Best Effort是什么意思 Best Effort在线翻译 Best Effort什么意思 Best Effort的意思 Best Effort的翻译 Best Effort的解释 Best Effort的发音

Best Effort

Best Effort 双语例句

1. Despite what is generally reckoned to be the best funded corporate-lobbying effort ever seen, the Obama administration seems determined to press ahead with this legislation next year, although opponents have vowed to filibuster it in the Senate.

2. Best Effort的反义词

2. Belief of customer-oriented and producing the best ara product is driven powder of cabio's fast development, cabio expects to take common effort with all customers and partners to create brighter future.

3. In terms of plot, Li Yu`s belief that opera demonstrated both the fiction and the reality made him expand literary imagination on the basis of real life. He did his best to pursuit novelty, but in the meantime he also made every effort to avoid excessive absurdity. He believed that opera was a tool for entertainment, but his dramas and novels also contained ironical ingredients. He also spontaneously placed the educational advisory into his works.

4. While individual creativity is always encouraged, we have found that team effort often produces the best results.

5. War Buddies Let's be war buddies Waist deep in big money side by side I'd be the atheist in your foxhole, anytime Let's be friendly fire Body count's a mountain on a bed of barbed wire, coldly stashed As soon as the morning light has broken, then we attack If nobody tries too hard to kill you I got your back across the desert Back to brave the burning sand Back to question every effort Back to challenge your command If you got guns, well, now's the time for sticking Resistance is already forming The second shot won't be a warning Let's be collateral damage Looking down your nose like it's the best you can manage just to stand Indignity after indignation The threat of a hostile occupation The better to form a sovereign nation Here's the plan: That every man who disagrees Be roughly brought down to his knees Be starved to death and made to freeze And sentenced to the Gulag If you got guns, well, now's the time for sticking Resistance is already forming The second shot won't be a warning When the tanks roll into Warsaw, will I find you at the front Singing into a tape recorder, shouldering the brunt of the attack? Has it come to that?
    战争巴迪让我们成为战争伙计在大的钱的深处肩并肩的腰我将是在你的战壕的无神论者,任何时候让我们成为友好的火在一张有刺铁丝的床上,死亡总人数是一座山,冷淡贮存早上光一打破,然后我们攻击如果没人试试太艰难不能杀死你我使你的背通过沙漠回到勇敢的烧制沙回到询问每努力回到挑战你命令如果你得到枪,嗯,现在是粘住的时间抵抗已经形成第2 枪将不是警告让我们成为附带损害看起来沿着你的鼻子象它是最好的你能应付仅仅为了站在义愤之后轻蔑一种敌对的职业的威胁更好的形成一个独立自主的国家这是计划:不同意的那每个人人被粗略带来到他的膝被饥饿死并且对冻结做并且对Gulag 宣判如果你得到枪,嗯,现在是粘住的时间抵抗已经形成第2 枪将不是警告当油箱卷成华沙,意愿时,我在前面发现你唱歌进一台磁带录音机,扛着攻击的冲击吗?

6. And the best part is that I accomplished this with no interruption of service and very little effort.

7. Our economy, security and environment will be best served through a sustained effort to diversify our energy sources.

8. Best Effort的近义词

8. Despite the difficulty along the route of showbiz, Rainie saw every competitin as a different type of challenge, giving her best shot at every chance, showing everyone the amount of effort she is putting in.

9. A lover who plays fair is a must for Libra; if not, subtle manipulations, despite the Scales'best effort, may surface.

10. It will save you hours of effort – this is synergy at its best.

11. Beijing`s folic acid, can also be Materna, but more effort, about 50, and a large, I almost can not stand to eat a bottle of a good chunk to swallow, both insist on swallow hard for me to wave vegetables also contain folic acid high, Kennedy had to eat more food, such as peanuts, chestnuts, walnuts, such as food, to prevent constipation, as the embryos grow, the uterus will Crimping anal shoulders, it will be caused a certain degree of urinary frequency or constipation; drink at the high-calcium milk, dairy products, however the recent turmoil, if not drink plenty of milk on the nutritional point of the soup, the best selection of pig bone扇骨, high calcium, spinal drink more will be relatively easy to be lit and if possible more than fish, if the morning sickness, then just do not, and anyway, fresh delicious nutritional point of things, eating food preservatives added point, I wish you Health and a lovely baby cow!

