concern over是什么意思 concern over在线翻译 concern over什么意思 concern over的意思 concern over的翻译 concern over的解释 concern over的发音

concern over

concern over 双语例句

1. Public concern over payment tired suffix, when the plate experiences about naturalization.
    公虑 多金累缀,约归时盘验。

2. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Advance Access publication 6 December 2005 OXE β-lactamases in Acinetobacter:the story so far Molecular Chemotherapy, Centre for Infectious Diseases, University of Edinburgh, The Chancellor's Buliding, 49 Little France Crecent, Edinburgh, EH164SB, UK The emergence of carbaoenem resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii has become a global concern since these β-lactams are often the only effectine treatment lsft against many multiresistant strains. A recent debelopmenth has the discovery of a novel group of narrow-spectrum OXA β-lactamases in carbapenem-resistant strains, some of whitch have acquired the ability to hydrolyse the carbapenems. The first of these was found in a strain isolated in Edinburgh before imipenem was in usr in the hospital. Whether these carbapenemases have been acquired or are part of the genetic make-up of this species has yet to be determined. More importantly, however, they represent an important stage in the evolution of antibiotic resistance in Acinetobacter. This paper discusses the emergence of these unusual enzymes over the past decade.
    抗菌化学疗法》杂志上 2005年12月6日提前存取出版在不OXEβ-lactamases:到目前为止分子化疗,中心为传染性疾病,爱丁堡大学,议长,49岁的法国Crecent少、爱丁堡、EH16 4SB,英国 carbaoenem电阻的出现在鲍曼不动杆菌已成为全球关注这些β-lactams通常是唯一effectine对抗许多multiresistant菌株治疗lsft…最近的一debelopmenth已发现的一种β-lactamases仅OXA集团在carbapenem-resistant株,其中一些已经取得了hydrolyse能力的carbapenems第一个被发现在一株孤立在爱丁堡的药物有亚胺培南在使用之前在医院这些carbapenemases是否已经或正在部分的基因构成该物种还有待确定然而更重要的是,他们代表着一种重要阶段的抗生素耐药性的演化出不本文探讨了产生这些不寻常的酶在过去的十年。

3. Heinz China donated a total of over 700 cartons heinz baby nutrient noodles equivalents to RMB1, 200, 000 to the Qingdao Children Welfare Institute on July 28, 2009. Heinz devotes itself to requiting society; it highly embodies the concern of Heinz of vulnerable groups.

4. Summary of Background Data. IASP and its potential causes have been a concern to researchers for over 2 decades.

5. A number of lawmakers had expressed concern about the security implications of allowing a Chinese-owned entity to exercise influence over the technology company.

6. Concern over a potential liquidity shortage at Greece's private-sector banks fueled a sharp selloff in Greek debt and equity markets Thursday, suggesting that the European Union's efforts to defuse the crisis with a vague promise for an International Monetary Fund-backed rescue have all but failed.

7. Is located in the sea known as the God of the Meizhou Matsu Township's hometown, are the production and development of domestic and foreign advanced advanced exquisite jewelry enterprises; Over the years, in various sectors of the community concern and support and all staff of the unremitting efforts of the common enterprise of comprehensive strength has been rapid development, is to become a scientific research, development, production, marketing, promotion, service integrated professional enterprises jewelry!

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8. The Beijing Urban Construction Group is a state-owned concern, they're building hotels like this all over West Africa.

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9. However, the media has almost completely failed to report that Google's surface concern over'human rights'in China is belied by its their deep involvement with some of the worst human rights abuses on the planet

10. concern over

10. The findings are as follows:(1) difficulty in accepting unexpected multiple pregnancies; (2) worry over danger/risk of multiple pregnancies and concern about fetal reduction; (3) decision to take fetal reduction for the safe delivery and health of two babies; (4) anxiety about the techniques of fetal reduction; (5) growing emotion of attachment to the fetus and guilty feeling; (6) unbearable physical/mental stress when facing the intrusion of fetal reduction; (7) being enmeshed in fear of unstable pregnancy and guilt; and (8) cloud of uncertainty diminished, return to normal pregnancy.

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11. Sth is under fire over the last decade, following people`s growing concern on sth.

12. Sth is under fire over the last decade, following people`sgrowing concern on sth.

13. The effects of economic growth using energy on natural and environmental resources have become a central question with the rising concern over environmental protection.

14. There is a growing tendency these days for many people who live in rural areas to comes into and work incity, this problem has caused wide public concern in most city all over world

15. The group instituted the ban out of concern over lawsuits from drivers...
      全句应该是,考虑到这些对驾驶员的起诉,组织制定了这项禁令 out of concern 考虑到,出于。。

16. The interviewer was certainly getting more than she bargained for at the cost of a meal, and now had information that would take Kristy out of the running because of concern over her children and daycare arrangements.

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17. Causes of these problems vary. Generally, anxiety arises when they find difficulties in interpersonal relationship or motive collisions, or out of their sheer concern over their physical changes. Sequelae resulting from experiences of terror, inaccurate interpretation of the society, and excessive self-awareness give rise to hostility. Lack of confidence or job experience and uneasiness of past failures lead to narrow-mindedness. Absence of resistance against mammonism/the lure of money contributes to vanity.

18. I have my difinately objuective that is to study overseas, bring there the chinese culture and voice, it's really need rational on boycotting, u slanging by chinese language, and make some jerk joke about foreigners, it's absolutely no concern, and when u slang the comments also include our friendly foreigners who plunk for china! hence, we really need rational, to learn a foreigner language, representing our real china, that what we should and could do. for boycotting carryfour, all i can say, supporting our own enterprises, i just cannot over my own block which let me feel that it is the market who insults chinese keeping, though i go for shopping there every week before, and it's really cheap...

19. concern over的近义词

19. Fear is the concern over events that might happen in the future–we won`t have enough money, our children will get into trouble, we will get old and die, whatever.

20. Big Village was flooded every year is finally over history, and spring flood is no longer a three-Town, the big concern.

concern over 单语例句

1. Most potential buyers voiced little concern over Geely's recently announced takeover of Volvo.

2. It also aims to arouse public concern over the preservation of the capital's architectural heritage.

3. Previous talk that 26 listing companies planned to refinance billions of capital over stock markets had sparked market concern over liquidity and triggered panic selling.

4. The Chinese Consulate in Rio expressed great concern over the case and urged Brazilian authorities to carry out immediate investigations on the matter.

5. Local government growth programs are causing increasing concern over their environmental impact, officials from central government agencies warned.

6. A member of the local villagers committee expressed concern over Li's mental health and he said he would try to cheer her up.

7. Chin sent messages of deep sympathy and concern from Singaporeans to the Chinese people over the recent snow havoc in southern parts of the country.

8. Leung said the new government will address the people's concern over housing that tops the list of livelihood issues.

9. The Clenbuterol pork meat scandal has caused consumers all over China to express concern and disappointment in the processor giant.

10. Concern over costs and impact have largely prevented developed countries from aggressively cutting greenhouse gas emissions and supporting poorer nations with adequate funds and technology.

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