cold light是什么意思 cold light在线翻译 cold light什么意思 cold light的意思 cold light的翻译 cold light的解释 cold light的发音 cold light的同义词

cold light [kəuld lait]  [kold laɪt] 

cold light 基本解释

cold light


cold light 网络解释

1. 911查询·英语单词

1. 冷光:科学家研究,造成萤火虫能够自体发光的原因是萤光素氧化后产生的微弱光源,又称为冷光 (Cold light) 或生物发光(Bioluminescence),科学家并试图发明此类光源,以节省能源损耗.

2. cold light

2. 冷光源:阅片灯 Film viewer | 冷光源 Cold light | 电动病人椅 Motor dental chair

cold light 双语例句

1. The hands of the tea is slowly cooling, it has gradually变淡tea, and light that has passed I have lost count of the dream, the cold eyes of the tears I have to condensation of the pain has become seamless, and it, just, 端起茶杯, glass of red slip down, drink into the stand yesterday, but also drink the needy into the Tonight!

2. Light gauge steel construction whose structural framing is constitutive of cold-formed steel members has been on a rapidly increasing scale and has been used for low residential construction widely in the world since the construction has a series of prominent advantages such as light weight, high strength and stiffness, energy saving, environmental protection, ease of prefabrication and mass production, fast and easy erection and installation and so on, but its research and application has just begun in our country.

3. The company professionally produces Aodelong and Xinjian Cold Rolled Steel, Hot Galvanizing Steel and light steel keel series products.

4. cold light的反义词

4. Available Products: EL cold light tablets, membrane switch, touch screen, rubber products, steam glass, buttons, grounding lines, cable lines.

5. cold light的意思

5. Product making use of the capital that up-to-date biotechnology of USA cold light son sells at reduced prices peculiarly, quality is exquisite, have ultra-strong permeation, the ability seeping through the film water absorption and nutrition partly within being able to make subcutaneous cell nutrition improve the initiation cell through the skin surface micromodule net strengthens, protect half penetration film of skin cell inner, reach the elasticity increasing skin thereby, peculiar smooth white bright water skin cosmetology effect.

6. My company sells supplies (PE, PVDF fluorocarbon, SMP-modified, HDP Weather resistance, PVC) coating thickness: 0.180.3260.350.3760.40.4260.450.4760.50.5260.550.5760. Width: 76091410001200121912201250 substrate: hot dip galvanized, electric galvanized, , cold rolling, bar-hard, hot bar Color: Cleansing gray, lightà, dark blue, light blue, satin ash, lead ash, carbon black, light gray white, sea blue, crimson, °×, horse plastic white, plain, stone white, brick red, sand yellow, dark gray, light blue, blue, Baoshan Iron and Steel blue, night blue, Baoshan Iron and Steel gray matter and white silver gray, light silver, bone white, imperial white, cloud white, green, barley white, light camel, silver gray, silver, ironà, sky blue, broad-leaved green, porcelain blue, ivory, orange, , Oxford blue, white and other colors can be customized according to customer color card.
    我公司销售供应(PE、PVDF氟碳、SMP硅改性、HDP耐气候性、PVC)彩涂厚度:0.18 0.326 0.35 0.376 0.4 0.426 0.45 0.476 0.5 0.526 0.55 0.576 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 1.0 1.2 1.5 2.0 宽度:760 914 1000 1200 1219 1220 1250 基板:热镀锌、电镀锌、镀铝锌、冷扎、扎硬、热扎颜色:洁面灰、浅青灰、深蓝、亮蓝、缎灰、铅灰、碳黑、浅灰白、海蓝、绯红、白灰、马胶白、浅白、石白、砖红、沙黄、深绿灰、浅青蓝、纯蓝、宝钢蓝、夜蓝、宝钢灰、白银灰、亮银、骨白、帝王白、云白、黄绿、大麦白、浅驼、银灰、银色、铁青灰、天蓝、阔叶绿、瓷蓝、象牙、橘黄、土黄、牛津蓝、雪白等,颜色可按照客户色卡定做。

7. cold light的反义词

7. One cold and hot hammber, one complex light probe.

8. cold light的意思

8. Within the region sufficient light, mild climate, with cold winter and summer without Kushu, with an average annual temperature of 7.6 - 8.2 degrees Celsius, the sunshine hours in 1726 ---- 2769 hours, annual rainfall 327.0 - 349.9 mm, Altitude 1792 - 2462 oy.
    区域内光照充足,气候温和,冬无严寒,夏无酷署,年均温7.6--8.2摄氏度,年日照时数在1726----2769小时之间,年降雨量327.0---349.9毫米,海拨1792--2462oy 。

9. While these fine only cherish in heart, when it's windy day light show soft segments gracefully, enlightens every day of overshadowed, In every thewindow, cold at night on cone, the heart of the film from fading pillow quietly climbed to fuzzy clear tears filled with the eyes.

