bound是什么意思 bound在线翻译 bound什么意思 bound的意思 bound的翻译 bound的解释 bound的发音 bound的同义词 bound的反义词 bound的例句

bound [baʊnd]  [baʊnd] 


bound 基本解释

不及物动词跳,弹跳; 限制; 接壤

及物动词束缚; 给…划界,限制; 使弹回,使跳跃

名词界限,限制; 跃起; (球等的)反跳

形容词用带子绑住的; 有义务的; 装订的,有封面的; [化,物]结合的

bound 同义词

bound 反义词


bound 相关例句


1. Where are you bound?

2. bound在线翻译

2. The new discovery is bound to be of great service to mankind.


1. England is bounded in the south by the English Channel.


1. bound在线翻译

1. London is bounded by the Home Counties.


1. He cleared the hedge at one bound.

bound 网络解释

1. 界限:高效的缓存管理,可以根据输出数据的上限,以及GS程序的能力,来指定一个较小的(译注:缓冲)界限(bound). 1024个32-bit值的最大限度(ceiling)是硬件代价和有效放大率(amplification)的折衷,比如,挤出(extruding)三角形的边. 毫无疑问,

2. 边界:退回邮件 (bounce message)暂时或永久性地无法将邮件传递到目标收件人时发送给电子邮件发件人的未送达回执.边界 (bound)允许值范围内的较大或较低限制.

3. 大胆的爱,小心的偷:与同样辍学的弟弟安迪一起做油漆匠、木工,有时编写滑稽喜剧,并参加一些表演. 1996年,沃卓斯基兄弟获得机会担任编剧和导演,推出了现代风格惊悚片<<大胆的爱,小心的偷>>(Bound),该片获得评论界好评,两人迈出成功的第一步.

4. bound

4. 惊世狂花:<<惊世狂花>>(BOUND)又译<<大胆的爱小心的偷>>,是<<黑客帝国>>导演沃卓斯基兄弟(WACHOWSKI)小试牛刀的作品,它堪称小成本制作里面的精品,糅合了希区柯克的悬念、史匹堡的故事、吴宇森的镜头、科恩兄弟的叙事方法、昆顿达伦天奴的暴力于一身,

bound 词典解释



2. 一定会;必然会;注定会
    If you say that something is bound to happen, you mean that you are sure it will happen, because it is a natural consequence of something that is already known or exists.


    e.g. There are bound to be price increases next year...
    e.g. If you are topless in a public place, this sort of thing is bound to happen.

3. (对某事并不确定或无确凿证据时,认为其)肯定会,确定是
    If you say that something is bound to happen or be true, you feel confident and certain of it, although you have no definite knowledge or evidence.


    e.g. I'll show it to Benjamin. He's bound to know...
    e.g. We'll have more than one child, and one of them's bound to be a boy.

4. (与…)紧密相连的;(与…)密切相关的;(同…)难以分开的
    If one person, thing, or situation is bound to another, they are closely associated with each other, and it is difficult for them to be separated or to escape from each other.

    e.g. We are as tightly bound to the people we dislike as to the people we love...
    e.g. Economic growth is still bound to the issues of poverty, social justice and conservation.

5. 要到…去的;驶往…的
    If a vehicle or person is bound for a particular place, they are travelling towards it.

    e.g. The ship was bound for Italy.
    e.g. ...a Russian plane bound for Berlin.

6. 我不得不说(令人不快或出乎意料的事)
    You can say 'I am bound to say' to introduce a statement expressing something that you find undesirable or unexpected.


    e.g. I'm bound to say that it seems to me this is certain to lead to violence.

7. 以…的形式;被容纳在…里
    If something is bound up in a particular form or place, it is fixed in that form or contained in that place.

    e.g. The manager of a company does not like having a large chunk of his wealth bound up in its shares...
    e.g. They'd have a lot of hydrogen sulfide gas bound up in their cells.

8. 与…密切相关的;同…难以分开的
    If one thing is bound up with or in another, they are closely connected with each other, and it is difficult to consider the two things separately.

    e.g. My fate was bound up with hers...
    e.g. The story of their exploration is inextricably bound up with the character of the caves themselves...

9. see also: bind over


1. 界限;限制
    Bounds are limits which normally restrict what can happen or what people can do.

    e.g. Changes in temperature occur slowly and are constrained within relatively tight bounds.
    e.g. ...a forceful personality willing to go beyond the bounds of convention.

2. 与…毗邻;成为…的边界
    If an area of land is bounded by something, that thing is situated around its edge.

    e.g. Kirgizia is bounded by Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.
    e.g. ...the trees that bounded the car park.

3. 限制;约束
    If someone's life or situation is bounded by certain things, those are its most important aspects and it is limited or restricted by them.

    e.g. Our lives are bounded by work, family and television.

4. 跳跃着前进
    If a person or animal bounds in a particular direction, they move quickly with large steps or jumps.


    e.g. He bounded up the steps and pushed the bell of the door...
    e.g. The dog came bounding back with the stick for Richard to throw again.

5. 蹦跳;跳跃
    A bound is a long or high jump.


    e.g. She leaps in one bound onto her pony's back for a speedy canter around the ring...
    e.g. With one bound Jack was free.

6. (数量)飞快增长;(表现)迅速改进
    If the quantity or performance of something bounds ahead, it increases or improves quickly and suddenly.

    e.g. The shares bounded ahead a further 11p to 311p...
    e.g. The economy isn't bounding back as fast as people expected.

7. 无限;无止境;很强烈
    If you say that a feeling or quality knows no bounds, you are emphasizing that it is very strong or intense.

    e.g. The passion of Argentinian football fans knows no bounds.

8. (某地)禁止进入
    If a place is out of bounds, people are not allowed to go there.


    e.g. For the last few days the area has been out of bounds to foreign journalists.

9. (某事物)被禁止
    If something is out of bounds, people are not allowed to do it, use it, see it, or know about it.


    e.g. American parents may soon be able to rule violent TV programmes out of bounds.

10. see also: leaps and bounds
       -> see leap

bound 英英释义


1. a light, self-propelled movement upwards or forwards

    Synonym: leapleapingspringsaltationbounce

2. the greatest possible degree of something

    e.g. what he did was beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior
           to the limit of his ability

    Synonym: limitboundary

3. the line or plane indicating the limit or extent of something

    Synonym: boundarybounds

4. a line determining the limits of an area

    Synonym: boundaryedge


1. place limits on (extent or access)

    e.g. restrict the use of this parking lot
           limit the time you can spend with your friends

    Synonym: restrictrestraintrammellimitconfinethrottle

2. spring back
    spring away from an impact

    e.g. The rubber ball bounced
           These particles do not resile but they unite after they collide

    Synonym: bounceresiletake a hopspringreboundrecoilreverberatericochet

3. move forward by leaps and bounds

    e.g. The horse bounded across the meadow
           The child leapt across the puddle
           Can you jump over the fence?

    Synonym: jumpleapspring

4. form the boundary of
    be contiguous to

    Synonym: border


1. confined by bonds

    e.g. bound and gagged hostages

2. secured with a cover or binding
    often used as a combining form

    e.g. bound volumes
           leather-bound volumes

3. held with another element, substance or material in chemical or physical union

4. bound by contract

    Synonym: apprenticedarticledindentured

5. headed or intending to head in a certain direction
    often used as a combining form as in `college-bound students'

    e.g. children bound for school
           a flight destined for New York

    Synonym: destined

6. covered or wrapped with a bandage

    e.g. the bandaged wound on the back of his head
           an injury bound in fresh gauze

    Synonym: bandaged

7. bound by an oath

    e.g. a bound official

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