charge for use是什么意思 charge for use在线翻译 charge for use什么意思 charge for use的意思 charge for use的翻译 charge for use的解释

charge for use [tʃɑ:dʒ fɔ: ju:z]  [tʃɑrdʒ fɔr juz] 

charge for use 基本解释

charge for use


charge for use 网络解释

1. 使用费:Charge and discharge statement as to principal 遗本收益表 | Charge for use 使用费 | Charge off 剔除

2. 使甪費:Charge and discharge statement as to principal 遺本收益表 | Charge for use 使甪費 | Charge off 剔滁

charge for use 双语例句

1. Some agencies will not charge for rental space, but will charge for the use of a domain name, or website address.

2. If there were no charge for products or services, the tendency would be to use them inefficiently.

3. Because I take charge of November to go to have 3 currency values to in the debt watch December, for the sake of convenient accountancy's remittance, I take charge of to unify to use USD as a calculation.

4. charge for use的解释

4. B. The charge for use of the site shall be exempted within 10 years, and collected in accordance with the preferential prices for agricultural use of land after the above-mentioned10 years, for enterprises funded by foreign investors in the development of state-owned wasteland, waste slope, waste hill, waste waters and waste beach, or in the reform of the medium or lower production output fields by improving agricultural infrastructure construction, including modern tillage techniques and new strains; foreign investors in the construction of power plant, road, bridge, port and water plant and other infrastructure shall be exempted from the charge for the use of the site within 10 years, and the charges for land compensation and for the settlement of staff members and worker for newly-taken land shall be collected at the bottom of the land prices of the same category.

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5. Membership fee for the use of each Card; a handling charge for the supply of reissued or replacement Cards, a handling charge on each cash advance

6. Harold: How much would you charge for the use of the MPX technology?
    哈洛德:MPX 这项技术的使用权您打算索价多少呢?

7. Article 28: Port business operators shall abide by the relevant national regulations on port operation prices and charges, publicize their charge items and charging standard of the service in the places of business and use the acknowledged vouchers for port operation.

8. Use our vast network of cooperation for the enterprise to restore unsuccessful, no charge for bad and doubtful debts.

9. charge for use的意思

9. Cash flow casts decision-making important basis and news as company finance affairs, because use cash flow, be OK and evasive in what carry out authority duty to because appraisal of goods in stock and charge booth deserve to wait for method of accountant business accounting, produce what when making a principle, should encounter necessarily abhorrent and index dependency needs the different program gain that cause, the blemish with not tall diaphaneity, can accomplish information state according to the facts, mix sock but sex of test and verify, the revenue and expenditure of bias; cash that does not have a person to be can reflect the concern of the flow direction of company capital and circumfluence dynamicly when foreword, make the policymaker can mirror an evaluation thoroughly to forecast mobile validity in the round, make use a lot of element such as capital time value to undertake information of; cash flow eliminated to be not cash to receive the fund that pays in-house have enough to meet need to move forecasting becoming a possibility, simplified to forecast the analytic computation process of decision-making activity, rose to forecast decision-making efficiency.

10. On the base of introducing the current situation of the development of the HVPS in China, this article elaborates on the existing problems in the establishment of the HVPS in China. Aiming at the present problems, the author brings forth the following suggestions: the first is that we should establish our own payment law as soon as possible. The second is that we should realize the consolidation and convergence of the accounts in the central bank and commercial banks. The third is that the charge for the commercial banks to use the high value payment system should be reduced. The fourth is that the non-profit or profitable clearing organization should be permitted to establish. The fifth is that we should attach importance to the construction of the liquidity of HVPS. The sixty is we should establish an orderly competitive high value payment system of multi models.

11. Besides, it is more expensive to use the letter of 13 credit than remittance or collection as the bank will charge its client for all the services it provides.

12. As with the original MFE 2412 the battery is capable of powering the system for over 12 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

13. A nutty British official in charge of Malta put Sabbath observance ahead of unloading ships, at terrible cost. Another nearly lost the vital battle for Kohima, the gateway to India, because he wanted to keep to peacetime rules restricting the use of barbed wire.

