Max Speed是什么意思 Max Speed在线翻译 Max Speed什么意思 Max Speed的意思 Max Speed的翻译 Max Speed的解释 Max Speed的发音 Max Speed的同义词

Max Speed

Max Speed 双语例句

1. The load-control apparatus adopted a Single-Chip Microcomputer system, whose MCU was a kind of high-speed processor-DS80C320, whose A/D switched apparatus was MAX180, whose low-pass filter was MAX293, whose F/V transformed circuit was LM331, whose controlled silicon phase-shift touch-off circuit was TCA785, and whose communicating interface of RS232 was MAX202. The Watchdog of the MCU was MAX705 and the system used an on-off electrical source to supply power.

2. Max Speed是什么意思

2. The conclusion is that the 2-degree-of-freedom and 4-degree-of-freedom models of the electromagnetic bearing system are both time-delay dependent stable systems, having a tolerable max-delay; time delay can change the stable status and bring forward the lost stability speed.

3. Guenther Hasinger, also of Max Planck, said the Chandra images captured the unmistakable markings of two black holes - high-energy photons swirling around the dense black hole centers and X-rays spewing out from iron atoms being pulled into the center at a high rate of speed.

4. Even with max, the brake at slow speed is minimal and you may pitch easily.
    即使拨盘调到最大位置,在慢速时的制动力还是很小的,保证你能很容易 pitching 。

5. Max speed of spindle is 6000 rev/min. rapid traverse rate of X and Z axes is up to 20 M/MIN.

6. Max Speed的翻译

6. With 550 hp/404 kW the ML 63 accelerates in 4.9 seconds from 0 -100 km/h and reaches a top speed of 275 km/h in combination with the BRABUS V/max unit.
    随着550马力/ 404千瓦的ML 63加速在4.9秒内从0 -100公里/小时,达到了最高时速275公里/与BRABUS的V组合水平/最大单位。

7. With this characteristic, the SPEED will not only appeal to speed fanatics, but to all kiters who want to get max power with a small kite.
    以这个特征,速度不仅将喜欢速度盲信者,但对想要得到最大力量与一只小风筝的所有kiters 。

8. First, plenty of X-ray spectrum measurement documents and materials were analyzed and compared in order to prove our scheme theoretically; Second, the CMOS devices were the key parts for filtering, amplifying and Max Amplitude Detecting of the detecters`analog outputs; Third, the low power assumption and fast A/D devices were chosed to implement the 4096 channels detecting; Fourth we not only designed the timing control of sytem circuit, but also completed the control of the Max Amplitude Circuit based on the CPLD; Fifth, in order to complete high-speed data transfer between the PCI local bus and Double Ram, the PCI bus with PCI 9030 chip was our first choice.
    首先,论文对X光探测及其测量系统作了大量的文献调研,在理论上保证了整个方案的可行性;其次,采用CMOS器件对探测器输出的模拟信号进行滤波、放大、峰值甄别处理;第三,根据脉冲信号的幅频特性,选择低功耗高速的A/D器件,实现X光谱的4096道测量;第四,利用CPLD芯片和Quartus II 软件,设计并实现了整个硬件电路的时序控制,并且实现对幅值电路的控制;第五,利用PCI9030的特性,设计了PCI总线,实现PCI局部总线与双口RAM之间数据的高速传输。

9. According to the contour, track, wheel base, the smallest ground clearance, the smallest turning radium, the vehicles weight, the all-up weight as well as the highest speed and so on, union the choosing engine model we can obtain the important parameters of the max power, the max torque, the displacement and so on.

10. Max. swing speed r/min 1.3

11. Max Speed的近义词

11. Max. swing speed 10.6rpm

12. The data-acquisition board have only a MCU, and the circuit of data-acquisition board mainly rely on two 12-bit DAS chips MAX197 and one SRAM with 4M capability chip DCH84000, circulating store data is considered, the data-acquisition system is synchronous, multi-channels and high speed, in addition, the data storage must be big capability and reliability.
      数据采集板都只是一个微控制器,以及电路的数据采集板,主要靠两个12位元之芯片MAX197的和一个与SRAM的能力四百万芯片dch84000 ,循环存储数据被认为是中,数据采集系统是地球同步,多渠道,高的速度,另外,数据仓库必须有大容量和可靠性。

