accept as是什么意思 accept as在线翻译 accept as什么意思 accept as的意思 accept as的翻译 accept as的解释 accept as的发音 accept as的同义词

accept as

accept as 双语例句

1. Management of each activity is expected to accept this responsibility as an important priority and to commit the necessary resources.

2. This is when they pull out and accept this as a good roulette session.

3. If that means I have to go to the back of the queue as far as acting is concerned, then I just have to accept that.

4. Only when we can accept that life is perfect as it is, and that our lives are the sum total of everything that has happened up to this moment, can we accept the joy and the happiness we deserve.

5. I`ve decided to accept the file data as a byte.

6. They generally accept that Sai Kung is not just a place for the local community, but as the

7. Instead, let's accept that life is a compromise in all quarters and get on with enjoying as much of it as we can.

8. As the number of proiders who accept e-medicine reaches critical mass, more third-party payers are likely to recognize its efficiencies and include reimbursement for it in contracts with proiders.

9. I know how grieved you feel for the loss of your father but death is a continuation of life in a changed form, as a poet says, and one has to accept it.

10. Despite local pleadings, the government refuses to accept any method of distinguishing real guns from airsoft, such as the clear gun or orange tip method.

11. accept as

11. And consider if or when accept your application according to your activities in VOE, such as the number of your posting, value of your experience, etc.

12. The craft requirement that introduced to use rice of accept of TiO2 of preparation of zincous oxidation law to be in charge of, influencing factor, form mechanism, reach its to solve water to make degradation of hydrogen, smooth catalysis in photoelectricity the research that solar battery of sensitize of organic contaminant, dye, gas quick conducts the side such as feeling makes progress, looked into its to develop way.

13. For+example, +if+someone+seems+to+be+more+articulate+than+you, +you+can+respond+in+one+of+two+ways:+You+can+be+upset+and+depressed+by+telling+yourself+that+you+should+be+as+articulate4+as+that+person, +or+you+can+recognize+and+accept+the+fact+that+there+are+probably+a+lot+of+people+out+there+who+are+more+articulate+than+you+at+certain+times+and+under+certain+circumstances+and+that+is+OK.+It+doesn`t+mean+a+thing+about+you.+Playing+theparison+game+is+a+dead+end+street.

14. Molly, I promise you I will accept anything so long as you promise never to commit a suicide.

15. accept as的近义词

15. A compulsory administrative measure, such as restriction of personal freedom or the sealing up, distraint or freezing of property, which one refuses to accept

16. While the numbers of students matriculating from in-state and other parts of the country are steadily increasing as well -- the school had some 500 more students accept admission offers than it had planned for -- the last three years have been marked by unprecedented growth from the Northeast.

17. accept as的反义词

17. This shows that everyone has a chance to grow up and learn to accept people as they are, and not judge them by their differences.

18. Design, check and accept the tools of seamless steel pipe industry, such as roller, die of cold drowing etc.

19. Main experienced cursive of the calligraphy achievement of WangDuo up, its running script word goes the size wrong fall, and connecting to embark on a journey, in bouncing rhythm, or so rise and fall, as if inebriate the fairy to practise fencing; Its cursive since to heart's content and calm and steady, accept to put from such as; Its formal script sees not much, but the formal script absorbed the other characters, melting the meeting its book to the character of the ego to make in, formation the appearance of the oneself.

20. As an exception I accept all his concept s and conceptions except one.

accept as 单语例句

1. And a jaded public that seems to accept chicanery as the cost of doing business.

2. It tells the story of lion cub Simba as he struggles to accept the responsibilities of adulthood and his future role as king.

3. Google has said it will notify investors once its registration statement is declared effective, and it could then accept successful bids as soon as one hour after that.

4. Despite being in the public glare, he is too modest to accept his selfless deed as an achievement.

5. Though many people in China continue to see dog meat as a delicacy, some of their peers have begun to accept the idea of animal welfare.

6. Divergent demographic views are also found on the issue of evolution, which almost all biologists accept as an explanation for the diversity of life.

7. Ma indicated that he would accept the mainland's mascots as part of a drive to normalize ties.

8. Like the fabled frog who drowsily fails to jump from the warming saucepan, we accept this scandal as a fact of life.

9. If Germans are unable to stomach the idea of sharing a political community with Greeks, they might as well accept that economic union is as good as dead.

10. His trip prompted Li to accept the local government's offer to work as a substitute teacher at the village's elementary school.

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