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a printing plant

a printing plant 双语例句

1. a printing plant的反义词

1. Create PS plate is poor reasons are good business card printing and membership card production plant business card printing and membership card making conditions differ, such as: escaped (in front of the exposure of the appearing before the density of positive film; overtrement; inadequate treatment of development; used pharmaceutical attachthemselves PS detergents use powerful printing plate cleaner and drum cleaning agent; business card printing and membership card making excessive pressure; paper powder much, and so on can cause a decline in plates.

2. Of Shenzhen City, one of a large printing plant, is approved by the Board by the industrial and commercial printing designated trademarks manufacturers, is the National Press and Publication Administration and the provincial press and publication approved by the Board designated manufacturers printed publications.

3. a printing plant的意思

3. We passed on printed material, ink, printing equipment, factory parts and service integration, including with the industry over the leading position of the partners (in Chongqing, Sichuan exclusive distributor): Taixing World margin of printing machinery Limited (printing Plate-making machinery, PS version, renewable PS version, sticker-line), Taixing Lianbang Printing Co.(Flexo plate-making machines, production lines reel version of PS), the eternal machinery factory in Taixing (Shai Banji, Developers, Grilled version machine), Taixing's Ark Machinery Manufacturing Co.(high-grade Shaiban Ji, Developers, roasted version machine, replicator, the computer version of drilling machines PS), Weihai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.(52 series of multicolor offset printing press), Weihai Song-Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.(Song series of high-grade small Offset), Weifang in Shandong Yong Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd.(small Offset, 62 Offset, notes printing presses, a senior heavy Offset 1740, Ding Shuji), Weifang Hao Tian Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.(small offset press, Adhesive Binding of the package, sticker printing press), Weifang, Wei printing plant, Nanjing Langer-Information Technology Limited, The original Czech Adast four-color machine, electro-optical devices Changzhou Yuyu Limited…… joined hands to form a sound suitable for different areas (both pre-press plate-making, fast printing, business Printing, print publications, Web-printing, printing or trademarks of India binding) all-round solution for the printing industry, the mining area of printing more opportunities, whether in the pre-press, printing or India are sure that your production efficiency, flexibility and economy. We still Hangzhou, Hangzhou-Ink Chemical Co., Ltd.

4. a printing plant的解释

4. Our hands are Baoan, Fuyong, manholes, Chung-Kung Ming, Mission Hills, Longhua, Longgang, Guan in a large number of factories, offices, shops investment property sales and leasing information; so you do not need to run around, we can fully understand the latest and most full - The plant resources; allows you to spend the shortest time, with a minimum of effort invested in the work site, and we will provide you with free consulting services directly; we proxy by the owner entrusted the Baoan District and Longgang District Guan and other towns within a different area of the plant, office buildings, shops; the whole layer, single homes, single-storey steel structure of heavy industry plants, an area of 500-8000 square meters divided into - single homes, including electroplating, printing and dyeing factories and other special industries; while statement: We are commission-free tenants to provide information and consultancy services!

5. We honesty, plant six months, only printing Towel Sales revenue reached more than 400 million, dozens of existing designs, a variety of specifications, product quality, and varieties of love by domestic and foreign merchants.

6. Report says, the Indian intelligence agencies understand Pakistan carazzi, lāhaur, Quetta and Peshawar has a forged note business card printing and membership card producer of prosecutorhad, a forged note business card printing and membership card in the process of making a lot of operations are legitimate plant in Pakistan.

7. Europe, Japan and Taiwan has a large number of used equipment to enter the mainland market, some are Web-printing on the printing plant on women's rights advocate, such as second-hand Nippo in Beijing.

8. a printing plant

8. The company plant covers an area of about 12, 000 square meters, employs 280 people, 20 printing production lines, equipped with professional designers and computer tricks color separation facilities, capable of fabrics fabrics (including knitting, woven, non-woven etc.) and various pieces of clothing, cloth for paint, mortar, slip, convex pulp, gold and silver powder, glass beads, beads, such as a series of luminous printing, at the same time sell a variety of specifications T/C cloth, cotton cloth, canvas, printed cloth, dyeing cloth and various types of cloth.

9. I am a high-precision screen printing apparatus plant director, welcome to buy our products.

10. He told from 1990 on the implementation of green business card printing and membership card at the time, they produced a reduced alcohol and alcohol substitute fountain solution in use, and start using plant ink business card printing and membership card.