10. Market forecasting: Our company is the first to produce enamel heat-transfer elements gilled heat-transfer elements used for the cold ends of rotary air forewarmer in big electric power plants, and enamel light pipe heat-transfer elements used for the tubing or box-type air forewarmer in small-sized electric power plants, are both made in our company. Our products are used in over 40 electic power plants of our country and exported to Japan、Viet Nam、Pakistan etc.

11. Colorful garden of colorful, light spring green spring vegetable bed, jade-like transparent, Doo-Yan flowers, blooming race, cold wind and opened the Happy蜂蝶; calm sea, fishes fish salty gash of the wind waves, 水灵like precious stones, rough waves, one after the other, petrels soar down in the storm clouds; sparsely populated desert, the scorching sun baked the shortage of barren rock, hell dead, Cheng Wang snow from cold water, flowing babble, Ganquan started Oasis of the curtain.

12. He saw the world divided into pairs of opposites: light/darkness, fineness/coarseness, warmth/cold, being/non-being.

13. The cold energy transformed from pressure energy of high-pressure natural gas is used to pre-cool high-pressure natural gas, and the light hydrocarbons in natural gas are separated through a demethanizer.

14. It is heard to be just born the crystal of the rose and to be thrown away from the rumor, and it is promotes one therefore as a result, there no feelings, and a tragic post that is extremely cold, powerful, not usual blame as the desire in the mercury light more awfully.

15. The main products are: Color pressure plate, the combination floor, all kinds of composite panels, all kinds of light steel structure, our company designed and installed the small medium and large factories, large-span the entire market closed, cold storage rooms, buildings dissection, construction Weidang, Activities such as the kind of small.

16. Luikov s theory of heat and moisture transfer and in the light of the climatic characteristics of the severely cold regions, the temperature and moisture distributions in building walls are analyzed, and its dynamic thermal insulstion behavior is predicted.

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17. CT, perception threshold to innocuous cold; HPT, heat pain threshold; LTT, light-touch perception threshold; PPT, pressure pain threshold; WT, perception threshold to innocuous warmth; , sum of innocuous thermal thresholds.
      CT表现,感觉阈值,以无害的冷战;转移酶,热痛阈值; LTT ,轻触摸感觉阈值;的PPT ,压力痛阈;重,感觉阈值,以无害的温暖;,总和无害热阈值。

18. Our small garden court, sometimes out of the light; in heavy rain, the rain under the hammer Daolan countless red, in the new autumn, not Diao Aoba melancholy to the speech tree, late at night, on children by Guiqu-boats, have the Western Wall, far from the roadway Xie Lu Yue Yin, the waves were cold wind Chuiguo - our small garden court, sometimes out of the light.

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19. The products we plan to exhibit in this show are as follows: American TIFFEN steadicam filets, Italian CARTONI tripod, America ESA glasses and pens, mini-camera lens, American CAMMATE jib, German ARRI series lamp, American KINO-FLO cold light source lamp, German DEDO light, German OSRAM light bulbs, ARRI filter, ROSCO filter, French Transvideo monitor, Photoflex softbox, support attachment, Ewa-marine, German AC chrosziel as well as various types of TIFFEN, German B+W and England FORMATT color filters.

20. I would like to see the farthest place, Phi first light in the shoulder, was poured over cold raindrops and snowflakes, but also insist on a smile to warm too.

cold light 单语例句

1. Affected by a cold front moving eastward, light snow is forecast throughout the entire city during Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

2. Chinese people are used to going to hospitals for everything, from a serious illness to just a light cold.

3. It is reported that air quality of the capital city was improved following the light rain and the cold weather.

4. The cuisine is known for being healthy and light, and the cold dishes are good examples.

5. The father of the family decided to light up the stove for heating on Friday due to the cold weather.

6. A vase of yellow chrysanthemums is placed at the front left corner of the stage under a beam of cold light throughout the show.

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