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输送器 双语例句

1. 南京绿州机器厂卧螺离心机设计所高级工程师颜春敏,定性地分析了卧螺离心机的沉渣条件与其转鼓的锥角刀、螺旋输送器叶片的倾角B、叶片的螺距、液池半径及差转速An之间的关系,阐述了改善卧螺离心机输渣条件的设计思想。
    Nanjing Green State machine factory Decanter centrifuge design engineer Yan Chun Min, qualitative analysis of the sediment conditions Decanter centrifuge drum cone angle with a knife, screw conveyor blade angle B, blade pitch, liquid pool radius and the difference between speed An elaborated to improve the conditions of slag lose Decanters design ideas.

2. 随着大功率的上运带式输送机的广泛应用,逆止器也得到了广泛应用,其中NYD型接触式逆止器应用较多。
    In some backstop, the more widely used is the NYD type contact backstop.

3. 输送器

3. 一个侧向连接的致动器位于主输送机下面。
    A laterally articulated actuator is located below the principal conveyor.

4. 防爆阻燃器内填充蛭石块,顶部设有供水管及喷头使其内保持湿润;经防爆阻燃器冷却降温的甲苯气体输入焚烧炉进行燃烧分解成二氧化碳气体及水汽,最后经抽风机输送到排气烟囱释放在大气中,达到有毒有害气体甲苯的无害化处理。
    Wherein, the anti-explosion flame-proof device is filled with vermiculite blocks; the top part is mounted with water supply tube and ejector to keep wet; the toluene gas that cooled by anti-explosion flame-proof device is fed into the incinerator to be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, then, the exhaust fan feeds it to the gas discharge chimney to be released.

5. 它适用于不同的生产规模,既可单机使用,也可多台联用,与连续输送器等配套组成生产清理流水线。
    It is suitable for diffenent production scale, can be stand-alone use and many units can also be used in conjunction with the continuous conveyor components, composing the production of clean-up lines.

6. 本文还讨论了瘤背石磺在繁殖过程中精卵的输送、受精等过程及相关的交配器和附属腺体的功能。
    The development cycle of the gonad, which lasted a year, could be divided into 5 stages: resting stage, proliferating stage, growing stage, maturing stage, and spawning stage.

7. 存贮在托盘仓库中的空托盘自动输送到装袋位置。人工把空包装袋套入装袋机下料口后,夹袋器夹住袋口,做好接受来料的准备。给料箱将物料送入空包装袋中,并利用垛盘电子称称重(标准重量1000公斤)。称重完毕,夹带器及垛盘电子称上的挂袋装置将料袋释放到托盘上。
    Empty pallet stored in pallet magazine is automatically conveyed underneath the filling spout; After the bag is hung and bag mouth fastened around the filling spout manually, the bag is prepared for incoming material; Materials in the feed hopper are discharged into empty bags, then weighed by loaded pallet, weigher (standard weight 1000kg After weighing is completed, the bag is automatically released from bag clamper and hanging apparatus in loaded pallet scale to pallet conveyors.

8. 该机采用全新的机架和传动系统,果穗升运器和秸秆升运器上下布置且均采用下刮板,燕尾甩刀位于摘穗辊正下方,该刀前端为切断部分,后面为切碎部分,秸秆被切碎后首先抛入秸秆升运器中,再升运至搅龙输送到抛送器抛送,根茬由位于拖拉机后方的灭茬机灭茬。
    The combine uses the brand-new rack and the transmission system, cob lift conveyer and straw stalk lift conveyer up and down arrangement, and both use the under drawing template, the dovetail flail knife located at the stripper roller underneath, the front of the knife is cut off part, the other is cut up part, after the straw stalk cuts to pieces, first are tossed into the straw stalk lift conveyer, rises to transport again to stirs dragon and transport to throws delivers throw out, the stubble cleaner is located at behind tractor's to eliminate stubble.

9. 输送器的翻译

9. 螺旋输送器的模态分析的结果表明螺旋输送器在第一阶固有频率下是发生横向振动,柱锥内筒连接处变形较大。
    Through the analysis of vibration modality, the results depicts that the conveyor goes cross shake under its first natural frequency, and it also occurs a big deformation at the joint of cone and cylinder sections.

10. 开沟犁片(14)可安装到一物料输送器上,从而当安装到其上时大致垂直设置,用于在将所述前边缘(68)穿过土壤向前移动过程中以一第一没入深度部分没入土壤中。
    The opening blade is mountable to a material feeder so as to be generally vertically disposed when mounted thereon for partial submerging into soil to a first submerged depth during forward translation advancing the leading edge through the soil.

11. 介绍闭合式旋流纺的工艺流程及其主要机构,包括梳辊牵伸机构、渐缩式纤维输送机构、闭合式纤维集聚机构和旋流加捻器,并分析旋流纺关键机构——闭合式纤维集聚机构的设计。
      This paper introduced the swirl spinning process and the main components of machine, including combing roller, drafting device, fibers'funneled transporting device, closed fibers-converging device and swirl twisting device.

12. 输送器的反义词

12. 氧气、燃气回火防止器是氧-燃气气割、气焊、钢铁连铸等热加工过程中必备的劳动安全防护装置,在氧气和燃气输送管道、气割、气焊中大量使用。
      Oxygen/fuel flashback arrester is a necessary safety apparatus during oxygen-fuel cutting, gas welding, iron and steel casting, and is widely applied in the transportation pipe, gas cutting and gas welding.

