chest是什么意思 chest在线翻译 chest什么意思 chest的意思 chest的翻译 chest的解释 chest的发音 chest的同义词 chest的反义词 chest的例句

chest [tʃest]  [tʃɛst] 


chest 基本解释

名词箱子; 胸部,胸腔; 金库; 资金

chest 相关例句


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1. He has a severe pain in the chest.

chest 情景对话


A:What’s wrong with you? You look pale.

B:I’m not sure, I feel hot and cold.

A:When did the trouble start?


B:I was sick most of the night.


A:It sounds like you are coming down with the flu. Let me take your temperature.

B:Have I got a high fever?

A:Yes, thirty-eight point seven. Do you have a headache, chest or throat pain?
      是的。38.7 度。你头痛吗? 胸和嗓子痛吗?

B:Yes, I have.

A:Now, let me have a look at you. I’d like to listen to your chest. Now breathe in, a deep breath, that’s it. Cough, now again. I want to examine your throut, too. Open wide, say “ah--”.
      来,让我瞧瞧你。 想听听你的胸部,现在往里吸气,深深地吸一口气,对了。咳嗽一下,再咳一次。我还想再查查你的喉咙,把嘴张开,说“啊——”


B:Aaaaahh, aaaaahh.

A:Yes, it does look a bit sore. Let’s take an X-ray of your chest and give you a few tests.

B:All right, thanks.

A:The tests showed nothing wrong. A slight viral infection.

B:What shall I do today?


A:I’m giving you some antibiotics and aspirins. Take an aspirin when you’ve got a fever, and take one antibiotics capsule every four hours, and go home and rest in bed for two days. Drink plenty of water, then you’ll feel better. Here’s the prescription.

B:Thank you, doctor. Good-bye.

chest 网络解释

1. 胸:2007年,<<胸>>(chest)发表的一篇研究纳入209例因急性冠脉综合征或失代偿心衰入院的吸烟者. 分为常规护理和强化戒烟治疗组. 在2年随访期内,强化呼吸科护理论文组患者再次入院相对风险降低44%,全因死亡率也显著降低. 早在1977年,

2. 箱:所以赚钱的一个简单的方法就是利用岛依个人所见,在El Caimano倒卖炸弹(Bomb)是比较赚钱的,推荐在游戏中后ip、Stuff、Logbook等几部分,这是在游戏中查看次数最多的画面:宝箱(Chest)里有主角身上所带的特殊物品;

3. 胸部传球:一般说来,传球有下列几种方式:胸部传球(chest反弹传球(bounce过顶传球(overhead大力传球(baseball-type及身后传球(behind-the-back). 进攻方必须通过投篮才能得分,投篮方式(shooting form)不外乎下面几种:当然,

4. chest:chick embryotoxicity screening test; 鸡胚胎检测实验

chest 双语例句

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1. So off she ran to her grandmother`s chest and she brought him a hat of the very, very best and the soldier put it on.

2. chest的解释

2. So off she ran to her grandmother`s chest and she brought him a coat of the very, very best and the soldier put it on.

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3. So off she ran to her grandmother`s chest and she brought him a pair of trousers of the very very best and the soldier put them on.

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4. Objective To investigate the value of chest radiographs and spiral CT in the diagnosis of silicosis.
    目的 评价X线胸片与螺旋CT在矽肺并发肺癌影像诊断中的价值。

5. My chest tensed just thinking about it.

6. Moderate conjuration; CL9 th; Craft Wondrous Item, secret chest; Price2, 000 gp; Weight5 lb.

7. chest什么意思

7. Results A closure of the mitral and tricuspid valves with simultaneous opening of the aortic valve occurred exclusively during chest compression, resulting in forward blood flow in the pulmonary and systemic circulation. Peak forward aortic flow at a velocity of 58.8±11.6? cm/s was recorded during the compression phase.
    结果 所有的6例病人,胸按压时,二尖瓣和三尖瓣关闭,同时主动脉瓣开放,前向血流自心室进入体循环和肺循环;发生在胸按压时的主动脉瓣峰值前向血流速度为58.8±11.6?

8. In addition, the factory produces leveling ruler, square chest, bent plate, V-shape frame, sizing block, marble plate, and measuring tools which are used with plate.

9. I'm taking shots in the head, shots behind me and there's just been a massive explosion and I simultaneously felt what I think must be shrapnel going into my chest and going all the way up my back as well.

