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above sensitivity

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1. Aiming at above problems, the objective of this experiment is to discuss correlation between indices of SPECT liver ASGP receptor scintiscan with the ligand of 99mTc - ASF and classical liver functional index, and sensitivity of those indices.

2. Based on the above, generating cost is analyzed by the analytic method of sensitivity and the analytic method of risk.

3. The purpose of this project is attempted to resolve the above problems and develop a kind of novel porous hollow gel fibre which have good mechanical property, pH-sensitivity and operating property to accelerate the practical application of the smart polymer gels.

4. The design velocity field for shape optimization is computed analytically along boundary by using the rational EE and EB functions and numerically in the domain by coupling mesh smoothing and relaxing techniques with finite difference technique The practical application indicates that the design sensitivity analysis and the design velocity field computation done above increase the efficiency and accuracy of shape optimization.

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5. With least landscape separation and less patch dendity, Pinus massoniana patch was fargoing distribution and good continuity, resulted habitat type and aspect monotony.(3)In the analysis of visual sensitivity, using 10° and 20° as the boundary to classify the slope sensitivity, the high sensitive region which slope above 20° share 11.4% of the total area of the reserve, mainly located in the middle and upside of the mountain; using

6. Lct is superior to traditional one in detecting above-ascus pathological chan-ges with a higher sensitivity, specificity and satisfied samples.

7. Summing up all the casual relationships of constructs above, the theory model of this study was formed, then, structural equation modeling was adopted for hypotheses testing. According to the results, materialism will positively influence prestige sensitivity and value consciousness; Individualism will positively influence value consciousness and negatively influence prestige sensitivity; Hedonism will positively influence sale proneness, price mavenism and price consciousness. In addition, both prestige sensitivity and price mavenism will positively influence enduring involvement; Sale proneness, price consciousness and value consciousness will all positively influence situational involvement. Furthermore, enduring involvement, situational involvement and price mavenism will all positively influence search effort; Enduring involvement will positively influence search of neutral source; Situational involvement will positively influence search of media source; Enduring involvement will positively influence situational involvement.

8. A non-invasive, small animal imaging system with high spatial resolution and high sensitivity is beneficial to the research above mentioned.

9. The calibration curve of the SM2-Kit with standard SM2 inhibitor was typical sigmoid curve fitted to the four parameter logistic equation with the linear detection of 0.625 μg/L to 80.0 μg/L (R2=0.9911), the sensitivity of 0.9 μg/L, the IC50 of 5.82 μg/L and the detection limit of 1 μg/L. The recoveries of SM2 spiked in pig feed were 83.4%, in pig urine were 89.5%. The precision and accuracy of the assay as determined by inter-assay and intra-assay coefficient variation was both below 15%. The SM2-Kit generally had 2.08% cross-reactivity towards sulfamerazine and little or no cross-reactivity towards other sulfonamides. The dilution solution of SM2 had no effect on results of SM2-Kit. The validity of SM2-Kit in 4 ℃ was above six months.
    研究结果表明,SM2-Kit的标准曲线呈典型的S型,相关系数R2=0.9911,符合4参数logit曲线拟合,线性检测范围为0.625 μg/L~80 μg/L,灵敏度为0.9 μg/L,半数抑制浓度(IC50)为5.82 μg/L,检测限为1 μg/L;饲料样、猪尿样的平均添加回收率分别为83.4 %、89.5 %,平均批内和批间变异系数均低于15 %;SM2-Kit与磺胺甲基嘧啶的交叉反应率为2.08 %,与其它磺胺类药几乎没有反应性;基质对SM2-Kit的检测结果影响不大;试剂盒在4 ℃可保存6个月。

10. Furthermore, the performance of half right circular corner filleted flexure hinge was analyzed, including the effect of its geometric parameters on its performance. Compared with symmetrical right circular corner filleted flexure hinge, the compliance and sensitivity to the load of half right circular corner filleted flexure hinge were better than those of symmetric right circular corner filleted flexure hinge. The above results provide a new idea for the applications of flexure hinge, which is used in compact structure and structure with large displacement.

11. Accessing from the simulate experiment of sensing cable, the sensitivity of sensing cable for one oil leakage is above 0.1dB in 15min and the least distance of two leakage points to be distinguished is 15m, in 3 km sensing cable.

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12. FPG, FINS, TG, TC, LDL-C of Model group were increased, ISI were decreased. The expression of PAI-1mRNA of adipose tissues was increased significantly (.2)Compairing with model group, the berberine and taurine group and combine group could significantly increase insulin sensitivity, decrease the expression of PAI-1mRNA in epiploon adipose tissue. The parameters mentioned above in combine group was better than other groups.
      与正常组比较,模型组体重增加,血清 FPG、FINS、TG、TC、LDL-C 升高,ISI 降低,血清中 FFA 浓度增加,内脏脂肪细胞肥大,脂肪组织中 PAI-1 mRNA 表达显著增加;(2)与模型组比,联合组、黄连素组、牛磺酸组、二甲双胍组均出现 ISI 升高和 PAI-1mRNA 表达减少,二者的协同作用优于单独作用,并优于二甲双胍组。

13. In the light of the research above, the conclusion that doping basic metal oxide can improve the sensitivity and selectivity to alcohol can be drew.

