class attitude是什么意思 class attitude在线翻译 class attitude什么意思 class attitude的意思 class attitude的翻译 class attitude的解释

class attitude [klɑ:s ˈætitju:d]  [klæs ˈætɪˌtud] 

class attitude 基本解释

[法] 阶级立场

class attitude 双语例句

1. The hierarchical linear model results indicated that at the student level, students` background information, learning attitude, socioeconomic status, family educational resource were significantly correlated with academic gain scores. On one hand, being in academic gifted class, male with Taiwan-Min nationality and good-family-background had high academic promotion. On the other hand, if students had better learning attitudes, higher socio-economic status and less negative cultural behaviors, their academic gain scores will be better.

2. class attitude的反义词

2. Shanghai Commercial Federation took active in politics activities after it was founded. These activities embodied a concentrated reflection on political attitude of bourgeois in Shanghai, reflected the connection with and contradiction to Federation and CCP and Worker Class, Federation and GuoMingDang power, Federation and imperial countries.

3. The attitude that the Zhou Liangjue's classmate of 8(2) class is adopting suspicion is being dealt with.

4. The class teacher is a vast inner world of the planting, cultivation of the profession, the profession should be sacred, and would like us to enjoy the attitude of that belonging to our Chip Corner managed Tianqing Nichiro, worthy of our students.

5. We will be the most active and most sincere attitude of service in the new and old customers, we believe that: high-quality products, reasonable prices, first-class service and accurate must be satisfied that the period for your company to create higher efficiency.

6. We will take the most sincere attitude, to provide you with first-class services.

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7. I have to say, Julien's attitude and reaction to the injury has been first class.

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8. The showing up of the post-fifth generation directors in 1990s has close relationship with the arising of the marketing economy in the main land of China. There`re true-life and concrete Low Class images in their movies. For reasons of culture, economy and the film-makers`attitude, those movies haven`t reflected the reality to the core.

9. Asset Allocation is the process in optimizing investment portfolio at certain risk level based on the return of assets class and the investor's risk attitude, and which is the key determinant in investment management of mutual fund.

10. I knew teaching was not the most suitable job for me. But I have tried my best to do my job well. The excellent results of the class I taught proved my attitude and ability to work.

11. With first-rate product quality and the first class service attitude, depths accept every country customer favourable comment.

12. Internet increases opportunities in learning and fosters students` attitude toward science class.

13. The concept of social mobility is starting to challenge a previously fatalistic attitude to class and caste.

14. class attitude的近义词

14. But work has ceased to be a moral and religious obligation in the sense of the middle class attitude of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

15. This paper investigates the economic position、cultural life and social political attitude of middle class in the present western society, and thinks it has filled with multiplicity, contradictoriness and complexity.

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16. Ban feng is a class`s collective attitude, is one kind of faith which and behavior all personnel schoolmate on own initiative approves.

17. class attitude

17. To help you achieve the products lighter, stronger, more straight, better performance, lower cost, the company is willing to Granville-letter lazy quality assurance, the attitude of sincere cooperation, to provide you with first-class services.

18. There is triple ensurance of the high quality of our products: professional engineers, world-class designing software and the productive attitude of our staff.

19. Express-region in less than a fat client, Shun Feng Shun Feng Tel: 4008111111, 12 freight Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai to other places of 20 (this can not express electronic form, with the battery and liquid items), the advantages: first-class service attitude, the speed of first-rate, the shortcomings: Charge your
      中通快递不到地区发顺丰顺丰客户电话:4008111111,江浙沪运费12 其他地方20(此快递不能发电子表,带液体和电池的物品),优点:服务态度一流,速度一流,缺点:收费贵

20. Cosmetically, however, Ms. Bell took a laissez-faire attitude, turning over the details to her children: Elenore, 13, Anabel, 11, and Will Simotas, 7. A John Derian sofa still in its muslin cover became an art project for Elenore`s seventh-grade class, who covered it in graffiti with fabric markers.
      然而,作为装点门面的东西,BELL女士表示出了一种自然的态度,考虑到她的孩子们:Elenore 13岁,Anabel,11岁,Will Simotas,7岁,一个 John Derian 的沙发,它那平纹细布的套子被Elenore这个7年级学生看成是个艺术品,是她在沙发上面用话笔乱涂上的。

class attitude 单语例句

class attitude的解释

1. Wang's view is representative of the attitude of most of Chinese middle class parents.

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