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沉淀池 双语例句

1. 排泥机械是在自来水厂和污水处理厂中,配合沉淀池使用的,它是重要的专用设备。
    Arranges the putty machinery is in the Waterworks and the Sewage treatment plant, the coordinate sedimentation pond use, it is the important special purpose equipment.

2. i 建造工地的地面径流须流经妥为设计的泥沙/淤泥清除设施(如隔沙池、隔泥池及沉淀池),然后才排入雨水渠。
    I Surface run-off from the construction site shall be directed into adequately designed sand/silt removal facilities such as sand traps, silt traps and sediment basins before discharge into storm drains.

3. 现场砌筑沉淀池,以便将废水沉淀后再排至已有的排水系统中。
    Build a depositing tank on-site to deposit the sewage water before it is emitted into the existing drainage system.

4. 利用沉淀池中的废水进行撒水降尘,减少尘土飞扬。
    Make use of waste water in the depositing tank for water spreading and dustfall so as to reduce dust in the air.

5. 一种利用锅炉烟气制取亚硫酸镁的方法,其工艺流程是:①将氧化镁粉或菱镁矿石研磨成粉末,配水制成吸收剂浆液,送入脱硫塔,②将锅炉烟气引入烟气脱硫预处理装置,经循环水喷淋,降低烟气温度,去除部分烟尘和HCl、HF、SO3成分,送入脱硫塔,③在脱硫塔中,烟气中的SO2与吸收剂浆液反应,生成MgSO3,控制脱硫塔内温度在50-55℃,循环浆液pH值在5.0-6.8区间,④将脱硫废液送入沉淀池和离心机分离脱水,以提高固相含量达到50-70%,⑤经热风干燥,得到干燥的亚硫酸镁成品。
    The invention relates to a method for making magnesium sulfite using boiler smoke, and its processing flow:(1) grinding magnesium oxide powder or magnesite into powder, mixing with water to prepare an absorbing agent pulp and feeding the pulp into a desulfurizing tower; (2) leading the boiler smoke into a desulfurizing preprocessing device, spraying with circulating water, lowering the smoke temperature, eliminating part of smoke dust, HCl, HF, and SO3 components; (3) in the desulfurizing tower, making in-smoke SO2 react with the absorbing agent pulp to produce MgSO3, controlling the temperature in the desulfurizing tower at 50 deg. C-55 deg. C, where the pH value of the circulating pulp is in the intervals of 5.0-6.8; (4) feeding the desulfurized waste solution into a depositing tank and a centrifugal machine for separation and dehydration so as to raise the solid phase content up to 50%-70%; (5) drying by hot air and obtaining the dry magnesium sulfite finished products.

6. 中试效果表明,原水浊度为50~200NTU、氨氮浓度为1~10mg/L、水温为18~30℃时,生化池对氨氮的去除率为60%~80%,CODMn去除率为0.5%~25%,UV254的去除率为1%~15%;正常运行时,较高浊度(200~800NTU)的打击不会显着影响生化池对氨氮和CODMn的去除;生化池的亚硝酸盐氮去除率为20%~50%,在原水氨氮浓度较高时亚硝酸盐氮积累增多;增长生物打仗氧化预处置惩罚工艺,显着前进了后续混凝沉淀池和砂滤池的除污染效果。
    Experimental results showed that removal rates of ammonia-N, CODMn, and UV254 were 60%~80%, 0.5%~25%, and 1%~15% respectively at raw water turbidity of 50~200NTU, ammonia-N concentration of 1~10mg/L and temperature of 18~30 ℃.During the test, higher turbidity (from 200 NTU to 800NTU) of raw water had no significant effect on removal efficiency of ammonia-N and CODMn. Nitrite removal rate was 20%~50%, but nitrite accumulation took place when ammonia-N concentration was rather high. With the BCOP, pollutants removal effects of subsequent sedimentation tank and rapid sand filter could be improved.

7. 范文摘要:采用生物接触氧化技术预处理微污染原水,并和水厂常规处理工艺进行了对比。中试结果表明,原水浊度为50~200ntu、氨氮浓度为1~10mg/l、水温为18~30℃时,生化池对氨氮的去除率为60%~80%,codmn去除率为0.5%~25%,uv254的去除率为1%~15%;正常运行时,较高浊度(200~800ntu)的冲击不会明显影响生化池对氨氮和codmn的去除;生化池的亚硝酸盐氮去除率为20%~50%,在原水氨氮浓度较高时亚硝酸盐氮积累增多;增加生物接触氧化预处理工艺,显著提高了后续混凝沉淀池和砂滤池的除污染效果。
    experimental research on pretreatment of polluted raw water with higher turbidity and higher ammonia-n concentration by biological contact oxidation process with elastic packing was conducted and compared with conventional water treatment process. experimental results showed that removal rates of ammonia-n, codmn, and uv254 were 60%~80%, 0.5%~25%, and 1%~15% respectively at raw water turbidity of 50~200ntu, ammonia-n concentration of 1~10mg/l and temperature of 18~30 ℃.during the test, higher turbidity (from 200 ntu to 800ntu) of raw water had no significant effect on removal efficiency of ammonia-n and codmn. nitrite removal rate was 20%~50%, but nitrite accumulation took place when ammonia-n concentration was rather high. with the bcop, pollutants removal effects of subsequent sedimentation tank and rapid sand filter could be improved.

