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不文明 双语例句

1. 与概念由启发famed 丝绸之路,我们的火炬中转将打破新基地,旅行从Olympia 经由一些最旧的文明已知对人希腊语,印地安人和汉语。
    So now, you will understand why our women football team is so good today. 6546456呵5468呵79879不785★要★★复4564制556哦464With a concept inspired by the famed Silk Road, our Torch Relay will break new ground, traveling from Olympia through some of the oldest civilizations known to man-Greek, Indian and Chinese.

2. 不文明

2. 请客观的评价您所看到的资讯,提倡就事论事,杜绝漫骂和人身攻击等不文明行为
    Collections; using System. Diagnostics; using System. Windows. Forms; using System. Drawing; namespace ListV...

3. 我们注意到,在西方基督教文明薰陶下的人,他们在丧礼上的表现往往是庄严而肃穆的,你不常会看见丧家扶棺痛哭失声的场面。
    In the west, the people cultured by Christian civilization, their funeral ceremony is solemn and heavenly. The scene that family members wail beside coffin can hardly be found.

4. 这是一座不文明的城镇。
    It was a wild and woolly town.

5. 不文明

5. 作为一个极不完美的大男人子主义者,我仍使用训练轮来探索意识和文明的领域。
    Being a fundamentally flawed alpha-male, I`m still using my training wheels to explore the realms of consciousness and enlightenment.

6. 社会努力的唯一目标就是矫治或治疗那些破坏法律的与社会不合拍的人,什么方法比惩罚更人道、更文明、更合理更慈善哪?
    For what could be more humane, more civilized, more sensible and more benevolent than directing society`s efforts solely toward the end of achieving the rehabilitation or cure of that social misfit who breaks the law?

7. 无论是从马克思关于自由的内在限制和外在限制的观点看,还是从人类政治文明发展的一般进程看,甚至从对社会分层持积极解释立场的功能主义理论看,这些差别对待都是不合理的,都是阻碍和制约社会进步的落后的上层建筑,因此它们构成了法律上的不平等。
    Either at the point of Marx's theory about inherent restriction and external restriction on freedom or taking the functional theory's stand that argues for the role of division of social class, these different treatments are unreasonable and impeditive for social progress as superstructures, so they have formed legal inequality.

8. 好古怪呀,她感受到呼呼的,实实在在的,男人的吸引,如此……不文明而需要拾掇拾掇。
    How odd, that she could feel a skirl of physical attraction to a man so...ncivilized and in need of cleaning.

9. 据了解,活动项目涉及体育、文艺、家电、影视、旅行、上网、助困、文明礼仪、科技等方面,其中廉江科技学校和廉江摄影学校,利用这一机会既培养了孩子的动手、动脑能力,也使他们在活动中形成不自私、助人为乐的品格,从体力、智力、品格、艺术修养等方面全方位地培养孩子。
    It is understood that activities involving sports, art, household appliances, television, travel, Internet, zhu kun, civilized manners, and science and technology, in Lianjiang lianjiang photographic science and technology schools and schools, to take this opportunity to both nurture the child's hands, brain capacity, but also so that they form a non-selfish activities, helping others on his character, from the physical, intellectual, character, artistic accomplishments and so on all-round way to cultivate children.

10. 不文明

10. 这个半文明半野蛮的人好半天心里纷乱如麻,不知道应当怎样看待自己的行为。
    For a minute the mind of this creature, equally of civilization and barbarism, was a sort of chaos as to feeling, not knowing what to think of its own act

11. 但是这并不意味着我们作为人类学家不能用`文明`这个词并且将它的惯用法发展成一个概念。
      But that does not mean we, as anthropologists, should not use this word `civilisation` and develop a concept of its usage.

12. 文明的多样性并不意味着冷战式的对立,在人类文明交流的过程中,不仅需要克服自然的屏障和隔阂,而且需要超越思想的障碍和束缚,更需要克服形形色色的偏见和误解。
      In the intercourse of the human civilization, we need not only overcome the nature barrier and gulf, but also we need exceed the obstruction and fetter of ideology, furthermore we need overcome all kinds of preconception and misintelligence.

13. 文明的多样性并不意味着冷战式的对立,在人类文明交流的过程中,不仅需要克服自然的屏障和隔阂,而且需要超越思想的障碍和束缚,更需要克服形形色色的偏见和误解。
      The multiformity of civilization don`t means the opposite cold war. In the intercourse of the human civilization, we need not only overcome the nature barrier and gulf, but also we need exceed the obstruction and fetter of ideology, furthermore we need overcome all kinds of preconception and misintelligence.

14. 不文明在线翻译

14. 公益广告:作为21世纪优秀大学生,请谨慎对待每个你发表的帖子,选择合适的标题,不要有错别字与不文明用语!
      It was the middle of the month. The almanac has this to say:The Chamber Star presides.

15. 不文明的解释

15. 中国有死刑所以不文明吗?
      So are the Chinese being uncivilised in passing the death sentence?

16. 外界怎么敢对数量巨大的中国博客军团一再的说三道四,给中国上一节有关不文明行为的课呢?
      How dare the outside world, runs the refrain of a legion of Chinese bloggers, lecture China about uncivilised behaviour?

17. 乱丢垃圾是不文明的行为。
      Pass out of one's mind; clean forget; completely ignore

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18. 十分难得的是,大多数农民子弟在接受了文明和知识的浸润以后,他们已经不愿意也无力反对自己的出身和过去。
      It`s uncommon that farmers would not like to oppose their parentage and past after they accepted civilization and education.

19. 我伺候他们这两年,他们那点出息我哪一样不知道,反正有钱的人顶方便,做了坏事,外面比做了好事装得还体面。文明词越用得多,心里头越男盗女娼,王八蛋。
      Lu Kuei is apparently revelling in his position of authority as head of the family, judging by the gusto with which he brandishes his tattered palm-leaf fan and the way he points and gestures with it.

20. 不文明的翻译

20. 他所处的时代是个不文明的野蛮时代,因此他必须机智勇敢。
      He had need to be both brave and wise, for the times inwhich he lived were wild and rude.

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