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VW 基本解释


Volkswagen 大众汽车;voegwoord (Dutch=conjunction) 联合;very weak 非常弱的;

VW 网络解释

1. 大众:品牌: 奥迪(audi) 吉普(JEEP) 大众(VW) 大众(VW) 别克(buick) 雷克萨斯(凌志)变速箱类型: 6速双离合器直接换挡S tronic 4挡自动 DSG 6速DSG双离合器变速箱 6速手/自一体变速器 6档自动 6速手自一体智能电子控制自动变速系统(ECT-i)

2. vw:vessel walls; 血管壁

3. danci.911cha.com

3. vw:virtual world; 虚拟世界

4. vw:venereal warts; 又称为性病疣

5. vw:view workstation; 监控工作站

VW 双语例句

1. VW的反义词

1. Audi has done so well that it is now propping up the rest of the group: its margins are double those at VW.

2. In this process, we developed not only a wonderful car, but also a wonderful team, a team that is an important part of VW Global design.

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3. The interior design of LAVIDA Langyi is a perfect development of classic VW design language to suit the Chinese culture.

4. Of note, she was a proud owner of a VW Rabbit, Volkswagen of America headquarters was located on the industrial side of her hometown, Englewood.

5. VW的近义词

5. During his long career as head of Audi, chief executive of Volkswagen and now VW's supervisory-boardchairman, he is reckoned to have fired at least 30 directors.

6. During his long career as head of Audi, chief executive of Volkswagen and now VW's supervisory-board chairman, he is reckoned to have fired at least 30 directors.

7. 911查询·英语单词

7. During his long career as head of Audi, chief executive of Volkswagen and now VW's supervisory-board? ?

8. The Skoda`s Park Assist is based on the Park4U technology from Valeo, a French component-maker which supplies the system to carmakers in the Volkswagen group including VW, Audi and Skoda.
    法雷奥公司是一家法国的零部件制造商,该公司向大众汽车集团旗下的VW,奥迪,斯科达公司提供PARK 4U的技术支持。

9. According to insiders with FAW-VW engine labs, 1.4 TSI engine will not be equipped to Sagitar this year.

10. The lower roofline and coupe-like appearance make this one of the best designs to come from VW in a while.

11. In Europe the VW brand alone outsells all others, with sales in the first six months of the year of 973, 000, ahead of Ford with 793, 000, according to JATO Dynamics, a research firm.
      根据JATO Dynamics调研公司的数据分析:在欧洲,单独就大众汽车的销量远高于其他品牌,在前六个月就达到了973,000辆的销量,高于福特的793,000辆。

12. Business range: The plastic fuel tank that YAPP develops and produces are widely used in many famous passenger vehicles such as VW, Audi, GM, Ford, PSA, Hyundai, Kia, etc.

13. Master majored in Engine of Jilin University of Technology. Since 1991, he has experienced in after-sales service of Audi and VW brand, the regional department and spare parts Department in FAW-Volkswagen. In 2006, he was appointed the manager of Customer Care Department, and in 2007 the manager of Financing Service Product Plan.

14. VW

14. Weiming Soh annouced the plans of FAW-VW to adjust sales network and introduce new product next year.

15. If so, the Porsche and Pich clans will have control of VW, because Porsche holds 27.4% of the voting shares.
      如果是这样,保时捷和皮耶希家族将有控制的大众,保时捷,因为持有27.4 %的有表决权股份。

16. It is located at the No.3 Industrial Park of the VW, close to the F1 International Racing Field, whose plant area is around 10, 000 square meters.

17. It will have more sporting attributes than before and will be styled to look similar to the Tiguan while at the same time adopting VW's new front grille.

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18. Their features are: simple structure, easy maintenance, high grasping force, good flexibility etc., They are used in Faw-VW, Faw-Sedan, Faw Fengyue, Beijing Hyundai, Sichuan Toyota, Tianjin FAW, Shenyang BMW, Shanghai GM and many other domestic and foreign well-known automobile manufacturing enterprises.

19. VW是什么意思

19. Developed by Audi's Quattro GmbH performance division in Neckarsulm, Germany, the 2.5-liter inline-five is based on the rather basic engine which powers entry-level Rabbit and Jetta models in the U. S. That 170-hp, five-cylinder engine was never sold in Germany, where VW offers far smaller and more-efficient engines with similar power outputs, such as the 160-hp, 1.4-liter supercharged and turbocharged inline-four.

20. Of 13, 500 VW and Audi DSG transmissions of certain VINs.

VW 单语例句

1. Insiders indicated that VW and Toyota were already well prepared to launch similar auto loan business.

2. There is hardly any record of recalls by VW in past decades and this time is no different.

3. FAW VW will make the Caddy wagon at the beginning of next year.

4. FAW VW started to produce the SDI Jetta in 2002, making it the first car maker in China to deliver diesel engine cars.

5. VW recalled four models with the DSG in the US in 2009 even though no failures were reported.

6. But in 2010, several failures of VW cars equipped with the DSG were reported.

7. Volkswagen said that it had signed a new technical transfer agreement with FAW to introduce new models into FAW VW.

8. But VW has now found itself in difficult situation that threatens to jeopardize its enviable position.

9. However, it appears that VW is not going to change its strategy.

10. GM figures include sales from a commercial vehicle joint venture that markets a local brand while VW figures do not include imports.

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