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be similar in shape是什么意思 be similar in shape在线翻译 be similar in shape什么意思 be similar in shape的意思 be similar in shape的翻译

be similar in shape

be similar in shape 双语例句

1. In order to meet business card printing and membership card production requirements, make use of screening and screen resolution, photographic or electronic screening of colour separation means continuous tiaogan quadrochromatic image decomposed into shape is similar to the maeseyck network and utilizinghuman in the observation of a distance cannot be told, of different density-level image pixel distance in the observation network and achieved continuous tone of the Visual effects.

2. By analyzing seismic data recorded by temporary seismic network deployed at Changbaishan Tianchi volcanic region in the summers of 2002, 2003 and 2005, we find one type of events whose spectra appear to be Special. The station-averaged spectrum of each event consists of a series of evenly-spaced narrow peaks, the amplitudes of peaks change gradually with the frequency, the shape of spectrum is quite similar to harmonic signal in time domain.

3. Designed to be similar in shape to a mother's nipple during breastfeeding.

4. Hence all the cutters should be similar in size and shape to allow for larger speeds and feeds.

5. Since China has joined the mainstream of modern sports, it can't be similar only in shape without concerning religious issue.

6. The new instrumentation may be interchanged with foreign products similar in shape and property.

7. be similar in shape

7. While the Sears Tower contains nine nearly identical tubes, the basic structural system has special application for buildings of irregular shape, as the several tubes need not be similar in plan shape, It is not uncommon that some of the individual tubes one of the strengths and one of the weaknesses of the system.

8. Milled Si nanoparticles were prepared by grinding with the beads of yttrium stabilized ZrO2 in enthanol and separated by the centrifuge. In order to estimate the effects on the pure Si nanoparticles from the thermal decomposition system, milled Si nanoparticles were heat-treated in the solution of dioctyl ether, stabilizers oleic acid and oleylamine. It was found that milled Si nanaparticles had irregular shape with a diameter of 4.2±1.6 nm and that the heat-treated ones were spherical with a larger diameter of 10.2±4.4 nm. Both they preserved the great monodispersion. Their structure, composition, morphology were characterized by the analyses of HRTEM, XRD and Raman scattering. These results revealed that the milled Si nanoparticles had the body-centered cubic structure, not only diamond structure like the bulk Si anymore. The stress from milling and the small size would reduce their crystallinity. After the heat treatment, the atoms of the milled Si nanoparticle would rearrange in the interior, and even combine with each other to form the better poly-crystalline Si nanopartcles. The ESCA analysis of milled Si and heat-treated Si nanoparticles exhibited the almost similar Si-Si binding energy despite a little increase from heat-treated one. The FTIR results indicated that there was a film consisted of SiO2 and ethanol molecules on the surface to prevent it from oxidation, and also proved there were not any stabilizers left on the surface of heat-treated Si nanoparticles. Moreover, when giving the specific wavelength of excitation, the specific PL spectra for the milled Si nanoparticles could be observed, so did heat-treated Si nanoparticles. The optical images and properties were also revealed from optical microscopy, the powder-PL analysis and the UV-vis spectrometer.
    利用酒精与研磨锆珠,在适当研磨条件及离心后可得微小、表面不规则状之矽奈米粒子,平均粒径为4.2±1.6 nm;经过热处理之后,热处理矽奈米粒子之平均粒径会增至10.2±4.4 nm并呈球状结构,两者皆具有高度分散性;经高解析晶格、XRD、Raman分析可得研磨矽奈米粒子呈现体心立方结构,但受到研磨应力及粒径过於微小之影响,结晶性并不强烈;然而经热处理后,粒子与粒子结合,并使矽原子重新排列,结晶性有明显增加之趋势且形成多晶结构;透过ESCA与FTIR分析亦可得知,矽奈米粒子在热处理前后,其矽-矽键能值仅稍微增加,显示表面氧化比例稍为提升但大致维持矽-矽之键结,两者表面都具有二氧化矽及醇类溶剂分子薄层,如此可避免粒子向中心继续氧化,也证明表面未残留任何保护剂;在光学性质方面,利用PL分析得知研磨矽奈米粒子与热处理矽奈米粒子皆可在不同波长光源的激发下,激发出不同放光波长之特性光谱,萤光显微镜之照片及粉末PL分析亦可相互佐证之;此外,UV-vis光谱亦显示两者具有相同之吸收特性峰。

9. be similar in shape的解释

9. ABSTRACT The detail and systematic research work was done in the design manufacture of low pressure axial fan and the effect mechanism of blade sweeping forwards on improvement of fan performance, Which can be summarized as follows: The detail basic research was done about the effects of flow passage shape, structure parts and blade tip region flow on performance in order to give the messages for the structure and aerodynamic design of new fans and for the performance improvement of old fans; The optimal calculating model was presented. By which the optimal design parameters can be chosen. on the base of this, the aerodynamic design of new blade was finished; A new method of sheet steel twisted blade shaping was developed, Which is called conic surface shaping method, It overcomes some drawbacks of cylinder surface shaping method, And makes shaping blade satisfy aerodynamic design requirements better. In addition, it is simple in technology and low in cost; The design manufacture of new fan blade welding and gas-collecting channel shaping jig was introduced, The difficulty in shaping circular gas-collecting channel with big radius by stamping was solved, The experience was given for the similar manufacturing.

