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Ohio [əuˈhaiəu]  [oˈhaɪo] 

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1. 俄亥俄州:伊贝林的贝里昂 (Balian of Ibelin) 卒於 ,为十二世纪 俄亥俄州(Ohio)位於 ,是 的组成部分. 俄亥俄州处於

2. Ohio什么意思

2. 俄亥俄州(美国州名):George McGovern 乔治?麦戈文 | Ohio 俄亥俄州(美国州名) | assault n.攻击,袭击;(军)冲击,突击,强击

Ohio 双语例句

1. Ohio and Maryland 9 to 19-year-old girls were 2379 follow-up investigation.

2. Studying fossil pterosaur skulls is extremely difficult because they are so delicate, but Lawrence Witmer at Ohio University in Athens and his colleagues used X -ray CT scans to build up 3D images of the brains of two species.

3. In 2007, Goodyear Engineered Products was sold, becoming a new company with a new name – Veyance Technologies, Inc., based at Fairlawn, Ohio.

4. People should call the state Health Department at 1-866-559-OHIO (6446) with complaints, Weiss said.
    Weiss表示,如有投诉,可致电州卫生部门:1-866-559-OHIO (6446)。

5. His campaign says he will also go to the swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

6. Ohio的近义词

6. Relatives from towns around Pennsylvania and Ohio filled our living room and dining room, circling the table crowded with my mother's fabulous array of Arabic dishes: hummus, chick bean dip, baba ghanouj, eggplant with sesame, stuffed grape leaves, shish kebob, kibbee, raw or fried lamb and bulgur wheat patties, a leg of lamb, a turkey stuffed with rice and raisins and platter after platter of side dishes.

7. X 3 Love Bouquet 3 x 4 Winter Quarters 3 x 4 Ohio Star Quilt 3 x 4 Cool Punch Needle Designs from...
    × 3爱情花束3× 4冬季宿舍3× 4俄亥俄州明星棉被3× 4酷冲床针设计,从。。。

8. Stinson is professor of management in the College of Business at Ohio University.

9. The man who designed the Pringles potato crisp can recently died in Cincinnati, Ohio, US.

10. Ohio的近义词

10. He later described it as like an Ohio State football pep rally.

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11. Locked by the Cuyahoga River, this city of the Ohio has the high rates of unemployed, gloomy weather, heavy taxes, corruption and mediocre sports. All these made it been as the top one on the Saddest Cities Ranking list elected by the Fobus web.

12. Adora Mora, 18, comes from a family of high achievers in Columbus, Ohio.

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13. Take a look at this. A 22-year-old man in Akron, Ohio is jumping his way to fame, one car at a time.

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14. Even before those results were announced in southern Ohio in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains HeadsUp!

15. Ohio

15. James Norlund, a dermatologist who specializes in skin color disorders at Group Health Associates in Cincinnati, Ohio.
      有60%-70%的成功率,James Norlund医生,一位专攻肤色失调方面的皮肤科医生说

16. He studied law, opened an office in Canton, Ohio, and married Ida Saxton, daughter of a local banker.

17. We begin with the sentencing phase for a former Ohio cop convicted of double murder.

18. Four students from Bluffton University in Northwest Ohio were killed along with the bus driver and his wife.

19. Ohio

19. Kennelly, a writer from Berea, Ohio, was suffering from iliotibial band syndrome, one of the most common overuse injuries among runners.

20. And it ruled for KKK leader Brandenburg against Ohio in 1969 holding that government cannot punish inflammatory speech unless it directly incites lawless action.

Ohio 单语例句

1. But that conviction did not sway Democrats, who insisted Kerry was still in contention for Ohio's decisive cache of 20 electoral votes.

2. The Obama campaign's strategy largely relies on a strong performance in cities and suburban areas to make up for any falloff elsewhere in Ohio.

3. That means Obama has to cancel his planned appearance in campaign events in key swing state Ohio on Wednesday.

4. A crush of polls in key states like Ohio and Florida offered contradictory results, and none showed a decisive swing for either candidate.

5. WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama Tuesday assailed a tax plan proposed by Republican challenger Mitt Romney as " salesmanship " in the crucial swing state of Ohio.

6. The Ohio Supreme Court's chief justice on Thursday threw out a challenge to the state's presidential election results.

7. He is also the chief trade representative for the United States state of Ohio in China.

8. In Ohio, people reported the sound of plaster cracking in Cleveland and buildings in Cincinnati gently swaying.

9. The economy remains a top concern for voters in Ohio, where polls show a close race.

10. And so all eyes turned to Ohio, where Democrats clung to hopes that provisional ballots would overcome Bush's lead.

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