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Stored best

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1. After imitating experiments with computers, one may know that the best solution obtained with the method combining ant colony algorithms and particle swarm optimization, the given best value stored in TSP can be achieved and hence it is efficient to solve the TSP problem with the use of the method of combining the 2 algorithms.

2. The results showed that the parameters got in the laboratory were correct. The best time for killing the insects was about 10 days. It established the technical base for controlling stored-grain insects by the CO2 controlled atmosphere.
    实验仓的试验验证了实验室的试验结果,但杀虫的持续时间为10 d以上,研究成果为实仓应用CO2气调防治储粮害虫提供了可靠的依据。

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3. The average cost method is best suited to operations that involve a large volume of undifferentiated goods stored in common areas.

4. The best results are stored on the disk and showed on the playing field.

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5. Data that have to be modified atomically are best stored in the same Managed Object.

6. Where should the milk be best stored?

7. So when a printing plate put up for the night or temporarily stored up in the, you turn off the business card printing and membership card before making machine, it is best to use clean it with a biopretreatment.

8. These cookies are best the day they are baked but can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for a few days.

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9. The PLA economizes by frequently inventorying warehouses to make the best use of stored goods and repairing rather than replacing old facilities and equipment.

10. Garments must be appropriately packed and stored in order to maintain the best possible retail standard.

11. Any cash will be best stored in very short term or demand deposits in dollars or in other stronger currencies.
      任何 将现金存放在最好的短期或活期存款以美元或其他强势货币。

12. The collected data is stored in a database for further analysis. This research uses the developed system to predict the oestrus cycle and the breeding time of sows in a pig farm. Every sow was installed a RFID tag which was able to sense the body temperature of the pig. The data of body temperature was collected by a RFID reader and stored to the database. The collecting process is running 24 hours a day. According to the curves of body temperature from each sow, the best breeding timing of each individual can be predicted by the farmers. By the systemically operation, the productivity of pig farm can be improved.

13. The results showed that 22.5μL/L of clove leaf oil had the best preservation effect on peach. After 35 days of stock, the sound fruit rate was 94%, 46.9% higher than compared group. The rotten index and the browning index were 94.1% and 85.2% lower than the control, respectivly, and the treatment could remarkablely reduce the respiration rate and ethylene release, and postponed ethylene release peak and respiration peak 5 and 10d, respectively in comparison with CK, it also delayed the drop of firmness and contents of titrable acids of the peach. When stored for 35d, firmness of control group and 22.5μL/L of clove leaf oil were decreased 60% and 34% compared with initial storage, and the activities of SOD, CAT and POD were enhanced, but the contents of SSC had no obvious difference with control.

14. Of course, it`s always best to encrypt your USB flash drive if you have any sensitive data stored on it.

15. Using SQL stored procedures is the best way to encapsulate the business logic of administrative applications because it minimizes the amount of code that developers need to write.

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16. The best seat position is selected using the manual adjustment buttons and then stored in the memory by pushing the memory button.

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17. The best in D to build a Ghost disk folders, backup files will be generated *. gho and Ghost. exe are stored in this folder.

18. Many books had to be stored away and often readers had to wait for months for a best seller.

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19. As the bridal dress had to be flown 7, 000 miles and stored in a backpack for that ceremony, Jennifer decided on a hard-wearing design that wouldn't need too much primping to look its best.

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20. DB2 UDB has a set of " preferred " data type mappings that is best to use for Java applications and stored procedures.

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