14. Objective To measure and to compare the predictive effect between Waterlow pressure sore risk assessment scale and revised Braden pressure sore risk assessment scale among aged inpatients. Methods A total of 232 aged inpatients were scored respectively by adopting above two different scales. Then the sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value of different critical values were analyzed.
      目的 测量并比较Waterlow褥疮危险评估表和Braden修订版褥疮危险评估表对老年患者褥疮的预测效果方法选取老年住院患者232例,应用两量表对每例患者进行连续评估,分析不同临界值时敏感度、特异度、阳性预测价值、阴性预测价值。

15. The sensitivity analysis above has been determined assuming that the change in interest rates had occurred at the balance sheet date and had been applied to the exposure to interest rate risk in existence at that date.

16. DSA as the gold standard, to calculate the sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value and accuracy of ultrasound diagnostic, then to compare the US with DSA for clinical relevance ratio of BCS by X~2 test, and to evaluate there is no statistical difference or not. DSA as the gold standard, the results of the ultrasound diagnosis of venous obstruction of BCS were controlled, to assess the overall sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value and accuracy of stenosis or occlusion of venous obstruction BCS by the ultrasound. The right hepatic vein, middle hepatic vein, left hepatic vein, assistant hepatic vein, inferior vena cava vein are analysed separately. Ultrasound examinations showed the sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value and accuracy of venous stenosis or occlusion of above veins.

17. According to these opinions mentioned above, we suppose ROS chronic oxidative stress may induce ageing of blood vessel cells. Along with age increases, some changes might take place in antioxidase activity of blood vessel, followed by changes in ROS associated substance in blood vessel, thus to participate the occurrence of blood vessel ageing. Sensitivity of blood vessel cells to ROS enhances along with increasing age, which is more liable to develop to AS.

18. Results The tinnitus frequency, severity of subjective tinnitus, audiogram types and some items of function test above hearing threshold were significantly different in the five groups (P.05). Specific features of pure-tone test were found in the five groups: tinnitus frequency was low, whole- frequency hearing threshold high, audiogram even, short increment sensitivity index at 1 kHz high and tone decline at 4 kHz low in the syndrome of invasion of wind-heat; tinnitus frequency was high, high-frequency hearing loss common, audiogram abruptly descending, SISI and TD at 4 kHz high in the syndrome of liver-fire up-stirring; subjective tinnitus was loud, audiogram abruptly descending or gradually descending, SISI and 7W at 4 kHz low in the syndrome of stagnation of phlegm-fire; tinnitus frequency was high, subjective tinnitus low, audiogram markedly descending or hill-like, SISI and TD at 4 kHz high in the syndrome of kidney-essence deficiency; average hearing loss was less, audiogram irregular but abruptly descending or notched in most cases, SISI at 4 kHz low in the syndrome of weakness of spleen-stomach.
      结果]耳鸣频率、自觉耳鸣程度、听力图类型及部分阈上功能测试指标在各证型间具有显著性差异(P.05),这些指标在不同的证型中表现出不同的特点:风热侵袭型的耳鸣频率较低,全频听阈升高,听力图多为平坦型,短增量敏感指数得分在1kHz较高,而4kHz音衰值较低;肝火上扰型的耳鸣频率较高,听力损失以高频为主,听力图多为陡降型,4kHz SISI得分及TD值均较高;痰火郁结型的自觉耳鸣响度较大,听力图以陡降型或缓降型为主,4kHz SISI得分及TD值均较低;肾精亏损型的耳鸣频率较高,而自觉耳鸣响度较低,听力图以显降型或山型为主,4kHz SISI得分及TD值均较高;脾胃虚弱型的平均听力损失较小,听力图无一定规律性,但以陡降型或切迹型为主,4kHz SISI得分较低。

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19. Based on the previous literatures, the following major innovation works were carried out in this dissertation:(1) The derivatization reaction conditions of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine with sensitive derivation reagent in aqueous system were studied and two new methods were developed for the assay of them by microemulsion electrokinetic chromatography and micellar electrokinetic chromatography with LIF detection. The sensitivity and analysis times were greatly improved compared with the previous reports; (2) A new method of CZE with indirect LIF detection was developed for the simultaneous determination of six coumarin compounds (esculin, esculetin, isofraxidin, genistein, naringin and sophoricoside) with fluorescein as the probe. The proposed method enlarges the application range of LIF detector, and provides new approach for the analysis of certain compounds difficult to derivatize; (3) Based on the above research, an MEKC with indirect LIF detection method for the simultaneous determination of adenine and guanine in DNA extracts from fungus, maize and soybean was established; (4) A new method for the investigation of the complexes formed between human serum albumin and ampicillin sodium under the simulated physiology conditions using laser light scattering technique was developed.

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20. To adjust non-divergent and divergent background wind field by altimeter wind data, a novel approach of regularization combining variational method is presented. Numerical simulation results illustrate that it is positive to use altimeter wind speed to adjust the background wind field, particularly effective along the altimeter track region. At the same time, the radar backscattering cross-section sensitivity is evaluated, when the backscattering cross-section exists noise, and the result proves that the above method can suppress the noise. At last, a real case shows that the above method is feasible and effective.

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