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闭式系统 双语例句

1. 微油润滑,使用密闭式油箱,内循环润滑系统,杜绝机油
    Ting oil lubrication, sealed oil tank, recycling oil supply, which avoid

2. 闭式系统的翻译

2. 综观全文,论文对变频闭式液压系统进行了细致地研究,仿真和工程应用研究获得了一些有价值的研究成果,为进一步的研究工作打下了良好的基础。
    To sum up, the thesis showed that painstaking research has been done with the frequency conversion and close circuit hydraulic system. Some valuable results will be helpful to research next step.

3. 闭式系统是什么意思

3. 目的 介绍一种改良的胸腔闭式引流系统用于气胸的治疗。
    Objective To introduce a type of modified closed drainage for treatment of pneumothorax.

4. 包括2万余平方米的全封闭式的生产车间,全部使用先进的电脑化管理系统,公司不断引进国外先进技术及生产设备。
    Including more than 20, 000 square metres of the entire closed-end production workshop, all of the use of advanced computerized management system, the company continued to introduce advanced foreign technology and production equipment.

5. 将密闭式吸痰系统三通分别与患者人工气道、呼吸机Y 型管、负压吸引装置相连,形成密闭吸引系统。
    Closed suction system, the three patients, respectively artificial airway (endotracheal intubation or tracheostomy), ventilator-Y-tube, vacuum suction device connected to form a closed system to attract.

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6. 论文还针对闭式油路变转速液压电梯的轿厢振动特性进行分析,建立了系统垂直方向上8自由度的动力学模型,在此基础上对电梯系统进行试验模态分析,结果表明所建立的动态模型是准确的。
    The speed startup method, based on expert control and model predictive strategy was developed, and was validated by the experiments under different working conditions. In addition, the vibration characteristics of the hydraulic elevator were analyzed.

7. 针对闭式水循环系统,采用关闭某个支路,进行网络求解,计算其他支路的流量偏离系数的方法,分析了稳定性随各种影响因素的变化规律。
    Aiming at closed-loop water system, by the method that shutting certain subcircuit, and solving the piping network, computing flow deviation of other subcircuits', then analyzing the changing rules of the stability vary with various factors.

8. 与闭式系统相比,开式系统换热效率更高,应用更为广泛。
    Compared with closed loop system, open loop system has higher efficiency and wider application.

9. 本文在水系统的设计上,采用闭式双管制异程式系统。
    On the water system design, I adopt closed-system control program varies.

10. 摘 要:基于热力压缩机工作原理的蒸汽喷射式热泵是一种将低品位热能转化为高品位热能的节能设备,文章从分析热泵的节能机理出发,阐述了影响热泵节能效果的重要因素,比较了质量调节热泵和流量调节热泵的异同点,详细评价了国内广泛采用的两种闭式热泵供汽系统,并给出了在选择和设计热泵系统时应该注意的几个问题。
    Finally several issues which should be considered carefully in design and selection of the heat pump system are discussed.

11. 通过对精馏塔的系统特性进行分析,确定了适宜的控制方案,采用稳态模拟技术确定了灵敏板,并进行稳态闭环测试,在此基础上确定了闭式热泵精馏系统的控制方案。
      Suitable control scheme is determined by analyzing dynamic characteristics of the distillation column system.

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12. 运用特征技术,开发了一套齿轮坯的闭式模锻 CAPP系统。
      Using the feature technique, a set of flashless die forging CAPP system for gear blanks is developed.

13. 中国第一套闭式养殖系统建成于1977年的湖北省,水处理系统是使用加压沙滤器的物理过滤法。
      The first closed rearing system in China was constructed in 1977 in the Hu Bei province. The waste treatment system was physical filtration using a pressure sand filter.

14. 厂用电母线的电源有两个,一个是通过分相封闭式母线导管与主发电机联接的机组用电变压器,另一个是起动变压器或通常直接与输电系统相联接的厂用电备用变压器。
      There are two power sources available to the auxiliary buses which is connected to the main generator by means of isolated phase bus duct, and the start-up, or reserve auxiliary transformer which is usually connected directly to the transmission system.

15. 一、主要组成设备:开卷机、校平机、送料机、摆动单元、专用闭式单点机械压力机、码垛装置、液压系统、电气控制系统等。
      COMPOSITION OF THE LINE:Recoiler、staightener unit、feeder、swing unit、mechanical press、stacking system、hydraulic system、electric control system、etc.

16. 试验表明:(1)整个试验设备、测试系统、发射系统工作良好,可靠性高,设计获得一次成功;(2)在试验速度下,超空泡合适地包覆了航行体模型,模型设计是成功的;(3)水下发动机及延时点火装置工作良好、可靠,达到了推力与模型阻力的匹配,满足了设计要求;(4)当超空泡随着运动速度的降低而转变成闭式超空泡状态时,弹道可能突然拐弯失稳。
      The test results demonstrate that: The whole test facilities, measurement system, launcher system work well with high reliability and meet all specifications of design; Under nominal test velocity, the well fitting of supercavity with the vehicle inside shows that the successful prediction of cavity shape and design of vehicle configuration; The booster and delay-action fuse work well with high reliability.

17. 闭式系统的近义词

17. 给出了采用变转速泵控闭式回路控制差动缸的原理,建立了该系统的数学模型,进行了计算机数字仿真研究。
      In this paper, the principle of variable speed pump control hydraulic differential cylinder is designed, and the simulation model of system is built, and the simulation research is carried out.

18. 结合拟建设的我国首个圆筒仓封闭式煤炭码头——神华天津煤炭码头二期工程的规划设计项目,本文展开了深入研究,主要内容如下:首先,阐述并分析了煤炭码头物流系统的基本组成和工艺流程。
      Combining with the first domestic closed yard coal wharf coal silos (the planning design object of Tianjing Shenhua closed yard coal wharf second stage engineering), this thesis performs a profound research. It mainly includes the follows: Firstly, it illustrates the basic constitutes and operational processes of the coal wharf logistics system.

19. 在此基础上,提出盘式刹车的刹车钳应由开式和闭式两种钳型组成,刹车制动系统由工作制动子系统、紧急制动子系统和驻车制动子系统组合而成,并指出制动系统应具有制动能力储备、安全保障系统和备用系统。
      It is proposed that both open-type and close-type brake clamps should be provided, the brake system should be comprised of working brake subsystem, emergency brake subsystem and holding brake subsystem, and it should be possess brake capacity storage, security system and standby system.

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20. 喷淋水贮于冷却塔底部,工作流体在闭式冷却塔的散热盘管内进行封闭循环,喷淋水由喷淋系统泵经水分配系统和喷淋嘴淋在盘管表面,一部分水被蒸发,吸走热量,从而降低管内工作流体的温度。
      Spraying water is stored at the bottom of tower. Working fluid circulates in coils of closed cooling tower. Spray the cooling water on the surface of coils via spray pump, distribution system and nozzle. Some of cooling water evaporates and absorb certain heat in order to reduce the temperature of working fluid in coils.

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