14. The invoice-printing management system and keeping measures shall be established according to stipulations, the responsibility system of persons in charge of the use and management of invoice manufacture-supervising seals and special products for anti-forged invoices shall be instituted.

15. You reference, which is used to prepare a simple c data and graphic example for all to use free of charge.

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16. The diffusion equations for charge and spin densities are derived by making use of the path-integral approach and the quasiclassical Green`s function.

17. Therefore. this article focuses on the establishment and optimization of the data. base for authorized works, the license certificate, the charge and allotting register for use of works, and the reasonable rights of the Copyright Collective Administration.

18. Take charge for the whole fund management, including the budget, fund control, to maximize the use of company's fund.

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19. Fire-fighting equipment. Electronic alarm and explosion-proof electrical equipment, such as belonging to the seller of the scope of supply, according to the national authorities of relevant laws and regulations, the seller to provide Permits for the use of the information required by the seller to the relevant state department in charge of inspection, and apply for the permit.

20. charge for use的反义词

20. The following day, we still are adopting the child went haemal institute, find a doctor, we say with the doctor, we had considered, we should give the child treatment, the doctor says be in hospital wants to make deposit 50 thousand, my Mom took 5000 yuan only at that time, say insufficient, the doctor says, there is bed here, saying your child now this circumstance, spend the money in how, also be Bai Hua, you still adopt the child rapidly answer Hubei, in lose time, the child is held in the arms did not go back, we are helpless, call native place relative, kin lets us adopt the child to Shijiazhuang rapidly a certain hospital, the child of the husband's younger brother that says me also was to suffer from leukaemia, had treated in that hospital, then we build a car instantly went Shijiazhuang, we arrived Shijiazhuang that hospital, the person of the hospital says: Your kin had phoned you to register name, go directly be in hospital, the child entered ward, live fell, we just loosened at a heat, after doctor in charge of a case comes to ward, read the hematic convention material that the child makes in Tianjin, doctor in charge of a case did a hematic routine to the child again at that time, opened condole fluid to be hit to the child later, opened dot pill again, say you go outpatient service makes deposit 3000 yuan, my Mom pays fee, doctor in charge of a case calls I and my wife, went to doctor office, understood a few situations, advanced the child the following day surgery, did bone to wear, take out marrow will do laboratory test, bone is worn finished, had needed two days to wait for a result, child infusion and take medicine, be used, the child is stability, what because arrive from Tianjin, Shijiazhuang goes is urgent, articles for daily use was not taken, preparing next at ordinary times articles for daily use, passed two days, bone wore a result to come out, doctor in charge of a case says, what your home child suffers from is acute lymphatic leukaemia, this kind of leukaemia disease is 6 years old are best cure below, ability is two the child of your home years old, be remedial inning, we listened very glad, but, doctor in charge of a case says remedial charge is not a small amount, you want ready-made, light is done change cure to be about 20 thousand the left and right sides, still have at ordinary times the examination charge of infusion charge and other, if consider to do medullary transplanting later, smooth operation expenses is about hundred thousands of, find the marrow that match to be in our heart even, this number is an astronomical daughter stayed in the hospital 7-8 day, the daughter's illness also improves somewhat, leucocyte dropped 20 tens of thousands of, red blood cell also rose, remedial effect is very ideal, but it is good that charge had been spent tens of thousands of, but remedial money also is not a decimal eye, our family is the farmer is born, income is finite, encounter such disease, be to be not accepted really!

charge for use 单语例句

charge for use

1. The government will charge organizations nominal rent for use of the lands for purposes deemed by the government to be worthy.

2. China's existing six regional power grids charge local consumers diversified prices for the use of electric power.

3. It holds a charge for two to three hours of heavy use.

4. The schools charge huge amounts of money for the branches to use the names of the schools.

5. They charge about 5 yuan for most injections or the use of an oxygen machine.

6. The move was followed by retailers threatening to add a 1 per cent charge to customers who use bank card for transactions.

7. Many real estate developers bribe officials in charge of land approval in exchange for the right of land use.

8. Many borrowers in China use the services of guarantors, who charge fees for their participation.

9. But it will charge fees for corporate users once the service is put into commercial use.

10. KTV operators must pay a daily charge of up to 12 yuan for each karaoke room for the use of musical and video products.

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