all previous是什么意思 all previous在线翻译 all previous什么意思 all previous的意思 all previous的翻译 all previous的解释 all previous的发音

all previous

all previous 双语例句

1. After the signing of the contract, all previous negotiations and correspondence related to it will be taken as null and void.

2. series summation of all previous college entrance examination by one of the key elements to examine.

3. Under the condition that all the previous examination results are normal, if the power light is still not on, check whether or not the protector tube FU1 and FU2 is damaged.

4. In attempts to convice Chandler and Monica to stay, their friends remind them of all the great memories they've had in their apartment in the city (shown as clips from previous episodes).

5. all previous什么意思

5. All of these riot of colors were her own toil and handiwork during the previous several days and nights.

6. It was put above all layers just not to get colorized by two previous adjustment layers.

7. The lighting team designed all of the 44 decorative fixtures in 12 fixture designs that reused 20, 000 of the 25, 000 Italian glass crystals from previous fixtures.
    灯光设计团队全部44装饰装置12夹具设计,再用20,00025,000 意大利玻璃晶体上附着物。

8. This book is not only for the richness of its content but also for its successful incorporating with almost all the techniques of literary merit developed in the previous period.

9. all previous的反义词

9. With all the facts before you, I feel sure claim for the inferior quality at 3 pence per Ib is justified, as the colour of the shipment is much harder than that of your previous consignment, and is, in fact, similar to your lower grade, Type, No.
    因为这批货的颜色比你们上一批货又灰又暗。事实上,同你们的 35号低档货相近。

10. First of all, congratulations on your recent admission to the Law Society's Roll of Honour, joining the ten previous members of that roll.

11. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

11. This thesis analysed and classified all the studies of《Dongpozhilin》, uhich based on the previous criteria of the classification.

12. 911查询·英语单词

12. On the post that he grows in 6 years of field, achieved outstanding outstanding achievement, stepping the straight example of all previous province, a flight of stairs that visits a model worker, entered the prize-giving stage of countrywide model worker, glorious party capital, of be glad and thankful get of party and national leader interview.

13. all previous

13. Below this kind of circumstance, common Korean the harm that can kiss all previous gangdom rarely.

14. Topview data show that between December 15 of the 10 previous trading day All seats in the aggregate net buying for the -7584 million.

15. all previous的翻译

15. Also just before she passed away, in the ceremony that is held once a year, the Water/ Land ceremony, she bought a place for HK$3000, that means she would repay all the debts of this life and the previous, so she already made preparation for reincarnation.

16. There isn`t anything that can overcome this level of understanding. It transcends all the previous grounds.

17. Previous Powwows showed that some attendees may arrive early but it took about an hour for all attendees to arrive.

18. Here is some background information about the contest. This contest is part of the Fall Convention held by District 80. Poh Kim Siong, then District Governor of District 80, wanted to hold a Chinese speech contest in Asia in order to expand the influence of the Chinese language. With promises of participation from our District D67 and other previous winners of all divisions in District 80, the Asian Cup was finally born.
      首先,说明一下这个比赛的背景,原先,这是属於80区的秋季大会中的比赛项目,由於当时80区的主席 Poh Kim Siong 希望筹办一个跨亚洲地区的中文比赛,以扩大中文讲演的影响力,在我们所属的 D67区允诺参加,再加上80区各分部的优胜者及历年来的优胜者积极参与下,终於有了这个亚洲杯邀请赛的诞生。

19. With previous described finite element method we calculatedⅠ, Ⅱ, Ⅲtype of stress intensity factor along front of given shape and size crack at hole of guyed mast's ear-plate and transform them all to the form of no-dimension stress intensity factors which are convenient for calculation. Simulate no dimension stress intensity factor with polynomial by least square method. In order to maintain the changing trend of no-dimension stress intensity factor we replace the dispersed no-dimension stress intensity factor with data of polynomial function to calculate no-dimension Stress intensity factors of any shape crack at hole by multi-parameter Lagrange interpolation method. And then calculate stress intensity factor of any shape crack at hole. There is a comparison between interpolation value and the finite element analytical results of a certain shape crack which shows that they are close to each other. So we can replace whole 3-D finite element analysis with numerical interpolation calculation approximately.

20. In all previous western in development, the government is main organizer and participator.

all previous 单语例句

1. Giuliani has attended all five previous September 11 commemorations but this is the Republican's first engagement as a presidential candidate seeking the White House.

2. But if the market overheats again the economy will be caught in another vicious circle and all previous efforts will be wasted.

3. The ministry said Beijing SARS patient Zhang is in critical condition due to previous diseases, but all the other SARS patients are in stable condition and keep recovering.

4. All kinds of feuds kept cropping up in almost all areas over the previous five years.

5. Previous proposals were all shelved due to concerns that rebuilding the gate at its original location may disrupt traffic flow.

6. We will track them all down in due time and will punish them all, just as we did to the previous ones.

7. The report said previous studies have linked moderate drinking to a lower heart attack risk, compared to the risk run by those who do not drink at all.

8. Previous satellite trips to the point have all started from Earth, an anonymous expert was quoted by the China Central Television on Thursday as saying.

9. After reviewing all the new Russian words they had learned the previous day, the students started a new game called " electric current ".

10. The technical elements all looked flawless and immersive in the previous film.

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