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bumf [bʌmf]  [bʌmf] 

bumf 基本解释


bumf 网络解释

1. bumf的近义词

1. 纸:bumboat 贩船 | bumf 纸 | bummer 无赖

2. 搏命:buko 播客 | bumf 搏命 | bumo 搏懵

3. 纸, 卫生纸, 公文:bumetrizole || 鹿苯并三唑基二苯甲乙基甲苯酚 | bumf || 纸, 卫生纸, 公文 | bumfreezer || (尤指男式)紧身短茄克

4. 卫生纸/纸/公文:bumboat /贩船/ | bumf /卫生纸/纸/公文/ | bummer /无赖/游民/游荡者/

bumf 双语例句

1. Will nurse now process and experience report are as follows, consult in order to offer broad colleague. 1 nurse 2003-2007 of case of illness year, this academy shares 23 patients to accompany hair bedsore, age 45~81 year old, among them male 14, female 19 happen before 9; courtyard, erupt simultaneously inside the courtyard blood-vessel of 4; head is accident patient 17, patient of femur neck fracture 4, handkerchief gold family name solicits a patient integratedly 1, the whole body with most bedsore of a; has qualitative patient of evil fluid of terminal cancer of the stomach ten place, only place area is the largest amount to 8 Cm of 8 Cm ×, fester rate is the latest already produced fester sex to musculature necrotic. 2 nurse 1 article of 2 · prepares the method beautiful treasure is wet burn creams 1, the alexipharmic French chalk that contains borneol is bowl of right amount, physiological saline tampon, forceps, cure, curved dish, autograph of fluid of disinfection of iodic bend over, cotton, gauze, adhesive plaster, bumf, towel, washbasin. 2 · 2 operations measure 2 · of 2 · 1 wash one's hands, carry guaze mask, use content together to place cure fully push on the car to the bed by, make good explanation work to patient or its family member, obtain cooperation. 2 · of 2 · 2 close good door window, when necessary screen keep out, help patient takes appropriate position, reveal affected part, underlay bumf.
    现将护理过程及心得报告如下,以供广大同仁参考。1护理病例2003-2007年,本院共有23例患者伴发褥疮,年龄45~81岁,其中男14例,女9例;院前发生19例,院内并发4例;脑血管意外患者17例,股骨颈骨折患者4例,帕金氏综合征患者1例,晚期胃癌恶液质患者1例;褥疮最多的全身有十几处,单处面积最大的达8 cm×8 cm,溃烂程度最深的已至肌肉组织并发生化脓性坏死。2护理方法2·1物品预备美宝湿润烧伤膏1支、含冰片的消毒滑石粉适量、生理盐水棉球、镊子、治疗碗、弯盘、碘伏消毒液、棉签、纱布、胶布、卫生纸、毛巾、脸盆、42℃温开水半盆。2·2操作步骤2·2·1洗手,带口罩,备齐用物放置治疗车上推至床旁,向患者或其家属作好解释工作,取得合作。2·2·2关好门窗,必要时屏风遮挡,帮助患者取适宜体位,暴露患处,下垫卫生纸。

2. Foresight: sit on the toilet seat with sufficient bumf as soon as the purger is taken.

3. I should buy bumf."

4. He threw away my letter, thinking it was just more election bumf.

5. Before she sitting on the chair, she took out some bumf and wiped the chair again and again.

6. Just a lot of bumf from the insurance people.

7. bumf的反义词

7. The enterprise of bumf turned the whole world into the biggest mobile phone manufacturer.

8. bumf

8. I'm being sent to Bumf*ckegypt.

9. I`m being sent to Bumf**kegypt.

10. bumf

10. I remembered clearly, although it was a freezing winter, sunlight was very bright, in the south basement, a small cyclone of 1.5 meters diameter was dancing, every now and then brought bumf blew out from the toilet by wind into sky, and then bumf touch down slowly at the far fields.

11. Bao Jie emphasizes the value that market sale works all the time, bao Jie thinks to be compared with other trademark photograph, charmin bumf and washing powder of discard be soiled still need to do more works in sale respect.

12. You see Av halt can be played piece energetically bolus or the advertisement of Tt, still perhaps can have the ad of bumf, of course if be in the country of certain legalization, still perhaps can have make an appointment such-and-suchly phone.

13. bumf的反义词

13. The bending performance is effected by ratio of bonding agent in nonwovens/cork bumf complex technics.

14. bumf的意思

14. These days, we are bombarded with endless junk mail, fliers, and general bumf.

15. I've had some bumf through the post from the trade department.

16. I came out from WallMart, with a bag of bumf and some noodles in my hand.

17. Haunted: you feel you have dumped it and there's trace on the bumf, but nothing can be seen in the commode.

18. 911查询·英语单词

18. The research of bending performance of the nonwovens/cork bumf in accordance with different technics, analysis the produce technics of complex production.

19. This article introduced the quality situation of three kinds of daily paper, sanitary towel, bumf and napkin produced in Fujian in recent years, expounded and analyzed some main subsistent problems and their causes.

20. The bending performance is effected by ratio of bonding agent in nonwovens / cork bumf complex technics.

bumf 词典解释

1. 乏味的文件;无用的公文
    Bumf consists of documents containing information which you may not need or find interesting.


    e.g. These days, we are bombarded with endless junk mail, fliers, and general bumf.

bumf 英英释义



1. reading materials (documents, written information) that you must read and deal with but that you think are extremely boring

    Synonym: bumph

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