8. 结果表明,高浓度有机废水流进沉淀池中,排污光电传感器+排污泵可把检测到的沉淀物排出沉淀池,而池中上清液被浑水光电传感器,清水泵和上浮球把检测到的上清液水排入过滤装置内进行过滤,随后加入絮凝剂进行沉淀分离,再经消毒以达到二次水利用的目的成为现实。
    The result shows that dregginess can be checked by blowdown photoelectricity sensor after high density organic waste water enter pool, and dregginess is excluded out of pool by dredg...

9. 多余的生物生长将被洗刷掉,移入沉淀池
    Excessive biological growth washes off the packing and is removed in a clarifier.

10. 根据处理水量以及进出水的水质状况,对多种污水处理工艺进行综合的经济技术分析,最终确定选用比较新型的SBR工艺,该工艺主要优点在于污水处理构筑物较少,省去了二次沉淀池和污泥消化回流系统,基建费用相对较低;脱氮除磷效果明显,处理出水水质优良;水厂的自动化运行管理水平要求高,综合运行成本较低;连续进水间歇排水的运行方式非常适用于中小型污水处理厂。
    In the final analysis, SBR process was adopted in this treatment plant design. This new kind of process has such advantages as follows:its constructions are very simple, save a secondary sedimentation tank and sludge digestion and backflow system. So the cost of its infrastructure is relatively lower than other treatment processes; Its effect of removing the TN and TP is very remarkable and the quality of its effluent is also very good; The requirement of automation in operation and management is high, so the overall cost of operation is relatively low. Its continuous effluent and intermittent outflow in the operation is very applicable to the medium-sized and small-sized sewage treatment plant.

11. 本次工程建设生产性厂房布局主方向为西南——东北方向,沿厂区长轴线从南向北主要建筑物依次为:综合办公楼——主厂房——除尘器——引风机间——烟囱——露天煤厂——干煤棚;紧挨主厂房西侧,设置辅助间,以此向北依次布置沉淀池和灰渣场;输煤廊布置在主厂房和干煤棚之间;水井泵房和蓄水池布置在综合办公楼后面;厂外运输通道从瀑河东路至厂区西北角,附近设计电子汽车衡室;职工食堂、公共浴室和车库分别布置在厂前区左右侧,以保持人流、车流的方便。
      The coal-convey corridor would be built between the main workshops and the dry-coal shanty.

12. 五、水帘喷漆室及防尘室事情道理:在喷涂历程中,室体内气流组织为横向抽风下部过滤,由溢流槽溢出水形成水帘和水槽的水面在漆雾正前方,漆雾碰到水帘或者水槽水面会被水吸附,积存在水槽中,经漆雾凝聚剂化学处理,使漆渣漂浮在水槽表面上回流到沉淀池按时清理。
      Not met by the water curtain curtain of mist into the spray chamber the lower back, the mist from the nozzle, was你好ng, filtering and folding folding maze board three times a filtered spray systems, exhaust fan venting to the atmosphere by, the structural features are as follows:1, set the duplex curtain spray booth.2, tank using steel and Q235 steel production, t你好ckness 4mm.

13. 沉淀池

13. 介绍了新型同向流斜板沉淀池处理工艺,分析了新型同向流斜板沉淀池对悬浮物的去除情况,并与传统同向流斜板沉淀池进行比较。
      The treatment technics of the new type of same flow oblique board sedimentation basin is introduced.

14. 漩流沉淀池施工中承压水的问题也通过深井降水的合理设计得到了解决。
      So its choices are greatly affected by area, and the levels of underground water have greatly influent on support system choice, for example.

15. 接触氧化池分为二级,第一级在高负荷状态下运行,大幅度去除各种有机物;出水至中间沉淀池,去除悬浮物及脱落的生物膜;中间沉淀池出水至二级接触氧化池,二级接触氧化池在低负荷状态下运行,便于获得好的出水水质;二级接触氧化池出水至二沉池,进一步去除水中的悬浮物,使出水达标排放。
      Contact oxidation pond into two, the first class in state high load operation, substantially remove all organic matter; Intermediate water sedimentation tank to remove suspended solids and the shedding of biofilm; Middle sedimentation pond water to two contact oxidation pond two oxidation ponds in low-load operating conditions, easy access to good water quality; two contact oxidation pond effluent to the sedimentation tank, further removal of suspended solids, using water discharge standards.

16. danci.911cha.com

16. 传统活性污泥法工艺的主要构筑物有:格栅、沉砂池、沉淀池、反应池以及污泥处理系统等组成。
      Conventional Activated Sludge Process of the main structures: the grid, the Grit Chamber, sedimentation tanks, tank and the sludge handling system components.

17. 存储-沉淀池是可行的选择,能有效控制旱流及雨天排江负荷。
      The flow-through sedimentation tank may be a good choice to control the pollution of storm sewer systems.

18. 沉淀固体,然后删除在沉淀池
      Settleable solids are then removed in a settling tank.

19. 沉淀池的反义词

19. 它是排泥机械中的一种常见设备,它是沉淀池不可缺少的设备。
      It is mud in a common mechanical equipment, it is indispensable to the sedimentation tank equipment.

20. 沉淀池的反义词

20. 通过实际工程调试,比较深入地探讨了混凝沉淀池—生物筛选池—生物接触氧化池组合工艺处理该类废水的运行参数,系统研究了各单元的运行效果、效率、影响因素及控制条件等,以期为同类废水的处理提供可借鉴性参考。
      Based on the practical operation, design parameters of coagulation、bio-filtration、bio-contact oxidation process are deeply discussed and disposal efficiency, influential factors, operation and control of each unit are studied systematically in order to provide useful references for the treatment of similar kinds waterwater.

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