10. RESULTS: During 10 - 12 weeks, in cuntrol group: The defect area was repaired by white and soft tissue that had no resistance to press. The repaired tissue was still lower than the surrounding articular surface with clear boundary. By histological observation, it was found that the defect was repaired by the mechanism similar to inflammatory reaction and the defect is ultimately filled by the hyperplasia of hyaline degenerative fibrous tissues. In filling group: the defect was repaired by semi-transparent, smooth, textured tissues with polish that had resistance to press as well as elasticity. The repaired tissue was almost similar to the shape of the surrounding cartilage, difficult to be distinguished. After histological observation, it was found that there was no inflammatory reaction, but active hyperplasia of inner bonetissue and cartilage tissues; a lot of osteoid tissues and trabeculation were found. Newlborn cartilage was fused with surrounding cartilage tissue and connected with surrounding tissues.

11. be similar in shape什么意思

11. This paper mainly discusses the methods of the trademark translation from the importance of trademark、culture characteristic and language characteristic, concluding that translation should focus on the exchange of cultural information, so that the translation will be similar with the original goods in the sound、shape、meaning and so on, while the commodity exchanges will also achieve cultural exchanges.

12. Based on the return map and the principle of closed vectors, a new method is proposed to extract unstable periodic orbits embedded in chaotic attractors. As examples, the UPOs embedded in chaotic attractors of Logistic, Hénon and Lorenz are extracted respectively by this method. And our results of Skewed Hénon map also be compared with Nusse`s. These results suggest that this method is valid for unstable periodic orbits from period one to period infinite of arbitrary dimension chaotic system. The dynamic considerations of spiking and UPO coding for individual neuron and neural system under external periodic and chaotic exciting stimulus also be studied in this dissertation. A lot of spiking phenomena, such as synchronization, period, and chaos appear alternatively with the changing of the stimulus frequency. For the small stimulus frequency the neuron could completely convey the periodic signal in synchronous anti-phase into interspike intervals sequences. For the slow time–scale chaotic input, the output two ISI sequences are reciprocally related to input signals, and their oscillation wave shape in time course can be derived from that of the input signals variation, furthermore, the similar input sequence and order of UPOs, distribution of LES and value of KYD remain in attractors reconstructed from ISI sequences.
      发现周期信号在单个神经元传递过程中,随着激励频率的改变,神经元输出的峰峰间期interspike interval时间序列呈现出周期、混沌和准周期的交错变化,特别当外加激励信号频率较低时,周期信号可以通过神经元ISI序列以反相同步的周期运动形式传递下去;同时无论是周期还是混沌激励信号,在神经系统中的传递均与其自身强度和神经元之间的耦合强度的大小密切相关;快变时间尺度的混沌激励信号在耦合的神经系统传递过程中,会造成大量基本信息的丢失;而慢变时间尺度的混沌激励信号在神经系统传递中,它的非线性特征信息,如混沌吸引子、不稳定周期轨道、Lyapunov指数谱和分形维数,会通过系统输出的ISI序列部分地重现出来,如与输入慢变时间尺度的混沌激励信号相比,神经系统输出的ISI序列具有:相似几何形状的混沌吸引子、相近的Lyapunov指数谱和分形维数、局部结构相同的不稳定周期轨道的排列方式。

13. In the collision predicting device, a dummy doll (10) is formed by putting clothes (12) formed of a fabric on a dummy object (11) formed of a member with less reflection of radio wave so as to be similar to the shape of a human body.

14. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

14. December 1990, he complies with the proposal of others, with 3 millimeter thick armor plate solder made the iron shoe of boots of rain of a pair of be similar in shape, shoe height of cylindrical section 50 centimeters, motherboard is add motor vehicle cover tyre.

15. A modifiable quasi cubic curve based on functions 1, sinu, cosu, sin2u is presented in this paper. The curve is controlled by four points, and it has a lot of similar characteristics to the cubic Bézie curve, and its shape can be adjusted by a parameter, which makes the curve have more powerful expression ability.

16. The utility model is in a shape similar to a pen which can be hung in a pocket of clothes, having the advantages of portability, quick removal and installation of turning heads and easy use.

17. In the Spacing to borders section, specify the amount of space to be left between the border of the shape or line and the text; this is similar to the settings for indentation and spacing for paragraphs.

18. be similar in shape的翻译

18. These kind of structures'bodily form are complicated, there are no similar shape can be reference in the existing building structure load code, so the design of structure wind resistance lacks enough guidance.

19. Wang Yabin, who gave the least shape in his works to make them be close to abstract ink and wash or similar as altered painting of man-of-letters, is painting on the critical point of abstract and concrete, he imitated the images and mood of ancient paintings with textures to create an atmosphere for meditation.

20. The art of China is written the good with the shape, Alike in spirit in order to be similar to reaching, the similar of spirit is more important than that of the shape.

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