12. The best of social and group constructiveness is an effort to allay the psychotic anxieties that lie at the base of every one of us, and which may be provoked under extreme enough conditions.

13. We should pride for our country and provide our best effort to develop our country further.

14. 911查询·英语单词

14. The demolition and recycle research of scrapped automobile's parts should be put forth effort so as to relieve the contradiction between resource shortage and waste, reduce the harm of a large number of scrapped automobile's parts to environment, make the best use of parts of scrapped automobiles.

15. Through a new user agent and document profiling mechanism, servers, proxies, and user agents will be able to perform best effort content transformation.

16. There is no problem we face here in America or around the world that will not yield to human effort, to cooperation, to positive interdependence that makes clear humanity is going on, our challenges are ones that summon the best of us, and we will make the world better tomorrow than it is today.

17. There is no problem we face here in america or around the world that will not yield to human effort, to cooperation, to positive interdependence that makes clear humanity is going on, our challenges are ones that summon the best of us, and we will make the world better tomorrow than it is today.

18. While I make my best effort to make sure the content and examples in this tutorial are accurate and bug-free, I`m not responsible for anything bad (e. g. crashes, loss of data, any damage) that may happen if you use the information or code in this tutorial. I`ll do my best to make sure bugs are fixed and that the content is as accurate as possible. In short, have some common sense and use this at your own risk.

19. Buffer management: per class and per port buffer reservations · Port-based priority: VLAN priority in a tagged frame can be overwritten by the priority of Port VLAN ID Supports per-system option to enable flow control for best effort frames even on QoS enabled ports Classification based on:· Port based priority · VLAN Priority field in VLAN tagged frame · DS/TOS field in IP packet · UDP/TCP logical ports: 8 hard-wired and 8 programmable ports, including one programmable range The precedence of the above classifications is programmable Supports IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation · Up to 8 trunk groups, with up to 8 ports per group · Supports load sharing among trunk ports based on:- Source port - Source and/or destination MAC address Supports module hot swap on all ports MIB Statistics counters for all ports Full Duplex Ethernet IEEE 802.3x Flow Control Backpressure flow control for Half Duplex ports Hardware auto-negotiation through MII management interface for Ethernet ports Built-in reset logic triggered by system malfunction Built-In Self Test for internal SRAM IEEE-1149.1 test port
      缓冲区管理:每班和每个端口缓冲保留·基于端口的优先级:在一个标签帧的VLAN优先级可以由港口的VLAN ID支持优先覆盖每个系统的方案,使服务质量甚至流尽最大努力控制框架启用港口的分类基于:·基于端口的VLAN优先级优先·在VLAN标签的帧·DS/TOS字段字段在IP数据包的UDP·/ TCP的逻辑端口:8硬有线和8个可编程端口,包括一个可编程范围的优先以上分类是可编程的支持IEEE多达8组802.3ad链路聚合主干·,最多8个端口,每小组·支持基于中继端口之间的负载分担:-源端口-源和/或目的地MAC地址支持模块由系统故障引起的复位逻辑热插拔的半双工端口硬件自动通过信息产业部的管理接口对谈判中的嵌入式以太网端口上的所有端口全双工以太网IEEE 802.3x流控制背压流量控制所有港口的MIB统计计数器,内置在自我的内部SRAM的IEEE - 1149.1测试端口测试

20. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

20. Fint of all, I always make an effort to do my best.

Best Effort 单语例句

1. The'Cowboy Casanova'singer does her best to eat healthily and has to make a " conscious effort " not to dine out in restaurants.

2. The United Nations should provide the best aegis for such an effort.

3. We can appreciate China for its effort and may hope for the best results from other nations.

4. " The best part is that we played with a lot of effort, " Brazil coach Rene Weber said.

5. Japan said it will do its best effort to block the outbreak of the swine flu at the border to protect its people's safety.

6. The project's aim is to cultivate talent in an effort to make the CBA the best league in Asia within ten years.

7. Since the best waxberries are high in the trees, it takes extra effort to get the best of the bunch.

8. Kewell admitted the players were not performing at their best but said it was not from any lack of effort.

9. Backstopping Wednesday's effort was Duncan, who continues to assert himself as one of the best players in the world.

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