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直接地 双语例句

1. 不过,在孤立的灵魂状态下,精灵能够更直接地接受Valar的指令。
    But in this state they were open to the direct instruction and command of the Valar.

2. 使用一套电子控制的润滑系统,您可以直接地加工有几分硬度的金属。
    Using an electronically controlled minimum quantity lubrication, you can directly process harder sorts of metal.

3. 2- 所有的文件在一个运气中一定直接地被特别送快信的送到我们的 b/m 住址。
    All documents must be sent to our b/m address by special courier directly in one lot.

4. 贴合交叉应该直接地在瞳孔前面落。
    The fitting cross should fall directly in front of the pupil.

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5. 可能这是因为我们太习惯于拐弯抹角地获取印象了,一旦过于赤裸直接地接触点什么反会感到刺痛,读劳伦斯的作品就是进行这种赤裸直接的接触。
    Maybe it is that we are so used to getting our impressions in a complicated and indirect way that it hurts us to get too naked and immediate a contact, as in Lawrence`s writing.

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6. 与抓取然后转换数码视频不同,DV MPEG4 Maker 可以直接地抓取为 WMF 或者 AVI 格式而需要创建任何临时文件。
    Rather than capturing and then converting the digital video, DV MPEG4 Makercan capture directly to WMF or AVI formats without creating any temporary files.

7. 直接地是什么意思

7. 佩戴面具是傩戏表演的典型特征之一,面具是傩文化中最具象最直观的象征符号,因而也就最直接地反映了傩文化的发展状况和兴衰历程。
    Wearing mask is a typical feature of Nuo opera performance.

8. 直接地

8. 个人信息由一位收藏家不会收集为包括在纪录或在一般可利用的出版物除非:信息被收集为是一个合法的目的直接地与收藏家的作用或活动有关的目的;并且信息的收藏是必要的为或与那个目的直接地相关。
    Personal information shall not be collected by a collector for inclusion in a record or in a generally available publication unless: the information is collected for a purpose that is a lawful purpose directly related to a function or activity of the collector; and the collection of the information is necessary for or directly related to that purpose.

9. 所有批量同轴单元有小垂度以最高的频率当计量直接地从喇叭的峰值。
    All Seas coaxial elements have small dips at highest frequencies when measured directly from front of the speaker.

10. 本发明将避雷器内部芯体组件与避雷器的下法兰采取电气绝缘措施,采样信号直接取之于避雷器内部,并输出后可接泄流监视器进行检测或者进行电流分解,而避雷器表面泄漏电流不再流经泄流监视器,直接接地。
    The invention makes insulation of inner chip and under flange, the sampling signal is from the arrester directly, and can be detected and analyzed by connecting monitor, and the surface current of the arrester don not cross the monitor, it is leaded to the earth directly.

11. 因为使用牵引光束可能会造成船舰受损的可能性,所有星舰上的牵引光束发射器都会直接地附著在太空船上的坚硬组织或结构上,这是为了预防牵引光束可能会损及太空船的结构完整性力场系统。
      Because of the potential damage to a vessel using a tractor beam, all Starfleet tractor emitters are attached directly to the skeletal frame, and are protected by the structural integrity field system of the craft.

12. 它对数字化也是可能的那合成物信号。直接地使用一 A/D 转换器与一时钟高度足够离开彩色副载波成份自由的从别名,然后运行数传解码法获得那需要 RGB 或 YIQ 成份信号。
      It is also possible to digitize the composite signal. directly using one A/D converter with a clock high enough to leave the color subcarrier components free from aliasing, and then perform digital decoding to obtain the desired RGB or YIQ component signals.

13. 十之八几,多种形式的能量直接地或间接地来自太阳。
      A. Tell to one, forms of cllergy come fronl the sun drectly or ill-clrectlv.

14. 首先我试着使用ODBC作为客户端接口,但是很快我发现了一些问题,如:不支持多线程,存储的程序返回结果不支持MFC,不可能直接地使用PL/SQL和to finish low。。。low。。。performance with large databases。
      First I tried to use ODBC as client interface but soon I discovered some problems such as: no multi-thread support, no MFC support for stored procedure returning results, no possibility to use PL/SQL directly and to finish low...low...performance with large databases.

15. 最好从右脚开始练习,因为它直接地按升结肠。
      Always better to start with the right leg as it presses the ascending colon directly.

16. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

16. 我们可以更直接地来竞争了。
      We can compete more directly with them.

17. 因为这条间接的路径,光从直接地向地球旅行的星在轻装地之后达成地球数个月。
      Because of this indirect path, the light arrives at Earth months after light from the star that traveled directly toward Earth.

18. 人们生活在一定的社会环境中,客观环境中的事物直接地反映到人们的头脑中,形成人们思想观念的主要来源和基础。
      As a microcosmic social enviroment that has the closest relation with a students daily study and life, colleges and universities are the unity of dominance and recessiveness.

19. 选择(2)有a ($25)加速劳务费和被采取直接地从您的A.W。
      Option (2) has a ($25) Expedited Service Charge and is taken directly from your A. W.

20. 而城市配气系统又是从配气站开始的,天然气在配气站内经过除尘、调压、计量、添味后,然后通过各级配气管网和气体调压装置保质保量地根据用户要求直接地向用户供气。
      City distribution system is begin from distribution substation, nature gas flows through dust exhauster, dump valve, flowmeter odorizer and then through all levels of distribution network directly to the consumer according to the requirement.

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