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10. The cramp in his chest was shutting him up like a jack-knife.

11. Methods Between October 2003 and July 2008, 12 patients with early bronchial stump fistula were recognized, and underwent CT localization chest drainage and direct vision-assisted thoracoscopic chest drainage techniques.

12. He does bounce the bar off his chest, but it`s still pretty impressive.

13. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

13. Methods:Radiograms of skull, chest, pelvis, femur and both hands were taken in all cases, which were diagnosed as hyperparathyroidism pathologically.12 cases of those patients were parathyroidoma, 3 parathyroid hyperplasia and 1 parathyroid carcinoma with complications such as urinary calculi, calcemia and hypophosphatemia.

14. chest是什么意思

14. The products of the company: the whole set of engine in footboard bike, GY6 engine, small-sized universal gasoline engine of 152F、160F、168F、173F、177F、182F、188F, varieties of die-casting blank, chest products, gasoline engine and gasoline engine generating set.

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15. Sitting on the moon ship to see the Pacific Ocean`s scenery is very happy. Blue sky wears a tender sun in the chest, and the colorful clouds are the afterglow`s clothes.

16. chest什么意思

16. My dad`s demeanor changes so they go away for about twenty minutes and during this time, I got the tool chest, I`m trying to get the tractor going, spring plow, all that kind of stuff.

17. Obvious laceration and bleeding were seen in the lung tissue surrounding the wound tract. Chest radiology demonstrated increased bronchovaslular shadows. Breathing frequency and lung water content elevated notably early after injury. As time prolonged, PaO2 and SaO2 progressively decreased, PO2 and lung water content increased progressively.
      结果 胸部爆炸伤后,100%家兔发生肺冲击伤,60.0%为极重度/重度伤,56.7%出现肺脏碎片伤,周围肺组织可见明显撕裂、出血,胸部X线表现为两肺纹理增粗、模糊,伤后早期即出现呼吸频率明显增加,PaO2、PO2、SaO2均明显下降,肺含水量增加。

18. He sat with his arms folded with his chest.

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19. He walked up and down the room with his hands crossed over his chest.

20. Tuberculosis; pulmonary; X-ray chest film; Antituberculous therapy; Prognosis
      结核;肺; X线胸片;抗痨治疗;预后

chest 词典解释

1. 胸;胸部;胸口;胸膛
    Your chest is the top part of the front of your body where your ribs, lungs, and heart are.

    e.g. He crossed his arms over his chest...
    e.g. He was shot in the chest...

He was bare-chested and barefoot...
I'm 15 and completely flat-chested.

2. 大箱子;大柜子
    A chest is a large, heavy box used for storing things.

    e.g. At the very bottom of the chest were his carving tools.
    e.g. ...a treasure chest.

3. 倾诉胸中的不快;吐苦水
    If you get something off your chest, you talk about something that has been worrying you.


    e.g. I feel it's done me good to get it off my chest.

chest 单语例句

1. Something the Italian said obviously hit a raw nerve as Zidane stopped, walked back towards him and landed a fierce butt on his chest.

2. Each staff member has one yuan pinned on their chest, and if they fail to provide satisfactory service customers can take it away.

3. There are also bodies with chest cavities cut open to show cancer and heart problems.

4. At one point he pleads for help and displays chest and back wounds that he says had not healed six months after his capture.

5. Her fiancee dies in a car accident and his heart is transplanted into the playboy Gao's chest.

6. A roll of gauze was left in a patient's chest for 13 years by careless doctors during surgery.

7. Clinton is scheduled to have surgery on March 10 to remove fluid and scar tissue from his left chest cavity.

8. The bullet had pierced through the diaphragm, liver and hit the right chest cavity.

9. People with the disease suffer from acute pains in the chest, a bad cough and often come down with colds.

10. " I often feel acute pain in my chest and can't perform any hard physical work, " Qin was quoted by the Workers Daily as saying.

chest 英英释义


1. box with a lid
    used for storage
    usually large and sturdy

2. furniture with drawers for keeping clothes

    Synonym: chest of drawersbureaudresser

3. the part of the human torso between the neck and the diaphragm or the corresponding part in other vertebrates

    Synonym: thoraxpectus

4. the front of the trunk from the neck to the abdomen

    e.g. he beat his breast in anger

    Synonym: breast

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