array是什么意思 array在线翻译 array什么意思 array的意思 array的翻译 array的解释 array的发音 array的同义词 array的反义词 array的例句

array [əˈreɪ]  [ə'reɪ] 


array 基本解释


名词数组; 队列,阵列; 一大批; 衣服

及物动词排列; 部署兵力; 打扮,装饰

array 相关例句


1. array的意思

1. The children were arrayed in pretty woollen sweaters.

2. The general arrayed his troops.

3. array什么意思

3. The army was arrayed before the commander.


1. She put on her finest array.

2. array

2. The government is beset with a complex array of economic problems.

3. The whole city is in holiday array.

array 网络解释

1. 阵列:(4) 阵列(array)命令的应用:当需要绘制等间距而相同的图素或图形时,用阵列阵命是非常容易的. 如当已绘制36000mm长的前后墙、中走道墙和10800mm长的山墙线后,需要划分10个开间,并绘制进深为4500mm的开间墙线时,可先画一根4500mm长的竖线,

2. 创建按指定方式排列的多重对象副本:体设置对话框(style)SC: 缩放比例 (scale)SN: 栅格捕捉模式设置(snap)DT: 文本的设置(dtext)A ---- 创建圆弧(ARC)AA ---- 计算对象或指定区域的面积和周长(AREA)AR ---- 创建按指定方式排列的多重对象副本(ARRAY)H、BH ----

3. 数组,阵列:引用包括类(class),界面(interface), 代表(delegate)和数组阵列(array). 值与引用不同之处在于:值直接存储它的数据内容;而引用存储对象 的引用. 是不是粉费解?!打个比方吧. 你在某地买了套别墅(好棒噢). 却从未去过,只知道地址,

4. array:arrayname; 则不创建这个数组

array 双语例句

1. This smaller range corresponds to the index numbers in an array.

2. It is an error to provide elements with index values outside the index range of the array.

3. A small display screen between the two shows the usual array of warning lights and information.

4. The invention relates to a liquid crystal displaying panel, the panel is made up of a film transistor array base board, a color filtering array base board, frame glue and a liquid crystal layer.

5. The paper mainly deals with following three aspects: offering a frame of filtering system in collecting high-precision data of weak signals when strong electromagnetic interferes and analyzing the corresponding errors, discussing common digital filtering theory and its realization with field programmable gate array, applying self-adaptive theory to reducing noise.

6. 911查询·英语单词

6. In recent years, in line with financing and budgeting reforms in the government, the administration of defense expenditure has undergone a whole array of reforms, including reform in the defense expenditure budgeting method, centralized payment for weapon and equipment procurement, and a tendering and bidding system for the procurement of defense materials, projects and services.

7. In the dazzling array of vases, I see only them.

8. In this thesis, waveguide element infinite phased-array antennas has been analysised and designed by integral equation method and mode matching method.

9. First, the integral equation of an infinite phased array of rectangle waveguide with rectangle grid was deduced and its solution by moment method was presented either. And then, another applied widely analysis method - mode matching method was introduced. Following, the paper represented the analysis method of triangle grid phased array. Moreover, the infinite phased array with WAIM (added with metallic iris plate on each aperture of waveguide element and covered with dielectric sheet) in front of the array was analysised and its property of wide-angle matching was studied, too.

10. array在线翻译

10. Also, the type of connector used with this array.

11. array在线翻译

11. It is demonstrated that the configurational entropy difference of anisotropic biomolecules of different sizes dominates the complex partitioning of these molecules over the nanofilter array.

12. In this dissertation, three applications of molecular luminescence spectroscopy have been developed:(1) fluorescence labeling and analysis of nucleoside transporter on the membrane of pancreas cell; (2) determination of naproxen with solid substrate room temperature phosphorimetry based on an orthogonal array design; (3) high-sensitive fluorescence quenching method for the determination of Fe〓 with 1, 10-phenanthrolion.

13. But the conversion efficiency of the PV array would be influenced easily by several factors such as the relative direction of sun, solar irradiation, environment temperature and partially shaded on the PV array.

14. A development construction army that supports dimensions huge is here lay out the battle array of engineering construction.

15. However, in eight array can not be considered a difficult map.

16. A Direction of Arrival estimation algorithm is presented based on the eight unit circular array.

17. It includes a treatment of off-flavour and malodor analyses and new polymer sensor array instruments.
      它包括处理离开味道和malodor 分析和新聚合物传感器阵列仪器。

18. Next, each line of column values gets split into four strings and saved in a string array.

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19. During experiment researches, an impedance converter is designed to connect the standard port with the antenna input port, and the method of comparing with standard linear polarized antenna is used to measure array antenna circular polarized gain.

20. The array of delicious vegetarian ingredients crowding the tabletop is a gift of love from Beijing volunteers, who have traveled seven hours by car to see Fu Shaolei.

array 词典解释

1. 一大批;一大群
    An array of different things or people is a large number or wide range of them.

    e.g. As the deadline approached she experienced a bewildering array of emotions...
    e.g. A dazzling array of celebrities are expected at the Mayfair gallery to see the pictures.

2. 陈列;布置
    An array of objects is a collection of them that is displayed or arranged in a particular way.


    e.g. There was an impressive array of pill bottles stacked on top of the fridge...
    e.g. We visited the local markets and saw wonderful arrays of fruit and vegetables.

3. (多个望远镜、太阳能电池板之类的仪器设备连接在一起构成的)阵列
    An array of instruments such as telescopes or solar panels is a number of them that are connected together to form a single unit.

4. 数列;数组;阵列
    In science and mathematics, an array of things such as atoms or numbers is a regular pattern or structure that is formed by them.

    e.g. ...methods which can be used to create an ordered array of molecules within materials...
    e.g. The image is then stored on the computer hard disk as a vast array of black or white dots.

array 单语例句

1. The local government worked out an array of tough measures such as the limitations on buying cars.

2. China has made capping price rises the priority of this year's macroeconomic regulation and announced an array of targeted policies.

3. The hotel's extensive and dazzling array of amenities and central location will ensure a perfect stay in Wuhan.

4. But a peek under the hood reveals an array of chrome canisters in place of the usual engine.

5. Residents of the project can enjoy a clubhouse with an array of amenities, in addition to intoxicating river views.

6. The tigers have come to town and they are everywhere at Chinese New Year fairs, in an endless array of representations and products.

7. Park Hyatt Beijing's team of dedicated chefs has composed an array of festive dining experiences for its restaurants this Christmas and New Year.

8. It showcases an array of enterprise solutions, including cloud computing data center and cloud application solutions.

9. The events and the array of confusing and contradictory statements darkly echoed the sinking of the Kursk.

10. In China there are an array of charming desserts, traditionally in America at the end of a Chinese meal you receive a fortune cookie.

array 英英释义


1. an arrangement of aerials spaced to give desired directional characteristics

2. especially fine or decorative clothing

    Synonym: raimentregalia

3. an impressive display

    e.g. it was a bewildering array of books
           his tools were in an orderly array on the basement wall

4. an orderly arrangement

    e.g. an array of troops in battle order


1. align oneself with a group or a way of thinking

    Synonym: align

2. lay out orderly or logically in a line or as if in a line

    e.g. lay out the clothes
           lay out the arguments

    Synonym: rangelay outset out

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