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building design

building design 双语例句

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1. As the comprehensive clinical building is a chief part in hospital building, the design of air-condition in it plays a more important role than that of other ordinary civil buildings.

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2. The special structure design and calculate system is a sub-system of PKPM series software which is developed by China Academy of Building Research.

3. Sheila Johnson, chief executive of Salamander Hospitality, helped design the desk at her 341-acre farm near Middleburg, where her company is building a resort and spa.

4. In comprehensive wiring, to cable TV circuit, telephone system, interphone system and network circuit competent to design, this text has clear explanation to lay the method to various pipeline in the building.

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5. Lightning protection design can not only rest on the concept of original lightning arresters and belts. This article makes a study on the numerical calculation of current distribution and indoor electromagnetic fields when the building is hit by thunders, and discusses the way to prevent the hazards of direct and side lightning strikes, lightning induction and lightning electromagnetic pulses.

6. By means of introduction to the design of lightning protection for the office building of our institute, the design idea about the internal protection and external protection of building which aims at influence of lightning disturbances on computer system is put forward.

7. The instructional idea and fundamentals of design of the aggiornamento architectures of hydropower stations in China nowadays are described; and the design thought of the disposal and fitment assorting with the circumstance outside the station and inside are discussed; the design principle of the harmonious uniformity among the nature and the building and the human are also expounded.

8. This design is the science technique department of Peking transact the building to attach the building reformation engineering.

9. Proposes a series of possible reforms, such as applying integrated resource planning in master plan, establishing an interdisciplinary charrette system, using building energy simulation techniques to perform energy trade-off in design phase, setting up building commissioning mechanism, and introducing performance contracting system to design charge, in order to improve our HVAC design level in buil...

10. Beijing Dongfang Fubang is expert in stainless steel design, processing, production and installation in the fields of building metal finishing, canopy decoration of door header, plane advertisement in street, exhibition/fair, hotel articles, medical facilities and public square facilities.

11. For 60 years, Klipsch has been building horn technology and speaker design and the result is a remarkable iGroove HG.

12. Site conditions and seismic fortification intensity are the key factors affecting the design and construction of mid-highrise residential building.

13. Total housing 163, with a total construction area of 2480 square meters, the main building for the Main Hall, five wide, into the deep three, zhong xie shan ding, Beware of five brackets between the remaining facilities in all three brackets, inside the roof from the bottom constitute a grid-type ceiling, the sloping plane filled with clouds painted statues, said: qianfoensis top of the temple is the more unique and rare design.

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14. Chapter three: Overview building educates the development abroad and developmentof type of design of hall of department of architecture.

15. This paper is intended to study the residential environment of old people. Based on an analysis of old people`s feeling about their residential environment and the relationship between man, environment and building, the authorgives not only a detailed analysis of theories concerning the forming, features, elements, design classification and methods of the indor and outdoor environment but also lots of examples of engineering home and abroad. The author concludes by suggesting the susfainable development idea and design methods used in the improvement of the residential environment.

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16. The 1. opening and encircles gathers spatial the intermiscibility -- to act according to the building shape and the terrain change, forms the public domain and partly encircles the suitable region the landscape space, in the order, under the complete landscape design concept, by in ecology technology's solution building the courtyard space, designed to construction personalization processing has reflected building's cultural special characteristic and the wetland protectorate culture characteristic.

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17. Design is about the Changchun courtyard teaching building project of engineering science enter a bid the authorized strength of file.

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18. If it is said that the house is a Fusion, then it integrates between the exterior building and interior design.

19. He was an engineer with a building design institute. He was kind and easy-going.

20. building design是什么意思

20. Was founded in 2003, officially in 2007 with the Royal long cultural etiquette Limited reorganization, is a network television planning, television production, graphic design, website building, photography, training, cultural transmission in an integrated company, is currently the largest and most advanced design concept of cultural etiquette company.

building design 单语例句

1. Building constructions are easier to come by than the design of welfare institutions.

2. Drainage standards should be adopted and strictly enforced, construction quality improved and new approaches to urban planning and building design piloted.

3. But the report contended that some of the building's decorations contradict the central government's regulations controlling the design of government buildings.

4. Architects are often hired to design the building's exterior prior to planning performance stage logistics.

5. These partners would assess each building or house for energy efficiency and design and implement individual energy saving regimes.

6. I am not saying every building and every environment must copy historic design.

7. A Guangzhou resident called the Information Times to complain that the chosen design for the city's TV tower resembled a building at a Tokyo port.

8. The Guangzhou municipal government on Friday rejected a design for the construction of the world's highest building.

9. " Gradually the complementary design phase and its building will begin, " he said.

10. Hore said the design phase of the operation had ended and that the building and testing stage was already underway.

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