Venus是什么意思 Venus在线翻译 Venus什么意思 Venus的意思 Venus的翻译 Venus的解释 Venus的发音 Venus的同义词 Venus的反义词 Venus的例句

Venus [ˈvi:nəs]  [ˈvinəs] 


Venus 基本解释

名词金星,太白星; 维纳斯(爱与美的女神); 美女; 色情

Venus 双语例句

1. Venus是什么意思

1. Potential semifinal opponents for Venus are No.3 seed Caroline Wozniacki, although the Dane has been struggling since mid-April after injuring her ankle in the Charleston semifinals; No.6 seed Svetlana Kuznetsova, who has had a string of early losses this year but did win the French Open a year ago; recent Top 10 stars Li Na and Flavia Pennetta; and a true dark horse, No.31 seed Alexandra Dulgheru, who won the Premier-level lead up tournament in Warsaw last year, has gone deep there again this year.

2. And with your ruler Venus moving to the highest point in your chart, you`ll have a chance to present yourself in a very level-headed way. This means you can show your professional skills off to those around you.

3. Still, taunt me not with the gifts that golden Venus has given me; they are precious; let not a man disdain them, for the gods give them where they are minded, and none can have them for the asking.

4. Venus has not awake, our flag had been floating in the wind wax wax ring.

5. Venus

5. It is on Thursday that Venus returns to your sign, beginning one of the most important Venus returns on record.

6. Venus and Mercury are still traveling in your 10th house of career increasing recognition and praise at work. On September 25th Saturn squares the Moon and Uranus making it a day when work obligations may create problems at home.

7. You're Venus in the half shell, right?

8. With Venus in your home sector during March 1-7, you will make superb design choices.

9. The Venus hardware factory starts an undertaking many years, achieving taking tradition as it happens knife cream, one proud person achievement after another is created by to be called'the first knife of'Yang Jiang City Triratna, out combining with my ancestor'He Quan Li exclusive work'handed down from one's ancestors.

10. You have everything going for you, dear Aries, because just a few days after Venus goes direct in Aries, Mars will move into Aries on April 22, the moment you've awaited!

11. You have everything going for you, dear Aries, because just a fewdays after Venus goes direct in Aries, Mars will move into Aries onApril 22, the moment you've awaited!

12. December certainly starts off nicely enough, with Venus waltzing close to good fortune planet Jupiter. Your partner is obviously smitten with you and it shows - he or she is a gem.

13. Venus has no satellites, and thereby hangs a tale.

14. Add the energy of the Sun to this Neptune-Venus conjunction, and you're likely to build your identity based on your ability to be an understanding, sensitive partner.

15. Venus在线翻译

15. It was Venus, planet of love's arrival in your romantic sector on Sunday, spending her first full day on Monday, that completes a line up that also includes the Sun and Mercury.

16. Romantically, with Venus in fellow water sign Scorpio, your charm will be quite divine. If you travel with your sweetheart or spouse, so much the better! If single you may meet someone on a long flight, so here is fair warning to look your best!

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17. With Venus, your planetary ruler, in Libra, your Sun sign, you`re looking good and able to open doors with just a smile and soyou`re likely to be the subject of much amorous attention once again.

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18. With Venus, your planetary ruler, in Libra, your Sun sign, you`re looking good and able to open doors with just a smile and so you`re likely to be the subject of much amorous attention once again.

19. Chang'e When I was in Lunar palace, thanks to sister Venus came to
      嫦娥 在广寒宫时,多亏维纳斯姐姐每年来看我。

20. Venus'surface is so hot and hostile that no surface probe has lasted more than a few minutes.

Venus 单语例句


1. Venus began a celestial journey across the sun Monday for the first time in more than a century.

2. The astronomers were stunned when they checked landmarks against the last mapping of Venus, carried out between 1990 and 1994 by the US probe Magellan.

3. Despite the agreement with Richard Williams, the sisters'attorney noted in his closing arguments that neither Venus nor Serena signed anything.

4. It will take 6 years for the probe to come near Venus again.

5. The work captures the scene when Venus meets her lover Adonis in the forest.

6. Venus Williams started aggressively against Cornet then began to dominate when she reined herself in and began to make less errors.

7. American fashion designer Jeremy Scott created " Hello De Milo, " a replica of " Venus de Milo " with Kitty's noggin in place of its own.

8. Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams reached a crescendo in the final game, swapping shrieks that accompanied their shots in a series of furious exchanges.

9. The moon's rough edge will bite into Venus'slender sliver and rapidly devour it.

10. Battling Venus was just glad to have made it through her match in one piece after aggravating her stomach injury early in the match.

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