11. a printing plant的反义词

11. In fact, he was now a proofreader at a printing plant and hadn't trained a runner in years.

12. September, 2003 The thriving PLA Daily Printing Plant has been searching for a new printing press through an international bidding mechanism. After careful consideration and testing, the PLA Daily decided to purchase an advanced UNISET 75 production line from MAN Roland, who won again despite keen competition. This is the first UNISET 75 production line in Beijing and PLA Daily became the third customer to install UNISET 75 in China.
      飞速发展的解放军报社印刷厂,以国际招标的方式采购新的印刷设备;经过仔细的考察和验证,曼罗兰公司在激烈的竞标环境中再度脱颖而出,该报社决定采用曼罗兰提供之一条先进的UNISET 75印刷生产线,这是北京地区第一条UNISET 75生产线,也是国内第三个订购该机型的用户。

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13. The Company was founded in 1989 in Meizhou Wuhua, the plant occupies an area of more than 50, 000 square meters, more than 400 employees, after 10 years of continual development, the Company in March 2001 in Bao'an District, Shenzhen Mission Hills Town investment plant to set up factory in December 2001 completed trial production, more than 300 employees, now our factory has a professional engineering and technical personnel 40 people, with our own design and manufacture all kinds of metal stamping die capacity, with 2200 tons biaxial computer-controlled automatic punching machine and more than 190 various types of punch and Taiwan, more than 20 large EDM, 325T, 250T, 200T total of 8 hydraulic machines, automatic injector paint production equipment, screen printing and die for the integration large-scale integrated hardware factory.

14. Our company specializes in production and management: Domestic imports Diphosgene kraft paper, kraft paper Lamination, ¤kraft paper, paper printing paper, packaging paper, refined kraft wrapping paper, cardboard cow, single-ray paper, writing paper, insulation paper, single, double face copy paper, single-, double-sided copper plate paper, paper×whiteboard, whiteboard white paper, newsprint, domestic/import two-sided offset paper, tissue paper and BOPP films, all types of Asian film industry and special packaging paper paper, office paper and paper products, varieties of a total of more than 1800 kinds, involving industry has glass, toys, plants, garment factories, shoe factories, printing, paper packaging plant, Adhesive Products Factory, §, food Factory, optical instrument factory, leather factory, line Manufacturer, PCB Circuit Manufacturer, Lamination Plant, a large electronics factory, electroplating plants and so on.

15. a printing plant的意思

15. Aeration performance of jet aerator was investigated in clear water and sludge-water liquor at the wastewater treatment plant of a printing and dyeing company. At the clear water experiment, four testing cross sections were established.

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16. Specializing in the production of a variety of album stationery machinery, with the entire album stationery equipment including ultrasound only three bags of hot-pressing machine, various types of sealing bag machine, paper bag machine, pressing machine, Flanging machine (with a thin hardcover book and dedicated), back sizing machine, automatic hot pressing machine, thin machine, wax paper, and so on inside pages of the cascade series, plastic film manufactured equipment, including the production of imitation·òmaterials PP sheet, plate manufacturing machine, salivation CPP extrusion machine (to produce thin-film pages dedicated CD), multi-purpose PE, PO, PP film blowing machine, such as tensile membrane series, EPE foam whole plant equipment, including foam extrusion machine, laminating machine, composite machine, recycling machine, glue machine series, series of color offset printing, including 1-10 color offset printing press, leaflets inside pages of viscose machine, full-color leaflet inside pages, etc. series, and to undertake the design and manufacture kinds of non-standard, Machinery installation, drawings and samples processing.

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17. And has its own printing plant, forming a product range, new products fast, and cheap.

18. I plant mainly in the production processing and assembly with teeth, soap, shower cap, sewing kit, comb, to be a knife, shampoo, hair care, bath, emollient series, footwear care, all types of cotton and all kinds of paper printing products such as Room, operating with low, medium and high-grade slippers, foreign trade craft slippers, plastic pieces of technology products and room ornaments, hangers, gift bags, etc. to draft, at the same time to take the hotel mfy Product assembly processing outsourcing.

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19. I plant after years of arduous pioneering, is now beginning to take shape, I present the main plant equipment are: Japan foreshore two-Offset, Taiwan reunification housing adhesive label a four-color, 000 and 2850-An automatic 2100 Printing presses, the Taiwan-iron on the Automatic Volume Volume II-continuous network printer (PWS-310-IISCREEN), Taiwan 6-iron all-wheel trademark color printing press (PW-260R), another with a full set of photo-offset, the pressure Marks machines, die cutting, tooling and other equipment.

20. Gravure press is not discharge on down during the mode of production, the per-color business card printing and membership card after harvest cylindrical insertreleased, offline after the subject with a single eyefor a cross-cutting machine rolled business card printing and membership card making for easier and more precise printing long broken sected collection, and then set the broken sected collected leaflets business card printing and membership card making products in spinons convex, indentation, die-cutting, waste, collection, testing, packaging; business card printing and membership card making products for stamping or compact label positioning easy-care, and the increase in the operation, the disadvantage is that the above process, the operation covers an area of large plant, to make more, and sometimes the drum to the materials offline operation in cross-cutting precision |interrupted Zhang superstandard, it will be a large number of categorizing people and a large area of the workspace.

a printing plant 单语例句

1. She started drawing on paper in the spring of 2010, as her husband picked up leftover paper from a nearby printing plant.

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