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春花 基本解释

春花[chūn huā]



春花 双语例句

1. 与贾岛一样,姚合诗境多集中于主流社会之外的荒僻小县和深林山野,视野颇为狭小而局促,意象简单而多重复,但他更喜欢晴朗、温暖和明丽的天空,在季节和时间选择上更爱春花的明媚和亮丽。
    Just as Jia Dao and Yao He, the Late-tang Style poets also hardchanted, the hardship of their chanting had two kind of meanings, one was to chant hardship and unhappiness of their relative, families, and themselves.

2. 但每当此时,心里的迎春花又一次微笑,它使我成长。
    But whenever this point, the heart of winter jasmine another smile, it makes me grow.

3. 研究了迎春花黄色素的最佳提取工艺及性质。
    The quality and optimum extraction technology of winter jasmine's yellow pigment were studied.

4. 刹那间,我看到了一株迎春花,它在对我绽放笑脸。
    Suddenly, I saw a winter jasmine, which bloom on my smiling face. Yes ah!

5. 如果你想要有一点非同寻常,你可以总是迎春花,或者金银花冬季。
    If you want something a little more out of the ordinary, you could always try Winter Jasmine, or Winter Honeysuckle.

6. 初春,迎春花张开了美丽的笑脸,发布着春天的信息。
    Early spring, winter jasmine opened their beautiful smiling faces, the spring release of information.

7. 古装喜剧中,武陵渔夫老陶被妻子春花戴绿帽,每日受尽她及其情人袁老板的欺辱,某日借口外出打鱼实为想自杀之时,误入桃花仙境,而春花与袁老板结为夫妻后,过的却是比原来更不堪的日子。
    Costume comedy, Wuling fisherman Laotao is the wife Chunhua cuckold, and the lover she suffered daily boss Yuan of bullying, an excuse to go out fishing one day actually wanted to commit suicide when Peach strayed into fairyland, and Chun-Hua Yuan boss and married after the original is not even worth Queshi Bi-off days.

8. 也有将春花与冬花合称为子口的。
    There are also to spend the winter together with the spring flower known as the bead of the.

9. 春花的意思

9. 鱼种的一种,也有将冬花与春花统称为子口、新口的。
    A kind of fish, there will be collectively referred to as winter flowers and spring flower bead, the new port.

10. 我减少完全这丰富多彩长春花在5月再次但是特别做花限制它的发展因为非常迅速地前进。
    I cut completely this variegated periwinkle in May to make it blossom again but especially to limit its development because it advances very fast.

11. 长春碱从马达加斯加的长春花中得的一种生物碱C46H58N4O9,用作抑制肿瘤的药物
      An alkaloid, C46H58N4O9, obtained from the Madagascar periwinkle and used as an antineoplastic drug.

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12. 长春花碱能单独诱导MOLT4细胞M期阻滞,M期细胞阻滞的流式细胞检测和形态学特征的研究有助于进一步研究细胞阻滞与凋亡、检测点机制和抗癌新药开发提供参考。
      It is concluded that the vinblastine can solely induce arrest of MOLT-4 cells at M phease. This study provides experimental basis for further investigating the relation of cell cycle arrest to apoptosis, mechanism of checkpoint and developtment of new anticancer drugs.

13. 黄山的开花植物很丰富,其中许多都是稀有珍品,如美人花、黄山杜鹃花、茶花、李树花、百合花、紫薇、兰花和迎春花等等。
      The flowerer of yellow mountain is very abundant, among them many is an all rare delicacy, such as beauty flower, yellow mountain azalea, camellia, plum tree flower, liliaceous, crape myrtle(also call red on the 100th), arethusa and winter jasmine etc..

