the team`s successful passage through to the next round of the Carling Cup the night before.
      t# I! `在联赛杯上进入下一轮的车子,训练场上的气氛十分愉快。

17. Stern, and a doctor were jailed Thursday on charges ofconspiring to furnish drugs to Smith before her death in 2007, authoritiessaid.

18. Playing in gusty winds Thursday, Zhou bogeyed three of the first five holes.

19. I'd like to reserve a seat on the ten thirty flight to Phoenix City, on Thursday.

20. Chinese officials say a space mission set to include China's first spacewalk will be launched on Thursday.

Thursday 词典解释

1. 星期四
    Thursday is the day after Wednesday and before Friday.

    e.g. On Thursday Barrett invited me for a drink...
    e.g. We go and do the weekly shopping every Thursday morning...

Thursday 单语例句

1. Head of Canada's largest trade and industry organization on Thursday urged the country's business community to lose no time in entering the lucrative Chinese market.

2. Israel TV reported Thursday that Sharon said it was possible that Israel would act against Arafat in the future.

3. Kupchak and Lakers executive Jim Buss slept on the trades before making them on Thursday.

4. Before Thursday night's exhibition game against Golden State in Honolulu, some members of the Lakers said they weren't aware of Buss'comments.

5. " I would certainly listen, " the newspaper quoted Buss as saying on Thursday.

6. Lakers owner Jerry Buss has been hospitalized with cancer, the Los Angeles Times reported on Thursday.

7. Since it was placed over the busted well on Thursday, the cap has been siphoning an increasing amount of oil.

8. But Imus was scheduled to meet with the team Thursday evening, according to the Rev.

9. The responses came after US President Barack Obama signed on Thursday the National Defense Authorization Act of the 2013 fiscal year.

10. The judge on Thursday encouraged Butler to get his client's financial information to the court, saying it was past due.

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