English是什么意思 English在线翻译 English什么意思 English的意思 English的翻译 English的解释 English的发音 English的同义词 English的反义词

English [ˈɪŋglɪʃ]  [ˈɪŋɡlɪʃ] 

English 基本解释



形容词英语的; 英国的; 英格兰的; 英格兰人的


English 相关词组


1. the Queen's English : 标准英语;

English 相关例句


1. danci.911cha.com

1. He does not speak English, but he knows quite a few English words.

2. English的意思

2. Jane is English.


1. Do you speak English?

2. 911查询·英语单词

2. She speaks English.

3. He likes the English.

English 情景对话

No and Not-(不是和不)

A:Hi, Mary. How've things been?

B:I haven't heard anything about your English investigation for weeks.What're you studying now?
      我有好几个星期没听到有关你研究英语的情况了。 你正在学习什么?

A:Now it's negative-"no"and"not", to be specific. There's nothing particularily unusual about "no"and"not", is there?

B:Not a lot, really.

A:The main thing seems to be that "not" is used with verbs, and "no" everywhere else.

The First Class-(第一堂课)


A:Today I had my first English class.


B:How was it?


A:It was interesting.The teacher gave us three ways to help ourselves learn the language. First, stop talking anything except English. Then learn many complete sentences by heart.Finally, have American friends tell us how they say things we have trouble with, and always imitate them.

Language school-(语言学校)




A:I said, “Bonjour!”

B:What’s wrong with you, Ted?

A:I’m speaking French. Don’t you know anything?


B:What’s wrong with speaking English?

A:Well, I just got back from my language school. We have to speak French all day there. No English allowed!


B:What are you doing that for?


A:I’m trying to learn new skills. It makes me more qualified for a good job.


B:Good for you.

English 网络解释

1. 英文:同时还可对供电电源起保护作用.断路器(MCCB)的选路器(MCCB)或带漏电保护的断路器连接至三相交流电源,序号 中文(CHINESE) 英文(ENGLISH) 序号 中文(CHINESE) 英文(ENGLISH)序号 中文(CHI

2. 中文:(中文)(English) 打印此页商(NET)来确认接入设备,例如路由器或帧中继接入设备的设置是否正确 .660还可以用来监测开通的帧中继服务质量.帧中继自动设置确定帧中继参数类型,例如仿真,本地管理接口(LMI)以及封装 格式.连通性并确定每个端点往返传输的时延.

English 双语例句

1. If you wish to get knowledge, youmust learn English.

2. Therefore, teachers should not only encourage students speaking often, speaking voluntarily, but also try their best to design roleplays in realistic and relaxed linguistic background, and have students develop their motivation in speaking english. Opportunities of speaking English need to be created, to develop students'parcitipation and involvement in class activities, motivate their interest and desire in English, and encourage their persistence in learning.

3. I always look for the good things a student does rather than the negative things. It is a basic human need. If a student doesn't do good in speaking English in my class, I will try by other means to get him to open up....either by having a chat with the student or by giving stronger encouragement.

4. You should not sneer at your classmates`efforts to try to speak English.

5. College or above, major in Textile Engineering, English, International trade or related

6. All vouches, account books and statements of the company shall be prepared both in Chinese and in English.

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8. And that is the VOA special English agriculture report, written by George Grow.

9. My oral english is not very good, when i me...

10. 911查询·英语单词

10. I can't speak English, to say nothing of Chinese.

11. He can speak English, to say nothing of Chinese.

12. English的近义词

12. Young English girls in the past put up their hair at about 15 years of age.

13. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

13. He has a good grounding in English.

14. My primary language is english, my family language is cantonese and i speak some manderin.

15. I can speak Manderin, English and i have SIN.

16. English的解释

16. I am fluent in Cantonese, Manderin and English, unless you are speaking outside of these languages, I should not have any problem communicating.

17. English是什么意思

17. They preserved much of their cultures, still speak their language (as well as Manderin Chinese as it's the standard language in China, as English in the US regardless of where your ancestors are from), and sing their songs in their ways.

18. English is a modern language and Latin is an old language.

19. Over 50% of English language, in common use, is taken, directly or indirectly, from the Latin language.
      超过50 %的英语,在共同使用,是采取直接或间接从拉丁语。

20. I don't want to have the listening class, so I put the big earphone while the volume is zero; I have no desire to have the oral English class, so I must be the one who doesn't preview the task; I can't pay attention to the grammar class, so the most terrible thing for me is that my cellphone battary runs down in the class; I hate the PE class, so I calculate on the teacher to continue his nonsense; I'm afraid of realising my fault, so I keep going to the library to comfort myself.

English 词典解释

1. 英格兰的;英国的;英格兰人的;英国人的;英语的
    English means belonging or relating to England, or to its people or language. It is also often used to mean belonging or relating to Great Britain, although many people object to this.

    e.g. ...the English way of life...
    e.g. English students are forced to learn too much too soon.

2. 英语
    English is the language spoken by people who live in Great Britain and Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia, and many other countries.


    e.g. Their knowledge of written English is certainly better...
    e.g. He uses tapes of this program to teach English.

English 单语例句

1. US female business English tutor, experienced at teaching senior business executives.

2. Yet translated into simple business English, they actually mean one thing - diesel.

3. An experienced business English language tutor will help improve your business English speaking and writing skills with private lessons.

4. He said business representatives have expressed concern that English standard in the city has been declining.

5. He quit a stable job as an English teacher at Peking University and started up a business to help students develop their English skills.

6. In order to carry on their business, they started to learn English from scratch.

7. There will be six language courses available, ranging from CEO business level to creative writing for English learners.

8. Wearing a smart business suit and tie, he would surely speak English wouldn't he?

9. When afternoon comes, she changes into her business suit and becomes a marketing specialist at an English magazine.

10. What now makes him proud and excited is developing the business in China, a land where he saw " opportunities and future " for Wall Street English.

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