14. 松鸣岩森林公园地处太子山林区,相对高差大,动植物类繁多,乔灌木多达130多种,高山分部着冷杉、铁桦;中心分布着云杉、红桦、白桦、山杨;低山分布油松、杨树、落叶松;林中花色鲜艳,花形独特的杜鹃、八仙花、报春花、柳叶花等近百种野生花卉;有分布广范;数量较多的祖师麻、三棵针、九节昌蒲、川赤芍、黄芪、紫胡、鹿含草等。
      Song Ming is located in Forest Park, Prince Rock Mountain, the relative elevation, and many types of animals and plants, shrubs up to more than 130 kinds, Division of alpine fir, iron Cheng; Center distributed spruce, red Betula, birch, mountain Yang; low distribution of Chinese Pine Mountain, poplar, larch; forest, bright colors, unique shape of the azalea flower, Hydrangea macrophylla, primrose, willow spent nearly a hundred species of wild flowers, etc.; have distributed widely; a large number of Zushima, 3-pin, 9 calamus, Sichuan Chishao, Astragalus, purple Hu, deer, such as with grass.

15. 单位:王莲芸(山西医科大学第一医院 030001);张克军(山西医科大学第一医院 030001);王春花(山西医科大学第一医院 030001);王怀云(阳泉煤业集团公司总医院);林爱俊;乔中东;仇丽霞
      The First Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, Taiyuan, 030001, China

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16. 为闫文国顶名的不只我们一户,还有郭春花等好多人。
      Yan, for our country top of the more than one household, there are many people such as Guo spring flower.

17. 然而,在一墙之隔的大门内,夹竹桃却在那里悄悄地一声不响,一朵花败了,又开出一朵,一嘟噜花黄了,又长出一嘟噜;在和煦的春风里,在盛夏的暴雨里,在深秋的清冷里,看不出什么特别茂盛的时候,也看不出什么特别衰败的时候,无日不迎风弄姿,从春天一直到秋天,从迎春花一直到玉簪花和菊花,无不奉陪。
      Yet, oleander bloomed silently inside the gate. One bud withered, and another came out; a tuft became yellow, and another blossomed out. You could not see the most prosperous period or the most withered time either in the vernal spring wind, or in the summer thunderstorm, or in the deep lonely autumn. It greeted wind and displayed her beauty every day, from spring to autumn, from the bloom of winter jasmine flower to the decay of the plantain lily and chrysanthemum.

18. 然而,在一墙之隔的大门内,夹竹桃却在那里悄悄地一声不响,一朵花败了,又开出一朵,一嘟噜花黄了,又长出一嘟噜;在和煦的春风里,在盛夏的暴雨里,在深秋的清冷里,看不出什么特别茂盛的时候,也看不出什么特别衰败的时候,无日不迎风弄姿,从春天一直到秋天,从迎春花一直到玉簪花和菊花,无不奉陪。
      Whereas, beside the entrance door the oleander quietly continue its circles, while one fall after another open, and one wither till another born. Enjoying in such a pleasantly spring breeze, the rainstorm in midsummer as well as the chilly in late autumn, from which I could not distinguish them from its special flourishing or declining times. From spring to autumn, from primroses to flower of fragrant plantain lily and chrysanthemum, all have their honors of keep it company until the end.

19. 然 而,在一墙之隔的大门内,夹竹桃却在那里悄悄地一声不响,一朵花败了,又开出一朵,一嘟噜花黄了,又长出一嘟噜;在和煦的春风里,在盛夏的暴雨里,在深秋的清冷里,看不出什么特别茂盛的时候,也看不出什么特别衰败的时候,无日不迎风弄姿,从春天一直到秋天,从迎春花一直到玉簪花和菊花,无不奉陪。
      It standsthere in different weather between the Spring and the Autumn, consorting withthe Winter Jasmine Flowers to fragrant plantain lily and Chrysanthemum.

20. 春花不折花落尽,空叹息,不追飞流的时光,满日落河,徒有感慨。
      Chunhua Whispering do not fold, empty, alas, do not chase Fei Liu's time, full sun river, Christians are feeling.

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