13. 这可以通过定期输送啤酒流经碳酸化器或者通过向储罐内充入二氧化碳来完成。
      This may be done by periodically pumping the beer through a carbonator or bubbling carbon dioxide into the storage tank.

14. 系统通过设置压力传感器实现主油路的压力控制和油泵工作时间的自动调节,通过配油器实现定量储油和将油脂输送至各润滑点,通过电子监控器设定加脂间隔时间,实现自动加脂与故障报警。
      A pressure transducer was set up in this system to realize pressure control in main lines and adjustment of pump operating time; the distributors were designed to accomplish grease storage in fixed quantity and transport them into all lubricating points; the single chip microco...

15. 输送器

15. 一进口接纳由螺旋输送器送向塑模空腔的原料。
      An inlet receives feed material which is advanced toward the die cavity by an auger.

16. 公司拥有先进的数控加工设备,主要设计生产农场、商业和工业应用的各型胶带输送机、螺旋输送机、斗式提升机及其他储运设备;钢板仓;清理与分级设备;干燥系统及其成套工程;饲料设备及其工程、复混肥工程与特种颗粒的压制,包括各型粉碎机、混合机、环模制粒机、逆流式冷却器、粉料与颗粒料分级设备及除尘设备。
      The company has advanced CNC machining equipment, design and production farms, commercial and industrial applications of all types of conveyor belt, screw conveyor, bucket elevator and other storage and transportation equipment; Gang Bancang; clean-up and classification Equipment; drying system and complete sets of projects; feed equipment and its projects, works with special compound fertilizer granules of repression, including the type grinder, mixer, Central-granulators, reflux cooler, powder and granular material classification Equipment and dust removal equipment.

17. 主要产品含概如下:1移印机系列 58款;单色至八色 2丝印机系列 38款;瓶盖/瓶子/桶面丝印机全自动印瓶机UV软管印刷机· 3烫金机、热转印机系列 28款:·全自动异形瓶盖烫金·酒瓶盖、桶烫金/热转印机· 4周边设备系列:68款空气压缩机·火焰处理机·UV光固机·金属蚀刻机·拉网机·晒版机·网版清洗机·烤箱/局炉·喷油柜·塑胶喷砂机·钢板研磨机·抛光机·制移印头设备·磨胶刮机·凉干架·油墨粘度器·调油墨机·打浆机·商标印刷机·气染转印·水披覆纸转印设备·热转/水转印纸印刷机·分切机·输送带设备/烫画机 5代理销售::进口油墨--德国Marabu马来宝;法国 Dubuit杜比;英国Apollo阿波罗;英国Coates高氏等;法国T3、瑞士Sefar赛发网纱;法国watts威特斯、胶刮等。
      Overview Main Products containing the following: pad printer series 1, paragraph 58; monochrome to eight-color 2 screen printing machine series 38; cap/bottle/barrel surface silk screen printing machine automatic bottle machine hoses UV printing press 3 tipping machine, heat transfer machine Series 28 paragraph: fully automatic bottle cap shaped bottle gilt, gilt barrels/heat transfer machine 4 surrounding equipment series: 68 paragraph Air compressor Flame processor machine UV light solid metal etching machine net machine plate screen washing machine oven/Board furnace cabinet plastic injector sandblasting machine polishing mechanism grinder plate printing head scratching equipment grinding machine plastic ink viscosityframe transfer device beater trademark printing machine ink dye transfer gas water coated paper transfer equipment to hot/water transfer paper printing machine conveyor equipment/Heat Transfer Machine 5 Agents for sale:: imported ink - Germany Marabu MA to Po; French Dolby Dubuit; British Apollo Apollo; British Coates Gaoshi, etc.; France T3, Switzerland Sefar tournament yarn hair net; France watts, such as plastic scraper.

18. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

18. 其工作原理为注水井口油管返出的液体首先进入两级旋流除砂器,将大颗粒的泥沙除去;随后进入磁处理器,除去含有铁磁性的悬浮物,然后进入斜板除油器,去除其中的大部分油粒;然后进入核桃壳过滤器,除去其中的大部分和油及悬浮物;最后进入纤维球过滤器,除去其中更小的油及悬浮物;处理后的水进入清水箱,水箱中的滤后水再由三缸注塞泵输送进入注水井井口套管,形成循环洗井作业。
      The working principle for the injection of liquid out of well-head pipe back into the first two cyclone Desander will remove large particles of sediment; and then entered magnetic processor, remove the suspended solids containing magnetic iron, and then enter the inclined plate oil remover, the removal of the majority of the oil particles; then into walnut shell filter to remove most of them and the oil and suspended solids; and finally the ball into the fiber filters, which remove smaller oil and suspended solids; treated water into the fresh water tank, water tank in the filtered water to Cyprus by a triplex injection pump delivery into the injection wells wellhead casing to form a loop flushing operation.

19. 911查询·英语单词

19. 由电器控制的回圈理牌器可将每付扑克牌或卡牌按一定的数量理顺整齐,并可靠地送至输送带上。
      Cards can be orderly collected in some quantity by electronic card collator, and stably transported onto conveyor belt.

20. 一种用来急冷来自裂化炉的流出物的急冷器或输送线换热器,它在裂化炉管与将流体分成多个分支的急冷器之间有一个入口连接件。
      A quench cooler or transferline heat exchanger for quenching the effluent from a cracking furnace has an inlet coupling between the cracking furnace tubes and the tubes of the quench cooler which splits the flow into a plurality of branches.

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