anxious是什么意思 anxious在线翻译 anxious什么意思 anxious的意思 anxious的翻译 anxious的解释 anxious的发音 anxious的同义词 anxious的反义词

anxious [ˈæŋkʃəs]  [ˈæŋkʃəs] 

比较级:more anxious最高级:most anxious

anxious 基本解释

形容词焦急的; 渴望的; 令人焦虑的; 流露出忧虑的

anxious 相关词组

1. be kept on the anxious seat : 被弄得焦急不安;

anxious 相关例句


1. The week of the flood was an anxious time for all of us.

2. He was anxious to meet you.

3. We are anxious that he (should) do his bit.

4. anxious

4. I could see that she was anxious for Laura to go.

5. anxious是什么意思

5. I'm really anxious to see him.

anxious 网络解释

1. 着急:聊天中才知道这是同事和他太太刚刚从俄罗斯(Russia) 领养来的孩子. 我还奇怪呢,怎么一下子他的小孩都这么大了. 因为孩子十几个月才刚刚学习走路,像所有的年轻的父母一样,他们着急(anxious) 孩子的发育是否有些慢,所以预约了疗程(physical the...

anxious 双语例句

1. anxious什么意思

1. I know a lot of people are anxious to get back in.

2. The majority of people are anxious.

3. It's really a must for people having this anxious problem.

4. anxious的反义词

4. Some new people are too anxious, hoping to succeed in a very short period. This is impossible.

5. For those who find it difficult not to be anxious for other people.

6. Why you are so late, people are anxious about you.

7. This world is filled with people who are anxious to function in an advisory capacity!

8. If a person is describing themselves they can be anxious about the reaction they might get.

9. For example: if a rumor or an idle remark could cause an anxious reaction in one person and no reaction in another, this is positive proof that the two people are living in two different states of consciousness.

10. Results Most patients emerge different anxious reactions, but after the mental intervention, the patients could relief mental stress, furthermore, we discoverthat the anxious reaction is concerned w...

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11. They are the ionotropic receptors one kind, and plays the strong character in the numerous complex physiologies and the pathological reaction, including anxious, main center sensation, chronic potentiation, circumference immunity, internal organs ache, cell necrosis as well as ptosis, and maintains with over sensitivity to pain's response.
      它们是ionotropic receptors的一种并且在众多复杂的生理及病理反应中扮演重要角色,包括紧张、中枢感知、慢性势差现象、外周免疫、内脏疼痛、细胞坏死以及下垂症,和痛觉过敏的反应和保持。

12. Miserable interjection, have already had the Mao cow stands, anxious and fretfuluneasily move hoof of son, send out trampling of jar voice jar spirit the voice of laxsnow ground ring.

13. anxious的意思

13. And as in childhood, when existence had no toil beyond the day's simple lesson, no ambition beyond the neighboring approval of the night, I brought to you the morning's task for the evening's sanction, so now I bring to you this self-appointed taskwork of maturer years; less confident indeed of your approval, but not less confident of your love; and anxious only to realize your presence between myself and the public, and to mingle with those severer voices to whose final sentence I submit my work the beloved and gracious accents of your own.

14. Due to large volume of daily walking, please ask before making your buyers want size and color of whether there are goods, general models to 2 days delivery in case of extended holidays, or because of delayed shipments will not be out of stock further notice, please shoot anxious buyers cautious.

15. I know you will be as good as new when you come out from the hospital. I am anxious to see you around soon.

16. When he was anxious to have much to say, he is not the rationale for you.

17. Male, mental strain, anxious, depression, higher study pressure, Pungent food, greasy food, fry explode food, menstrual disorder, menorrhalgia, sleep less than 8 hours everyday, lose sleep frequently, oily skin, mixing property skin and family history are risk factors for ache; Eat fruit frequently, operate the computer less than 2 hours everyday, dry skin, and neutral skin are protective factors for acne.

18. anxious的解释

18. 4The risk factors of acne are:family history, mental strain, menstrual disorder, lose sleep frequently, Pungent food, male, menorrhalgia, anxious, sleep less than 8 hours everyday, depression, fry explode food, higher study pressure, greasy food, oily skin, mixing property skin, among them, the OR of family history(4.695)is the highest; The protective factors are:dry skin, neutral skin, eat fruit frequently, Operate the computer a short time everyday.

19. I'm anxious about it.

20. I was anxious about it. I didn`t want to lose her.

anxious 词典解释

1. 渴望的;急切的
    If you are anxious to do something or anxious that something should happen, you very much want to do it or very much want it to happen.

    e.g. Both the Americans and the Russians are anxious to avoid conflict in South Asia...
    e.g. He is anxious that there should be no delay...

2. 焦虑的;忧虑的;不安的
    If you are anxious, you are nervous or worried about something.

    e.g. The foreign minister admitted he was still anxious about the situation in the country...
    e.g. A friend of mine is a very anxious person.

They are waiting anxiously to see who will succeed him.

3. (时间或局势)紧张的,令人焦虑的,让人担忧的
    An anxious time or situation is one during which you feel nervous and worried.


    e.g. The Prime Minister faces anxious hours before the votes are counted tomorrow night.

anxious 单语例句


1. Chen was naturally quite anxious as the bag carried a large amount of cash, his ID cards and flight ticket.

2. Celtic have already had one bid rejected by Shenhua, leaving Du anxious that they do not hold out again.

3. Many anxious clients rushed to Wing Yip's Central head office yesterday to get to know what exactly happened.

4. Yet Gong is not the only anxious parent seeking treatment for his child at China's top children's hospital.

5. Abbott was criticized last week for saying he believed some Australians were anxious that citizenship was granted too lightly.

6. Bamboo craftsman He Fuli recalls feeling anxious when called upon to help.

7. The decapitation appeared inadvertent, and Iraqi officials seemed anxious to prove they hadn't mutilated Ibrahim's remains.

8. Rove's involvement in the leak case has worried Republicans, already anxious about Bush's decline in opinion polls.

9. After that we went on a date and I was anxious and nervous on the date.

10. It is clear that the university authorities were anxious to draw a line between the suspect student and the university itself.


anxious 英英释义



1. causing or fraught with or showing anxiety

    e.g. spent an anxious night waiting for the test results
           cast anxious glances behind her
           those nervous moments before takeoff
           an unquiet mind

    Synonym: nervousqueasyuneasyunquiet

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