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1. 奥罗:主要支流有:哈米尔潘(Xamilpan)河、米斯特科(Mixteco)河、内哈帕(Nexapa)河、特拉帕内科(Tlapaneco)河、阿马库萨克(Amacuzac)河、特佩科阿奎洛(Tepecoacuilo)河、耶斯特拉(Yextla)河、圣米格尔(San Migual)河、库察马拉(Cutzamala)河、奥罗(Oro)河、塔坎巴罗(Ta

2. 黄金:1月6号是西语国家的一个节庆,在西班牙他们叫Día de Reyes,拉美国家,我们的秘鲁老师说是Bajada de Rejes Magos.这个节日的来源耶稣出世的时候,从东方来了三个神圣,他们给耶稣带了三个礼物,分别是黄金(oro)、香火(incie

3. 金色:arrancio桔色 | oro金色 | verde绿色

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4. 澳大利亚佩思气象导航公司:ORO 澳大利亚墨尔本气象导航公司 | ORO 澳大利亚佩思气象导航公司 | orographic convections 地形对流

5. oro:oxford reference online; 牛津参考书在线

6. Oro的反义词

6. oro:official receivers office; 破产管理署

7. oro:office of regional operations; 区域工作办公室

Oro 双语例句

1. Oro

1. To this day watching the Pibe de Oro on video makes him jump excitedly on his seat.

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2. He Toro also featuresan Infini II Spool design for the smoothest of operations, six-pin centrifugal brake, synchronized level wind, line alarm and is packaged with both an Extended Throw and Paddle Handle.
    oro 拥有Infini II线杯设计,6点式离心刹车,平衡主轴,合金导线规和强力把手。G LOOMIS路亚秆!!!我不得不再搞次活动,现在开始2010.01.21晚上12点结束

3. Viability of the pollen of Stella D'oro under the different media and the store conditions was investigated.

4. The New Ypsilon Oro also offers ABS, 4 airbags, manual climate control system, Granluce sunroof, radio with CD player and foglight.

5. Oro的翻译

5. Asti received Compasso d`Oro awards in 1955, 1956, 1959, 1962 and 1970 for his innovative consumer products and furnishings, which with with their sleek lines were especially characteristic of post-war Italian design.
    阿斯得到Compasso d`Oro的奖项,在1955,1956,1959,1962和1970年,他创新的消费电子产品和家具,这与他们的圆滑线的特点,尤其是战后的意大利设计。

6. He received the Abbiati Prize conferred by Italian music critics, Rossini d`Oro in Pesaro, Aureliano Pertile`s Prize, Francesco Tamagno Prize, Bellini`s Prize.

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7. An Abarth Trophy will also be contested this year, maintaining a tradition begun in 1977: the Grande Punto API-IP ORO DIESEL Trophy is a championship reserved for the Fiat Grande Punto R3D which is now in its second edition (the pilot Alessio Pisi won the first edition).
    一个阿巴特奖杯也将有争议,今年保持了传统开始于1977年:在大蓬的API知识产权署柴油杯冠军留给菲亚特Grande Punto R3D现在在其第二版(试行阿莱西奥埤赢得了第一版)。

8. Bn Bbarth Trophy will also be contested this year, maintaining a tradition begun in 1977: the Grande Punto BPI-IP ORO DIESEL Trophy is a championship reserved for the Fiat Grande Punto R3D which is now in its second edition (the pilot Blessio Pisi won the first edition).
    一个阿巴特奖杯也将有争议,今年保持了传统起头于1977年:在大蓬的BPI知识产权署柴油杯冠军留给菲亚特Grande Punto R3D现在在其第二版(试行阿莱西奥埤赢得了第一版)。

9. One of the best collections in South America can be found at the famous Museo de Oro in Bogota, Columbia.

10. At the age of 14 he won his first song competition, the Margherita d'Oro in Viareggio with O sole mio.

11. Oro

11. Rafael's commercials were awarded in Festivals such as Cannes (he had 2 golden Lions at age 24), London International Awards, Clio, San Sebastián, Lápiz de Oro, Fiap and Circulo de Creativos.
      拉斐尔的商业颁发了艺术节,如戛纳电影节(他曾2金狮子会在24岁),伦敦国际奖,克里奥,圣塞瓦斯蒂安Lápiz德奥罗,Fiap和Circulo日Creativos 。

12. During the day on 1 November, the 7th Marines made a motor march from Hungnam to an assembly area behind the ROK 26th Regiment, midway between Oro-ri and Majon-dong, without incident.

13. Oro

13. Two days later the 3d Battalion was positioned near Oro-ri and the 2d Battalion was sent into Sinhung Valley.

14. Oro isn`t a very regimented person and does not keep to a fixed plan.

15. Right now, euRO and oRO are the only servers that use language codes.
      现在,euRO 和 oRO 是唯一的需要解码的服务器。

16. It's in a locked box at the Corona de oro Club and you're a member.

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17. That is why the aroma of Qualità Oro is always so distinct and recognisable.

18. The Mouton Wine Gallery exclusively available at d`Oro displays a collection of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild`s priceless wine bottles, residents can savour a vintage at The Lounge and store their own wines there.

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19. The New Ypsilon Oro Giallo, a real benchmark for women, offers a high level of customisation that confirms and reinforces the image of a mini with style.

20. The model also features a truly extensive range of very different alternatives, also evidenced by no fewer than four specification levels (Argento, Oro Bianco, Oro Giallo and Platino), which will be able to satisfy premium customers of four types, each with their own tastes and needs: men, women, the young and the not so young.

Oro 单语例句

1. The agency said 957 were killed and 49 were missing, with most of the casualties coming from the cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan.

2. A golden statue of Incan deity on display at Museo Oro del Peru is one of the country's national treasures.

3. The ship was headed for the central city of Bacolod and southern Cagayan de Oro city.

4. Victims of Typhoon Washi try to recover what they can in a village in Cagayan de Oro in the southern Philippines on Sunday.

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