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bureaucracy [bjʊəˈrɒkrəsi]  [bjʊˈrɑ:krəsi] 


bureaucracy 基本解释

名词官僚主义; 官僚机构; 官僚政治

bureaucracy 网络解释

1. bureaucracy的近义词

1. 官僚制度:官僚制度(bureaucracy)保证了管理的效率和统治的有效性,这在当时是一个非常成功和先进的制度发明. 西方几乎到19世纪才有真正成熟的官僚制度,不过,西方官僚制度虽然大大晚于中国,但它却更严格,按照韦伯的观点,西方官僚制度才是真正严格的官僚制度,

bureaucracy 双语例句

1. There is too many bureaucracy involved in the whole registration process.

2. There is too many bureaucracy involved in the whole registration proce.

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3. Though Many government officials in the Song Dynasty violently criticized the Yin Bu system and put forth many reforms on this, yet the crisis of burdensome bureaucracy in the Song Dynasty was not finally solved.

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4. Chinese literati began to break away from the thousand-years-long tradition that prioritized the career in bureaucracy, to familiarize themselves with the new system of division of labor, and to pursue independent careers in an increasingly sophisticated urban environment.

5. bureaucracy的意思

5. The delay is a product of the competition within China`s bureaucracy, as rival agencies compete for such a valuable prize.

6. bureaucracy什么意思

6. And the law doesn`t allow them to earn a pay-check until all the paperwork winds its way through the INS bureaucracy.

7. But this is actually a departure from the basic principles of the public domain. Here am I to address significance of rules in bureaucracy, rather than to find solutions to the plight of the rules.

8. Unfortunately, his words did not seem to percolate through their bureaucracy with customary efficiency

9. That will require cuts in tax, the federal bureaucracy and wasteful government spending, as well as reforms of pensions, regulatory agencies, education and the labour market.

10. It provided an opportunity for the new group to jump the traces from the feudal bureaucracy and protect their benefit.

11. The Relation between the Development of Patriarchalism of Powerful Clans and the Development of Social Structure of Han Dynasty The reviving and rebuilding of clans power in West and East Han dynasties was determined by the bureaucracy and patriarchalism of powerful clan.

12. Medieval bureaucracy, with its constant duplicating, petitioning and delaying, sometimes threatens to bury the reader.

13. In view of the practice and conditions of China's public administration, we should further perfect modern bureaucracy and select the essence of new public management to develop China's public administration.

14. One of the problems is the bureaucracy the claimant has to face.

15. bureaucracy的解释

15. Despite its huge potential market of 1.1 billion people, despite its wealth of English-speakers and democratic institutions, despite its vaunted 15-year-old reforms, India has been a daunting place to do business, its entrepreneurs chained down by the world's most bureaucratic bureaucracy, lousy infrastructure and lousier Fabian economic ideas.

16. Huang Shi-right in the discussion - the bureaucracy of a fatal flaw: a history, 'the political danger of Huan Cheng'there are also, 'hinged'there are also, 'check求荣shame'of as well.

17. bureaucracy的解释

17. He says the officials who wield such power over the artistic sphere are not considered important in the bureaucracy and so tend to be conservative and sycophantic.

18. I wanted to present Varmus as the academic scientist who didn't give a damn about the norms of Washington bureaucracy.

19. bureaucracy什么意思

19. If he had followed an indirect path to achieve the same ends, he would not have created an abusive bureaucracy, and he would not have needed to turn Chinese society upside down to try to remove them.

20. The head of the heavenly bureaucracy was the jade Emperor, who governed spirits assigned to oversee the workings of the natural world and the administration of moral justice.

bureaucracy 词典解释

1. 官僚制度
    A bureaucracy is an administrative system operated by a large number of officials.

    e.g. State bureaucracies can tend to stifle enterprise and initiative.

2. 官僚作风;官僚主义
    Bureaucracy refers to all the rules and procedures followed by government departments and similar organizations, especially when you think that these are complicated and cause long delays.

    e.g. People usually complain about having to deal with too much bureaucracy.

bureaucracy 单语例句

1. The business climate survey part of the report says the top challenge for US companies in China is the bureaucracy.

2. Giving speeches by reciting scripts written beforehand is also a typical symbol of bureaucracy.

3. Communications infrastructure is sometimes poor and more than one bureaucracy can have responsibility for collecting data.

4. Commission officials have said the " bill and keep " model would free operators and national regulators from the bureaucracy needed to administer termination rates.

5. IATA wants governments to adopt international emissions rules so carriers can avoid the bureaucracy and potential competitive handicaps caused by separate national regulation.

6. The Republicans also said the consumer financial protection bureau the bill would establish amounts to a massive new bureaucracy.

7. In many cases delays are simply the result of a slow and cumbersome bureaucracy.

8. But we cannot wait for the government at various levels to automatically change their working style and do away with bureaucracy.

9. But there's so much mediocrity in bureaucracy that it may be money down the drain.

10. He voiced hope the EU budget cut would not target the agricultural, but the bureaucracy chapter.

bureaucracy 英英释义



1. any organization in which action is obstructed by insistence on unnecessary procedures and red tape

2. a government that is administered primarily by bureaus that are staffed with nonelective officials

3. nonelective government officials

    Synonym: bureaucratism

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