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XM 基本解释


[计] 执行节点

XM 网络解释

1. 厦门:本实验研究了来自越南(Y)、东兴(DX)、北海(BH)、湛江(ZJ)、珠海(ZH)、海丰(HF)、厦门(XM)、宁德(ND)8个不同区域的野生群体和1个东山养殖(S)群体共124尾,测定其线粒体DNA控制区(D-loop)全长895bp的序列,

2. 姓名 字符型:xh 学号 字符型 20 | xm 姓名 字符型 10 | xb 性别 字符型 2

3. 圣诞节:Xiphura 剑尾动物 | Xm. 圣诞节 | Xmas 圣诞节

4. xm:expanded memory; 扩充存储器

XM 双语例句

1. In addition, a large number of broadcast networks, text messaging and Sirius XM broadcast live coverage of the General Assembly.
    此外,还将有大量的网络广播、文本消息和Sirius XM广播实况报道这次大会的情况。

2. There are reasons to worry about Sirius XM`s business model, says Tom Eagan of Collins Stewart, a stockbroker.
    有理由担心Sirius XM的商业模式,券商Collins Stewart的Tom Eagan说道。

3. There is a lot of fish, but you are the one i'd love to catch!

4. Produced DK7-XM40dedicated WEDM patented products for the country.

5. The optimal pH for inosine phosphorolysis catalyzed by XmPNP was around 7.6 at sodium phosphate buffer.

6. The radio station, which is also available on XM and was on Sirius satellite radio from 2002-2006, covers similar events as its sister TV networks, often simulcasting their programming.

7. danci.911cha.com

7. The XML presenting conceptual model will separate the description of concept and the visual descrip...
    用XM L表示的概念模型,实现了模型的概念描述和可视化表达相分离,消除了主观因素对模型的影响,还便于模型的传输和自动管理分析。

8. You can not see the stars in the city just as I can not see the light at my tunnel of life.
    虽然说我相信那个2XM 的模式一定相当稳定。

9. The more luxury oriented Touring model will boast items such as power adjustable heated sport seats, a Bose audio system, XM Satellite Radio, HomeLink, and Bluetooth connectivity.
    更加注重旅游的豪华车型将拥有的物品,如电动可调加热运动座椅,百色音频系统,XM卫星广播,HomeLink ,和蓝牙连接功能。

10. Workers suffered job injuries or occupational diseases required to accept the suspension of work injury medical care, in the suspension with pay during the period, the original wage benefits remain unchanged, by the host unit paid monthly.

11. Moreover, the DU-875 will accommodate options such as XM graphical weather forecasting, Jeppesen charts and maps, and video.

12. An AM/FM/XM radio with CD player and audio input jack is standard.

13. Wei XM, Gu GL, Ren L, Xiong M, Wang SL, Li DC.

14. The Honda Accord Crosstour EX and EX-L three-line central display features a digital clock; audio mode indicator; station and broadcast contents information for FM, XM, track and time information for CD and the EX-L's USB-connected media; dual climate control temperature readouts and a digital compass.
      本田雅阁Crosstour前和EX - 1三线的中央显示功能的数字时钟;音频模式的指标;站,调频广播内容的信息,XM的,跟踪和时间信息的CD和以EX - l的USB连接介质;双气候控制温度显示和数字指南针。

15. This system is main compounding equipment in our company. it has high production efficiency and the advantage with reliable control.

16. We've slowly been working on a new lighting project that will be based off a 250w DE metal halide lamp as the core light. I have used various metal halides before, but I have primarily used single ended screw based lamps for the improved bulb selection my favorites being the 6.5K Iwasaki, 20K Radium and 20K XM. When discussing this project with a few friends everyone seemed to say the same thing about 250w DEs Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix.
      我们正在开始一个新的250W灯胆项目,之前,我们已经尝试过许多灯胆,但是我们选择单锣旋头的灯胆,因为它在不断的改进 Iwasaki 6.5k色温,Radium 20K色温和 XM 20K色温,在开始下面的讨论之前,大家似乎只知道250W的Phoenix 译者注:RC上的每月一微缸,Phoenix是一统天下

17. In 2004 Honda also first offered XM Satellite Radio as a factory installed option.

18. Funding for the XM320 grenade launcher, which is a single-shot under-barrel grenade launcher similar to the M203 that was originally intended for the XM8, was approved.

19. XM

19. Li XM, Liu NZ, Ni Z, Zhang Q, Hong W.

20. MLF, payable by borrower at time of signing YW:Zhl; relevant loan agreement. XM#nb$gl
      所征收的费用,在签定相应的贷款协定时由借款 QKhGEW~G

XM 单语例句


1. The comic joins a Sirius XM " Tiger Blood Radio " channel, and an extra strong strain of cannabis on sale in California medical marijuana dispensaries.

2. Sirius'plan to buy XM Satellite must win approval from both the US Federal Communications Commission and the Justice Department's antitrust division.

3. In this publicity photo released by SIRIUS XM, radio personality Gayle King is shown.

4. He told XM radio the pairing was " David and Goliath, " and jokingly referred to Woods as the underdog.

5. The application came shortly after the launch of satellite radio services by XM Canada and Sirius Canada late last year.

6. He sends a play list to XM Satellite Radio's researchers, who then assemble the music around his narration.

7. She hosts on Oprah Radio on Sirius XM a daily show that was recently extended from one hour to two hours.

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