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酬劳 基本解释

酬劳[chóu liáo ]



词典thank sb. with a gift酬劳;酬答;酬谢。


酬劳 汉英大词典

酬劳[chóu liáo]

(酬谢) thank sb. with a gift

酬劳 双语例句

1. 酬劳的翻译

1. 现在该是你为我们的服务付点酬劳的时候了!
    It is time that you paid us for this valuable service!

2. 在1987年她过世的时候,还是个末婚女子,她的六部小说只有四部已经出版,并且全部是匿名的,她只挣到了共648.65英镑,这就是她小说的全部酬劳
    When she died a spinster in 1817, only four of her six novels had been published, all anonymous and she eared a grand total of 648.65 pounds from her books.

3. 它不包括特别的财政安排在当在晴朗中想要的时候,哪一州能最后偿付对少数批评了文章的酬劳…的被同意的总计金额付款或殖民的损害一个要求之下。
    It does not cover special financial arrangement under which a State can finally liquidate a claim to damages by an agreed lump sum payment or a settlement in compensation…The minority criticised the Article as wanting in clearness.

4. 吾主上主带着威能来到,他的手臂获得了胜利;他的胜利品与他同在,他获得的酬劳在他面前。
    Here comes with power the Lord GOD, who rules by his strong arm; Here is his reward with him, his recompense before him.

5. 他必掳掠埃及群众、抢其中的财为掳物夺其中的货为掠物这就可以作他军兵的酬劳
    He will loot and plunder the land as pay for his army.

6. 29:19 所以主***如此说,我必将埃及地赐给巴比伦王尼布甲尼撒。他必掳掠埃及群众,抢其中的财为掳物,夺其中的货为掠物,这就可以作他军兵的酬劳
    Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I will give the land of Egypt unto Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon; and he shall take her multitude, and take her spoil, and take her prey; and it shall be the wages for his army.

7. 911查询·英语单词大全

7. 突出的偏离同时将会屏隔减轻被产生,依照线轴的被替换的角度需要尺寸酬劳
    The projecting deviation will be created at the same time of shielding relief, which need dimensions compensation according to the rotated angle of thread axis.

8. 酬劳

8. 除了制卡和会员卡制作机运转速率安定以内,酬劳送纸落不面给变动。
    In addition to business card printing and membership card making machine running Velostat, artificial feed impact point to fixed.

9. 我到哪都能演奏,在学校、没有酬劳。。。
    I am ready to perform anywhere, in a school, without a fee.

10. 他们辛苦了一天,得好好酬劳他们一下。
    They have been working hard for the whole day, and they should be well rewarded.

11. 酬劳

11. 看!他的胜利品与他同在,他获得的酬劳在他面前。
      Here is his reward with him, his recompense before him.

12. 现在,我也希望你能接受我的酬劳
      Now, I`d like to give you the reward.

13. 酬劳的近义词

13. 可是,他要的酬劳不是金钱。
      However, instead of monetary return, Bebe has something else in his mind.

14. 酬劳的翻译

14. 这是五万美元,是我付给你的酬劳和你垫付的医药费!
      This is 50, 000 U. S. dollars, your rewards and the medical expenses advance!

15. 任命教区几乎全在政府手中vestries拒绝引导部长们,所以给他们一个称号,以酬劳他们的办公室,但宁愿支付牧师的人,他们可以罢免他们的快乐。
      The appointment to parishes was almost wholly in the hands of vestries who refused to induct ministers and so give them a title to the emoluments of their office, but preferred to pay chaplains whom they could dismiss at their pleasure.

16. 旧同学说近年多伦多的华人演唱会的票房都是一般,没有一个爆满,不会再像八、九十年初般兴旺,他说 Sandy 这一类赌场 Show 原意是吸引华人到赌场赌钱,赌场与主办早已包底承担票房风险,歌手酬劳早已谈好,即使销票差对歌手亦不会有即时影响,只是日后再演唱机会就会减低。
      According to the source, recent Asian concerts aren`t doing as good as the 80s or 90s, none of them have full house. The main intention of this kind of concert is to attract Chinese to the casino rather then really enjoy the music. Singers get a pretty good pay from the casino, therefore, even if the tickets selling perform poorly. But the chance to perform again at the same venue will be lower however.

17. 欢迎来到下河迷仓,欢迎共庆春种,夏锄,秋收,秋天是劳动得到大地酬劳的时节。
      Planting seeds in spring, hoeing the fields in summer and harvesting in autumn, a time when one`s labor is repaid by the soil.

18. 他必须有自己的扈从,以抗衡那位伟人的扈从,但他除了劳其筋骨,苦其心志之外,没有其它任何资本用以酬劳自己的扈从。
      He must acquire dependants to balancethe dependants of the great, and he has no other fund to pay themfrom, but the labour of his body, and the activity of his mind.

19. 酬劳什么意思

19. 部分经济学家担心现已超过6%的失业率将达到10%。而1933该数值为25%,而即使有工作的,很大一部分也是打短工,收部分酬劳的。
      Some economists fear that unemployment, now a touch over 6%, might reach 10%; in 1933 it was about 25%, and many of those in work were on short time and short pay.

20. 一个可以让他蜷身小睡的狭小缝隙,他在这里反复梦到旋律和歌词,当曲子的片段像梦游的声带般泉涌而来,他就会起身,踉跄地走向键盘,把如夜景般的旋律写成乐谱或录成示范带……有两年之久,周杰伦依约作曲,每首歌可领酬劳2万元,他极少离开这七楼的隔音间,专心写歌给才华平平、脸蛋卖座的歌手演唱。
      A body which he could nap curled narrow the gap, he repeated in the melody and lyrics dream, when the song fragments like sleepwalking泉涌as from the vocal cords, he would get up, stagger into the keyboard, like the night, such as melody written in musical notation or recorded into a model with...... have two years to meet composer Jay Chou, every song can get paid 20, 000 yuan, he veryLess noise to leave this on the seventh floor, the mediocre talent to concentrate on writing songs, the popular singers face.

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