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水深 双语例句

1. 水深的意思

1. 结果表明,三峡水库蓄水 156 in后涪陵污水处理厂排污口附近的河道变宽,水深加大,流速减缓,致使污染物较长时间停留在排污口附近水域稀释和扩散,各断面的污染指标浓度在垂向上扩散较为均匀。
    The space distribution tendency of CODM, NH3一N and TP was analyzed. The results show that after storing water up to 156 m in the Three Gorges reservoir. the variations of riverway breadth, water level and velocity result in pollutants being stagnated around the drain outlet for a long time and vertically diffused relatively evenly.

2. 水深作为重要的湖泊水文因子,对湖泊水动力过程、化学过程和生态过程具有重要的影响。
    Water depth, an important hydrological factor in shallow lake, has great influence on hydrodynamics, ecological and chemical processes.

3. 不准游泳、爬树和攀石,也不应进入水深超过半米的地区。
    No swim ming, tree climbing or rock climbing is allowed.

4. 我深陷在淤泥中,没有立足之地;我到了水深之处,波涛漫过我身。
    I sink in the miry depths, where there is no foothold.

5. 水深

5. 通过引入一个无量纲参数——单位水面宽度,对梯形明渠正常水深的基本方程进行恒等变形,得到了求解单位水面宽度的超越函数,并证明该方程为单调函数。
    Also, it is proved to be monotonic function.

6. 本文对比选择云贵高原几个人为活动和污染程度,水深,水体寄宿时间,海拔和补给系数等方面显著差异的湖泊—泸沽湖,洱海湖,百花湖和阿哈湖,通过氮,磷和硫在沉积物-水界面各种形态的组成和垂直剖面,及通量,沉降速率和平衡计算,揭示了氮,磷和硫在沉积物和水体之间的迁移、转化规律,和它们潜在的生态环境效应。
    Baihua and Ahi lake with obvious difference of pollution extent, water depth, resience time and sea-level, and quantiative evaluation of diffusive flux, precipiation rate and budget, understand mobililty and transformation of N, P, S between sediments and water, discribe study potential eco-environmental effects of these biogeochemical cycling on overlying water and sediments.

7. 水深的解释

7. 在分析国内外通行的各种评价方法的基础上,针对我国不甚发达的经济情况和复杂的水域特点,提出了由11个因子组成的河溪近自然评价指标体系,包括:1河流的平面形态;2河流的横断面形态;3河流的水深;4水体宽度;5岸坡的结构;6水流的流速;7缓冲带植被宽;8水体与河槽的接触情况;9河道粗木质情况;10水质;11底栖大型动物。
    On the base of analyzing the popular appraisal systems, and to satisfy the non-developed economic condition and complex situations of watersheds in China, the advanced near natural stream control assessment system includes eleven indicators:(1)the plane shape of stream; (2)the profile shape of strea...

8. 港内操船;拖轮;相对水深;舵面积比
    Shiphandling in the harbour; tug; relative water depth; ratio of rudder area

9. 他说:"美国在重大疾病的诊断和治疗方面做得相当不错,世界各国间的对比不能说明我们身处水深火热之中。
    Preston, a demographer at the University of Pennsylvania who is among the leading experts on mortality rates from disease.

10. 下川岛海水清澈见底,阳光充足,吸引无数型男索女前来戏水晒太阳;海滩平缓开阔,缓缓延伸向海,就算离岸稍远,水深也不过头,游客可以尽情沐浴风浪。
    Taiwan bamboo, banana and papaya trees everywhere, and so on a one Congcong, eyeful of the green, from sea to shore, and from the coast to the Hill are covered with a green light for the entire next Kawashima as a natural green tapestry of natural, in the waves In the Green Wave.

11. 由于远古时期的地壳活动,致使地壳断裂,洋汤河河道被堵截,于是在海拔高度为2400余米的天魏山上,便汇成了状如葫芦的一湖碧水,文县天池有九道大湾和一百零八个小湾,方圆20公里,水深97米,水域面积80公顷,周围俱是连绵的重山峻岭,风光无比的秀美。
      Ancient times as a result of the activities of the earth's crust, causing the earth's crust was broken and the river was the interception of foreign Tanghe, so at an altitude of 2400 meters high in the mountains Wei days, they come together to form the shape of a lake of clear water hyacinth, Tianchi County there are nine Great Bay and Little Bay, 108, a radius of 20 kilometers, 97 meters water depth, water area of 80 hectares, surrounded by all the mountain peaks of the mountains, beautiful scenery incomparable.

12. 该系统采取滑靴型式的喷冲挖沟方式,埋缆机由母船拖曳前进,主要用于水深在0.8~30 m的滩海,底质为硬砂土和红胶泥层,埋设直径小于150 mm的电缆,埋设深度大于等于2 m。
      A boot-type jet trenching system is adopted which is towed by the supporting ship. It is mainly used for trenching hard sandy clay at the shoal area with water depth 0.8 m to 30 m. Diameter of the cable to be buried is up to 150 mm, and the burying depth more than 2 m. This system has advantages of simple structure, high burying speed and great trenching depth.

13. 而栖息地调查依水深、流速经由模糊控制理论分类成深潭、深湍濑、浅湍濑、浅滩共四类。
      Fuzzy control theory is applied to model habitats as deep pool, deep riffle, shallow riffle, and shallow pool – which are defined by surveyed depth and velocity.

14. 且已证明所给的二阶精度的求解格式保持水深的非负性,这一特性使其能够较好地处理干河床问题。
      It is also proved that the second-order version of this approach preserves the non-negativity of the height of the water, which guarantees a better solution ford dry river-beds.

15. 利用该技术对定位、姿态、潮位和无验潮模式下的水深测量数据进行滤波,取得了理想的效果。
      At the same time, the data quality of position, vessel attitude, tide and depth is improved. the effect of filter is evident.

16. 覆盖区的沉积环境水深要大于露头区,暗色泥岩的厚度及分布范围加大。
      The sedimentary center is at north areal coverage, the source area is at the outcrop area in south of Duwa faulting.

17. 用镜头分裂钻机水深较浅捕鱼时20英尺。
      Employ the split shot rig when fishing in depths shallower than 20 feet.

18. 水深的解释

18. 对于桥水库中铜绿微囊藻的特性进行了试验研究,结果表明:在大约3倍透明度水深以内铜绿微囊藻是下沉的,在此水深以下是上浮的,最终大部分集中悬浮在2~3倍透明度水深区;约60%铜绿微囊藻的上浮速度都小于0.5cm/min,约87%的上浮速度都小于1.5cm/min,上浮速度大于2.0cm/min的占很小部分;当水体反向流速为1.35cm/min左右时,反向流动对铜绿微囊藻生长的抑制效果最佳。
      Characteristics of Microcystis aeruginosa was studied in Yuqiao reservoir. Experimental results show that Microcystis aeruginosa subsidizes within about three times of water transparency depth, while it ascends under this water depth, and it ultimately suspends between double and triple of the water transparency depth. About 60% Microcystis aeruginosa ascends at a velocity less than 0.5 cm/min; 87% Microcystis aeruginosa ascends at a velocity less than 1.5 cm/min. Only a small portion of Microcystis aerugin...

19. 水深

19. 在国王的暴政之下,整个国家都陷入了水深火热之中。
      The entire population was aggrieve d by the tyranny of the king.

20. 从河的那一点向北,水深不足以让他的船驶过。
      From that point to the north onward, the river is not deep enough for his ship to sail.

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