completion date是什么意思 completion date在线翻译 completion date什么意思 completion date的意思 completion date的翻译 completion date的解释

completion date [kəmˈpli:ʃən deit]  [kəmˈpliʃən det] 

completion date 基本解释


completion date 网络解释

1. 911查询·英语单词大全

1. 竣工日期;完工日期;落成日期:completion certificate 竣工证明书;完工证明书 | completion date 竣工日期;完工日期;落成日期 | completion of works 竣工;完工

2. 完成日期:Completion|完工 | Completion Date|完成日期 | Complex|复杂的

3. completion date

3. 竣工日期:停车位 car park space | 竣工日期 completion date | 建筑材料 construction material

4. 井完工日期(撤走钻机:completion date of construction 竣工日期 | completion date 井完工日期(撤走钻机 | completion design consideration 完井设计要素

completion date 双语例句

1. 911查询·英语单词

1. The main floor is currently under construction. This hole is where the steel pillars will stand. To make an extra story for the dorms, the completion date has been postponed by one more month. However, quality always comes first.

2. After test completion, a page shows the child's name, date and test results.

3. 911查询·英语单词

3. Upon payment of such costs, PDOC may, at its sole option, require the Vendor to deliver the goods which were to have been supplied hereunder in the state of completion such goods were in on the date of termination of this Order.
    在如此费用的付款之上,PDOC 可能,在它的唯一选项,需要厂商递送货物是到已经被在完成的状态中以下供应如此的货物是在这一个次序的日期终止上。

4. The Supplier shall, no later than twenty four (24) hours after completion of loading of the Goods, notify the Purchaser by cable or telex or fax of Contract No., name of Goods, quantity, gross weight, volume (m3) in cubic meters, invoiced value, means of transports (railway/ road/water/air), details of carrying train/vehicle/vessel/aircraft, date of departure, and estimated arrival date.
    2卖方应在货物装完后24小时之内以电报或电传或传真形式将合同号、货物名称、数量、总毛重、体积(用 m3表示)、发票金额、运输方式(铁路/公路/水运/航空)、运输工具名称、启运日期和预计到达目的港的日期通知买方。

5. If a critical task is delayed, the project completion date might also be delayed.

6. completion date什么意思

6. Was any delayed completion date communicated more than 1 hour before the appointed time?

7. completion date

7. All claims, charges, mortgages, liens, encumbrances, equities and other third party rights whatsoever and together with all rights attached, accrued or accruing thereto including the right to all dividends and distributions declared, made or paid on or after the Completion Date

8. If we take possession of the site on the date you suggest, such action will not affect our obligation to complete the works on the date for completion stated in the appendix.

9. According to shipping schedule and production arrangement, confirm the completion date for each order.

10. On 30 June 2008, CIHC, CIIH and ICBC also entered into the conditional option deed pursuant to which CIHC agreed to grant the right to ICBC at nil consideration to, conditional upon completion, acquire from CIHC the equity interest of approximately 1.647% in TPI as enlarged by the capital contribution for a consideration of RMB25, 858, 900 within six months from the date of the option deed, or such later date as the parties may extend pursuant to the terms of the option deed.

11. With such exchanges and cooperation with customers to understand the latest market dynamics, multi-channel master market-to-date information, with a view to quality and quantity through the completion of customer requirements at the same time, further enhance the company's competitiveness and influence.

12. Its applied performance directly affects the safety of navigation and the completion of sailing task in scheduled date.

13. Provided that if the Employer shall issue a Certificate of Completion in respect of any part on the Permanent Works the Contractor shall cease to be liable for the care of that part and the responsibility for the care of that part of the permanent works from the date stated in the Certificate of Completion in respect of that part and the responsibitity for the care of that part shall pass to the Employer.

14. 5 Equipment leasing fee payment method, amount:① Methods: installation of the equipment from the date of completion of debugging, each of the statutory 10 days before last month paid to the owner should be paid.

15. Completion date is decided by final acceptance.

16. We have received today your notification of an extension of time of producing a new date for completion of.

17. All process hazard analyses must be updated and revalidated, based on their completion date, at least every five years.

18. On August 1 the State Environmental Protection Administration and the Ministry of Information Industry jointly issued a document, the completion of the entire work, from the date of issue begun to be implemented.

19. If our tender is accepted, we commit to obtaining a performance security in the amount stated in the tender schedule and valid for a period of 28 days beyond the date of completion of our performance obligations under the contract, including any warranty obligations.
      如果我们的投标被接受,我们犯到获得在温和的时间表中被陈述的数量的表现安全和有效的为一时期的 28 天超过我们的表现义务的完成的日期在契约之下,包括任何的担保义务。

20. completion date

20. An imposed completion date will often require scheduling backward from that date and can increase project risk, add cost, and compromise quality, or, in extreme cases, require a significant change in scope.

completion date 单语例句

1. The first phase was scheduled to be completed in 2010, but environmental concerns and resettlement issues have pushed the completion date to 2014.

2. Local authorities didn't say whether the completion date will be delayed.

3. Or perhaps the title of " 2046 " referred to its projected completion date.

4. Would a few hours a night make that much difference to the completion date?

5. Although no specific date has yet been released for its construction, the completion date has been set for 2007.

6. They would be carried out " swiftly " and mostly through redundancies, with a target completion date of the year end.

7. He said that the project will start this year but did not provide a completion date.

8. Construction is expected to start before the end of this year although no completion date has been announced.

9. The predicted date of completion of the new railway is unconfirmed, but Dang says work is planned to start this year.

10. The expected date of completion will be in 2019, a year before the Forbidden City marks 600 years of existence.

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