13. And yet it seems as if the Hawks have never played with any se Mini 8820 Quad Band Dual Cards With Analog TV Bluetooth Mobile Phone Max 5.0 Mega Pixels Digital Camcorder With 1.8 Inch TFT LCD 1GB USB Flash Drive Compatible With USB 2.0 drop shipping from china 4gb spy sunglass dvr camera buy i9 phone china ipod Car DVD Player AM/FM Radio with USB Port Build in Amplifier P900 Quad Band Dual Cards With Analog TV Java Touch Screen Cell Phone 5 pairs Style Couple Walkie Talkie Digital Watch + Free Gift Max 10.0 Mega Pixel With 2.4 Inch TFT Touch Screen i9+++ phones Card Reader Speaker, Fits SD/MMC Card, USB Flash Drive 806 Electronic Air Compressor ChangJiang W001 Quad Band Dual Card With WIFI Analog TV JAVA Unlocked Cell Phone Car mp3 player-Display by LED and LCD, show your dignity cheapest china phone 8GB MP4 Player With FM Radio And Built-in Microphone-2.8-inch 650K TFT Touch Screen PC Camera - 16Megapixels - Driver-free Flexible Silicone Case Cover Skin for iPad A9530 Quad Band Dual Card With WIFI Analog TV JAVA Unlocked Cell Phone 7 Ports USB 2.0 Hub, High Speed Portable Stereo Card Reader Speaker N003 Quad Band Dual Card Bluetooth Flashlight Unlocked Cell Phone dual sim quad band phone N008 Quad Band Dual Card With Analog TV Java Unlocked Cell Phone china ebook reader PRADO Touch Screen 6.5 Inch 2-DIN TFT LCD Monitor/DVD/TV 1GB USB Flash Drive Compatible With USB 2.0 dropshiping nse of urgency.
      又好像鹰从来没有打过任何seMini 8820四乐队双卡蓝牙手机模拟电视麦克斯5.0万像素的数位摄影机与1.8英寸的TFT液晶1GB的USB闪存驱动器兼容USB 2.0下降船从中国买的数码相机4 g b间谍的太阳镜19中国汽车DVD播放器手机AM/FM电台和USB端口建立在放大器P900四乐队双卡与模拟电视Java触摸屏手机5对夫妇的研究风格总电子表+免费赠送10.0巨型象素与最大2.4英寸的TFT触摸屏19 +电话读卡器的演讲者,适合SD /储存卡,的USB闪存驱动器8060电子空气压缩机长江W001四乐队双卡和无线模拟电视Java解锁手机汽车mp3 player-Display LED和液晶显示器,展示你的尊严,你的电话的另一种便宜的中国的MP4播放器与调频和内建Microphone-2.8-inch 650K TFT触摸屏PC摄像头- 16Megapixels - Driver-free肌肤弹性硅案件iPad A9530盖双卡和无线方形的乐队模拟电视Java解锁手机7端口USB集线器便携式2.0,高速音响扬声器N003四乐队读卡器的双卡蓝牙手电打开手机sim四乐队的电话N008二元双卡方形的乐队模拟电视Java解锁手机中国读者PRADO电子书触摸屏6.5英寸2-DIN TFT液晶显示器/ DVD /电视1GB的USB闪存驱动器兼容USB 2.0 dropshiping了无紧迫感。

14. Flight HU7003 End of flight report Date 09 May 2008 Mode realistic - Flight already registered Flight ID: HU7003 Pilot: CH8601 Company: China's Hainan Airlines Aircraft: 747-400 AIR SUNLIGHT Flight Date: 09 May 2008 Departure: 13h33 (06h34 GMT) Arrival: 15h36 (07h36 GMT) From: ZSFZ - Changle - China To: ZSHC - Xiaoshan - China Nbr of Passengers: 217 Report: Flight Distance: 261 Nm Landing Speed: 136.91 kt Time Airborne: 00h51:40 Landing Touchdown:-67.7 ft/m Flight Time: 01h04:45 Landing Pitch: 3.83° Time On Ground: 00h13:19 Landing Weight: 211355 kg Average Speed: 303.65 kt Total Fuel Used: 8612 kg Max.
      班机 HU7003 报告班机的结束日期 2008 年梅 09 日模态现实的-班机已经登记班机身份证:HU7003 飞行员:CH8601 公司:中国的海南航空公司飞机:747-400 空气日光班机日期:09 2008 年梅离开:13 h 33(06 h 格林威治标准时间 34)抵达:15 h 36(07 h 格林威治标准时间 36)从:ZSFZ- Changle-中国到:ZSHC- Xiaoshan-中国乘客的 Nbr:217 报告:班机距离:261 nm 登陆速度:136.91 树节时间空运的:00 h 51:40 登陆触地:-67.7 ft/m 班机时间:01 h 04:45 登陆程度:3.83 °在地面上计时:00 h 13:19 登陆重量:211355 公斤平均的速度:303.65 树节总计的燃料用:8612 公斤最大。

15. Using speed sensorless Vector Control technology, torque is 150% when frequency is 0.5Hz, the Max torque is 200%.

16. Max. power absorbed by the accessory devices driven by the engine at rated speed

17. The amplitude analyzer system adopts MCU SPCE06A from Linyang Company as controlling core applying high speed and low Power Compare CMOS chip MAX908 and 6 digital charactron. According to the requirements of design, and meantime the system can use battery which can be recharged to supply Power.
      该系统在硬件上以凌阳单片机SPCE06A为控制核心,以高速低功耗的芯片MAX908作为单道脉冲幅度分析器的甄别器,以同公司生产的基本逻辑芯片组成反符合电路,以6位数码管作为系统的显示器,同时为了实现人机交互,系统采用1 8键盘。

18. Max Speed什么意思

18. 4Complete automatic supply system and oil-filter device, ensure the max sewing speed to be

19. Max Speed的反义词

19. Max torque is a very healthy 600Nm, with more than 500Nm from 2, 000 all the way up to 6, 250rpm. The 0 to 100km/h dash is completed in just 4.5 seconds and top-speed is an electronically controlled 250km/h.

20. Max Speed在线翻译

20. Combine that with a brisk 300 fps IBO speed, a handsome hardwood grip, and a choice of Realtree Advantage Max-1 or Max-4 camouflage, and this deal is simply too good to pass up.
      结合 ,与轻快300 fps的国际文凭组织的速度,一个漂亮的硬木控制,以及Realtree最大的优势选择1或最多4伪装,这个合同只是太好错过。

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