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FIO 基本解释

free in and out 船方不负担装卸货费用;for information only 仅供参考;free in and out 自由出入;

FIO 双语例句

1. Pulmonary function in Group C was better than that in Group B but worse than that in Group A.
    两组肺灌洗犬灌注中、后控制呼吸至伤后10 h,PaO2均不低于9.33 kPa(FiO2=0.4)。

2. When he arrives at the repair hangar, he is greeted by the wizened proprietor and his saucy young grandaughter, Fio.

3. FIO在线翻译

3. PaO2/FiO2 of both patients was less than 225 mm Hg. In both patients, high-resolution computed tomography scans at the exacerbation showed typical signs of IPF including peripheral predominant, basal predominant reticular abnormality, with honeycombing and traction bronchiectasis and bronchiolectasis, and newly developing alveolar opacity.
    呼吸困难分别在1周和半月内加重;2例患者氧合指数均小于225 mm Hg;急性加重时2例患者HRCT表现为两下肺分布的网状影、蜂窝影、牵拉性细支气管扩张和支气管扩张等典型的IPF表现,并出现新的磨玻璃影。

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4. Methods: Thirty patients were treated by combination of SIMV, PSV and PEEP in addition of routine drugs. HR, PaO2, PaCO2, PaO2/FiO2, chest X-ray, rale, consciousness were examined before the treatment and at 1 hour、2 hours and 24 hours after the treatment.

5. In a prospective observational study of 1038 adult admissionsto a 31-bed medical/surgical intensive care unit, acuterespiratory failure (ARF, defined as a Pao2/Fio2 ratio 200 mmHg and the need for respiratory support) occurred in 182 (58%)of the 313 admissions with an ICU stay of more than 48 h.
    在对31内外科重症监室中收入的1038例成年患者的前瞻性观察研究中发现,入住 ICU 的时间超过48小时的313例患者中有182例(58%)发生急性呼吸衰竭( ARF ,定义为 Pao2/Fio2 200 mmHg 并且需要呼吸支持)。

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6. The purpose of our study is to look for a prac-tical clinical index which may offer nurses in the ICU planning of optimal nutritional sup-port. Thirty patients admitted to a 28-bed ICU of one medical center in Taipei, who under-went endotracheal intubation and received mechanical ventilation, were enrolled. The ven-tilator settings of these patients were FiO2 less than 60% and PEEP value less than 5 cmH2O. Changes of physiological disturbance of each patient were recorded daily for con-secutive 7 days. Energy expenditure for one hour was measured four times a day, and physiological data relevant to energy metabolism were collected. Totally 163 data were collected and analyzed. Our results are shown as the followings:(1).The degree of physiological disturbance and energy expenditure were not statisti-cally correlated in critically ill patients. The patients who survived for less than one week showed inversely correlated between acute physiological score and en-ergy expenditure; conversely was the condition for those who survived more than one week.

7. Clinical experiment displays the dynamic compliances of the lung and PaO〓/FiO〓 in TNF-αAb group was higher than that in control group. The intube time in TNF-αAb group was much shorter than that in control group.

8. FIO

8. Blood collected in standard citrate-phosphate-dextrose storage bags is kept at room temperature. The first problem ANH caused is that low hematocrit leads to decreased oxygen delivery. Under general anesthesia, because of muscle relaxants, mechanical ventilation, anesthetic inhibition, loss of consciousness and body temperature, metabolic rate and oxygen consumption decrease. Because FiO〓 the anesthetized patients breathing is high even to 1, PaO〓 and solved oxygen content is increased obviously according to the Henry Law.

9. FIO的近义词

9. Outcomes included traditional cardiac-surgery-defined pulmonary morbidity and ratio of arterial partial pressure of oxygen to fractional inspired oxygen concentration PaO(2/FiO(2), a criterion for TRALI.

10. We compared fluid balance, body weight change, PaO 2/FiO 2 values, the postoperative morbidity and mortality between the two groups.

11. FIO在线翻译

11. FIO (free in and out) Checks loading/unloading of containers on board of vessel and certifies physical integrity of containers.

12. FIO (free in and out) condition and exception as per charter party

13. FIO的解释

13. PaO_2/FiO_2 of all patients were improved, but the improvement of the lung protective ventilation group were more significant than those in the control group after ventilated for 6 h (156 ± 12 vs 146 ± 15, P < 0.05).

14. Results There was significant difference between age, GCS, fracture of costa, lung injury, hematopneumothorax, inbreathing puke, PaO 2/FiO 2 and ARDS (P < 0.05).

15. Regarding the Glasgow score, number of hypotonia, tension arterial, number of shock, PaO2/FiO3, need of ventilation accessory and their time for ventilation, time for hospitalization, and APACHE II, there existed significant differences among the 2 groups.

16. Invasive MV were still performed in all patients in the other 12 cases when the ventilated frequency was decreased to 5 and PSV to 7 cmH2O, PEEP to 0 cmH2O, then extubate and stop mechanical ventilation.
      记录序贯组和对照组机械通气前、序贯组拔管前0.5 h与无创通气2 h后的呼吸频率Rr)、心率、动脉血pH值、收缩压、氧合指数(PaO2/FiO2、动脉血二氧化碳分压(PaCO2)等指标。

17. Conclusions When oxygen is given via oxygen hood, FiO_ 2 changes in a wide range with the changes of FsO_ 2 and Flow;

18. Methods]A prospective study involved 47 patients suffered ALI after thoracic trauma. All the patients were randomized into 2 groups, 21 patients in NIV, and 26 patients in invasive mechanical ventilation. PaO2, ratio of partial of arterial oxygen to the fraction of inspired oxygen (PaO2/FiO2), respiratory rate and score of the accessory respiratory muscle use were measured at pre-ventilation, 1 hour and 12 hours post-ventilation and after weaning, respectively.
      方法]对47例胸部外伤导致ALI患者进行前瞻性病例对照研究,随机分为无创通气组(21例)和有创机械通气组(26例),观察无创通气组(通气前、通气1 h、通气12 h和撤机后)动脉血氧分压、氧合指数、呼吸频率及辅助呼吸肌动用评分,以及两组间病死率、呼吸机并发症发生率、机械通气治疗时间、住院时间的差异。

19. To determine the safety and gas changes of lungs during low flow nitrous oxide-oxygen anesthesia, FiO2, gases of alveoli, inspired gases and blood gases were measured respectively.

20. The survival patients'albumin, arterial oxygen pressure (PO2) and oxygen index (PO2/FiO2) were higher than those of the death group, while the creatinine, urea nitrogen, blood lactate were significantly higher in the death group than the survival group.

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