acrimonious是什么意思 acrimonious在线翻译 acrimonious什么意思 acrimonious的意思 acrimonious的翻译 acrimonious的解释 acrimonious的发音

acrimonious [ˌækrɪˈməʊniəs]  [ˌækrɪˈmoʊniəs] 

acrimonious 基本解释

形容词辛辣的; 严厉的,刻薄的; 剧烈的


acrimonious 网络解释

1. 严厉的:acridness 辛辣 | acrimonious 严厉的 | acrimoniously 毒辣地

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2. 严厉的,辛辣的:access市场准入 | acrimonious严厉的,辛辣的 | acrimony严厉,辛辣

3. 刻毒的,苛刻的:zenith顶点,顶峰 | acrimonious刻毒的,苛刻的 | arduous艰苦的,艰巨的

4. 尖酸的:accessible合宜的 | acrimonious尖酸的 | aghast吓呆了

acrimonious 双语例句

1. The first formal contacts of the secretive – and often acrimonious – annual negotiations will take place between Chinese steel millers led by Baosteel and miners Vale of Brazil, Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton.

2. Ever since the Sino-Japanese war in 1894-5, relations between the two have always been acrimonious, climaxing in the Japanese occupation of China.

3. Acrimonious suddenly heard voices every other room a while, then twitter that are in Tianjin...

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4. Mills was awarded 24.3 million pounds (US$48 million) in a divorce accord finally hammered out in March, after prolonged and acrimonious negotiations.

5. While her sons wrestle with their own personal difficulties and secrets, Pancho's wife, Amalia, attends to the normal inter-personal conflicts that occur within an extended family and bridges the gap between the three generations by hosting the family's large music-filled cookouts and lively dinners. For the Duques, will family allegiance come first or will their secrets and acrimonious conflicts over love, lust and control of the family fortune, be their downfall?
    她的儿子奋斗他们的自己困难和秘密,Pancho's 妻子,Amalia,注意在一个大家族和桥里面发生的正常的在个人之间的冲突那缝隙在主机租贷的三世代家庭之间's 大的音乐填充的野餐和活泼的晚餐为 Duques,将会家庭忠贞被提出第一或者决意在爱、贪欲和家庭财富的控制上的他们的秘密和严厉的冲突,他们的衰败是吗?

6. If the obdurate president were dislodged, it might prompt more fighting, with parliament breaking up into ever more acrimonious factions.

7. If the obdurate [u13] president were dislodg [u14] ed, it might prompt more fighting, with parliament breaking up into ever more acrimonious [u15] factions.

8. acrimonious

8. What she could do was just try her best to accumulate the umbrage, to turn back the acrimonious sun.

9. It is reported that Sarina to play a drama teacher at the acrimonious Fupo image, we can not imagine the look of harmony and gas Savimbi teachers, high gas en-toe look.

10. Because you can be the most acrimonious views back to us.

11. Because you can give the most acrimonious feed back to us.

12. If we want to grab a bite before work, we'd better get acrimonious.

13. acrimonious的反义词

13. There followed an acrimonious debate.

14. An acrimonious dispute broke out.

15. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

15. His tendency to utter acrimonious remarks alienated his audience.

16. They had an acrimonious discussion about money.

17. A quarrel over one property caused the final, acrimonious break in 1997.

18. His parents went through an acrimonious divorce.

19. His marriage disintegrated, and an acrimonious divorce that took away most of his assets.

20. Since their acrimonious divorce, she has not allowed her former husband to see the children.

acrimonious 词典解释

1. (言辞、争吵等)尖刻的,激烈的
    Acrimonious words or quarrels are bitter and angry.

    e.g. There followed an acrimonious debate.

Our relationship ended acrimoniously.

acrimonious 单语例句

1. The stakes are high, and Clinton and Obama have been clashing in increasingly acrimonious terms.

2. But the divorce has turned into an acrimonious affair played out in the media, with leaked divorce papers in November claiming McCartney mistreated his second wife.

3. But the divorce has turned into an acrimonious affair played out in the media, with leaked divorce papers in November claiming Sir Paul mistreated his second wife.

4. Key players from both sides shook hands and hugged each other like old friends during a news conference which ended the acrimonious lockout.

5. Politicians from both sides of the acrimonious euro debate appealed to Swedes to vote Sunday but parties called off campaigning.

6. But nonetheless it will be the first time that Mourinho faces his former employers since his acrimonious departure from Stamford Bridge in Sept 2007.

7. The Australian is highly unpopular in Argentina after being involved in acrimonious incidents with several of the country's top players during his career.

8. As the pieces were collected from the wreckage of the dotcom collapse, there was no shortage of acrimonious debate about who was to blame.

9. The sheer fact the talks took place despite such an acrimonious history was hailed as a landmark event.

10. Beckham joined the MLS Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007 from Real Madrid where he had spent four years following an acrimonious departure from United.

acrimonious 英英释义



1. marked by strong resentment or cynicism

    e.g. an acrimonious dispute
           bitter about the divorce

    Synonym: bitter

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