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CAMS 网络解释

1. 机械塞:传统攀登(TradClimbing)的发展,很重要的一点就是保护系统的发展,从所见所闻的中国传统攀岩发展历程能知道,传统攀岩最早使用的多是岩钉,后来慢慢的有岩石塞(Nuts)和机械塞(Cams),因为岩石塞和机械塞的使用,使能够传统攀登的地形极大的扩展,

2. CAMS在线翻译

2. 凸轮:摇杆 racker | 凸轮 cams | 共轭曲线 conjugate curve

3. 凸:摇杆 racker | 凸* cams | 共轭曲线 conjugate curve

4. CAMS什么意思

4. cams:cell adhesion molecules glucocorticoid; 细胞粘附分子

5. cams:chinese academy of medical sciences; 中国医学科学院

6. CAMS在线翻译

6. cams:computer aided methods; 计算机辅助方法

7. CAMS的近义词

7. cams:communication area master station; 通信区主站

CAMS 双语例句


1. I am trying to confirm the shipment of the first 3000 sets of cams from your facility in Shanghai.


2. The influence of the four common motion characteristics of oscillating followers on the pressure angle of cams are discussed.

3. An ingenious bell ringer invents a cylinder with pins which operates cams, which then hit the bells.

4. A high percentage of Telesyncs are CAMs that have been mislabeled.
    感谢您的参与,圣城有你更精彩贡献度+ 1

5. A high percentage of Telesyncs are CAMs that h**e been mislabeled.

6. 911查询·英语单词

6. By the time he finished with our little Honda, the cylinder was overbored 1mm and re-plated to 79mm by Millennium Tech, Parapros Racing custom ported the head, CP Pistons threw in a high-compression 14:1 piston and Hot Cams slipped in their performance camshaft.

7. CAMS是什么意思

7. Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Fuwai Heart Hospital, CAMS, PUMC, Beijing 100037, China
    单位:(100037 北京市,中国医学科学院中国协和医科大学阜外心血管病研究所阜外心血管病医院病案室

8. CAMS的翻译

8. X V-cam with remote Lenses were installed on each of the instructor`s bikes with some having Cams both front and rear, will provide real life footage of each of the riders either in front of at the rear of the instructors so that the instructors can give each riders comments on their riding styles and racing lines.

9. The action of the needles is controlled by cams of various types, which determine the appearance of the knit fabric.

10. The utility model is characterized in that: clamp mouth rotary device is arranged at the back end of the clamp mouth, and touch rod is arranged at the right ahead of the push rod; spool core is arranged at the back of the clamp mouth for the folding device of the clamp mouth, a shifting fork is arranged at one side of the spool core, one end of the shifting fork is connected with spool core, and the other end is connected with cams; swivel link is arranged at the back of the spool core for the clamp mouth rotary device, and the swivel link is connected with cams.

11. The method of machining different types of planar cams in the mode of centered translating structure is introduced in this paper. Steady speed grinding is realized in this mode. At the same time, the algorithm based on virtual synthetic velocity of linear moving and rotary speed is obtained in the condition of steady speed grinding.

12. This gives you a way to view Multiple Live Internet Cams.
      这个程序给了你一个新的方式来察看Multiple Live Internet Cams。

13. Catfood WebCamSaver is a screensaver that displays captivating live views from web cams around the world.
      catfood webcamsaver是一个屏幕保护程序,显示迷人的生活意见,从网上摄影机世界各地。

14. CAMS

14. Batch downloading, clipboard monitor, proxy support, parental lock and live cams.

15. Simultaneous Multi- Live Cam Image Viewe - This gives you a way to view Multiple Live Internet Cams.
      这个程序给了你一个新的方式来察看Multiple Live Internet Cams。

16. Some features of VDownloader including option to search for adult videos, batch downloading, clipboard monitor, proxy support, parental lock and live cams.

17. Features like, chat rooms, instant messaging, photo browsing and posting, live chat cams, personal profiles posting and browsing, and tease communications, to name a few.

18. There are thousands of online cams on ww. com everyday, with our Elite upgrade you can even easily search, meet, monitor and videochat with all of them.
      有数以千计的网上凸轮对ww.com (原camarades ),每天与我们的精英升级你甚至可以轻松地搜索,满足,监测和videochat与他们所有人。

19. Weapon*R 4-2-1 Race Header Long Tube Design Maximum High RPM Exhaust Flow Stepped Tubing Design for Higher Torque Gains Ideal for all forms of Competition Racing Best for Vehicles with High Lift Cams and High RPM Rev Band 2.5 Collector for High Exhaust Flow Eliminates Catalytic Converter (NOT 50 State Legal) Designed with Extensive Research and Devlopement on Weapon*R's Dynapack Dyno.
      Weapon*R 4-2-1 种族倒栽跳水长的管设计最大高RPM 尾气流程跨步管材设计为更高的扭矩获取理想为所有竞争的形式赛跑最好为车与高的推力凸轮并且高的RPM Band 2.5牧师收藏家为高尾气流程消灭催化转化器(没有50 陈述法律)被设计与广泛的研究和Devlopement 在Weapon*R 的Dynapack Dyno 。

20. Department of cardiopulmonary Bypass, Cardiovascular Institute and Fu Wai Hospital, CAMS and PUMC, Beijing 100037, China

CAMS 单语例句

1. Rows upon rows of people sat chatting merrily into Web cams, while others played online games or downloaded music.

2. The 16 will be locked up in a villa in a Beijing suburb for 32 days and be scrutinized throughout via Web cams.

3. Using Web cams and computer screens is an extension of that, she said.

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