currently on是什么意思 currently on在线翻译 currently on什么意思 currently on的意思 currently on的翻译 currently on的解释 currently on的发音

currently on

currently on 双语例句

1. She studied Communications at the University of Tulsa and is currently working on her MA in Communication Design.

2. About 700 people are currently in jail pending prosecution on terrorism-related charges.

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3. The company's total investment in four million yuan, covers an area of 13, 000 square meters, including construction area of 8000 square meters, 4, 1200 tons storage capacity, 2300 square meters underground repository, storage capacity of 600 tons, 2300 square meters of processing workshop with advanced processing equipment and rich processing experience and currently employs 100 people, the annual processing capacity of 20, 000 tons, processing of the main products have fresh ginger, Wind Dried Ginger, garlic, carrots, onion, potatoes, sweet potatoes and so on.

4. currently on的近义词

4. My company is currently focused on the interactive whiteboard in research, design and production.

5. The blue ones on theleft are currently active.

6. The technology used in the Bubble Tag has already been approved by authorities such as the Swiss Institute of Gemmology or the French Ministry of Industry for and is currently used on many official documents, high value branded products and valuable works of art worldwide.
    Bubble Tag中采用的技术不仅已得到许多权威机构的批准,比如:瑞士宝石学研究所或法国工业部,而且目前也在世界各地的许多官方文件、高价品牌产品和贵重艺术品中得到应用。

7. PrefsContactListAlwaysOnTopWarning Trillian is currently set to always on top for all windows.
    Trillian 目前设为永远置於所有视窗的最上层

8. currently on

8. Trillian is currently set to always on top for all windows.| Trillian is currently set to always on top for all windows.
    Trillian 目前设为永远置於所有视窗的最上层+| Trillian 目前设为永远置於所有视窗的最上层。

9. Currently there are 12 formal applicant countries on the waiting list, plus Turkey, which has a special status because it has not yet convinced the EU that it meets the required human rights standards.

10. I am currently running a decryption program on the hard drives retrieved by Sarah Connor and Derek Reese from Arkana Industries. I should have the information shortly.
    我也正在解码Sarah Connor 和Derek Reese 从 Arkana Industries带回来的那个硬盘,很快就会有结果。

11. E-mail functions futh er like a mailbox: the user can send messages whether or not the intended receiver is currently on the network and the message is stored, along with a signal for the receiver that indicates that there is a message waiting.

12. Dollars, accounting for the first 66 acres, plant area of 20, 000 square meters and currently employs more than 600 advanced Israeli Scitex 342L plane scanner, DOLEV 4PRESS Laser Imagesetter, 8500, 9500 Apple Computer; Heidelberg, Germany, four-color machine, five-color machine, two-color machine, cutting machine tombola, Staffan abuse leaf folding machine; Swiss Bobst Auto Die-cutting machine, on the cover of machine, horse nail machine; Japan electric extension, photography, copy, and even drying, proofer and automatic folder gluer and other equipment, specialized in the printing high-grade picture album, sample description, exquisite color box packaging.
      设备投资1000万美元,占第66亩,厂房面积20000平方米,现有员工600多人,拥有先进的以色列赛天使342L平面扫描仪,DOLEV 4PRESS激光照排机,8500,9500苹果电脑;德国海德堡四色机,五色机,双色机,波拿切割机,斯塔儿折叶机;瑞士产博斯特自动模切机,上封面机,骑马钉机;日本产电分机,照相,拷贝,连晒,打样机和自动糊盒机等设备,专门从事印刷高档画册,样本说明书,精美彩盒包装等。

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13. These pre-defined personal folders include Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, Saved Games, Contacts, Desktop, Downloads, Favorites, Links and Searches, where the original or actual location of these folders are located by default at user profile folder under system drive, ie C:User user name where user name is the currently logged-on user.
      这些预先定义个人文件夹,包括文件,图片,音乐,影片,储存的游戏,通讯录,桌面,下载,收藏,链接和搜索,而原来的或实际的位置,这些文件夹位于默认情况下在用户配置文件夹下的系统驱动器,即为C:用户 用户名 其中,user name是当前登录的用户。

14. Madoff was treated for a broken nose, fractured ribs and cuts to his head and face, according to a felon currently at Butner serving time on drug charges who was familiar with his condition at the time.

15. Mr. Madoff was treated for a broken nose, fractured ribs and cuts to his head and face, according to a felon currently at Butner serving time on drug charges who was familiar with his condition at the time.

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16. In June 2008, 15 children in the Central African Republic all of whom currently live, or previously lived, on the streets of Bangui, the capital participated in a UNICEF-supported photography workshop.

17. Currently, about 80% of all biodiesel output is based on rapeseed oil because of its availability and quality.

18. It is seamless experts, currently on the market except for a few large-size quality product scarcity, the supply of various specifications are more abundant than before, there is no shortage of cases.

19. He currently serves on California`s first-ever Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs Commission.

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20. Handan County, rich in tourism resources, there are currently more than 20 scenic spots, of which, religious tourism resources of the world-famous Templelv xian Huang Liang Meng, a provincial unit of St. Jinggangmycin Wenbao, there is love on Temple Temple Weng Lu, Guang-Ji Temple; natural tourism resources are purple mountains, jiu long hu ancient Shilong, such asluo fu Lake.

currently on 单语例句

1. The government currently levies 11 varieties of taxes, including a business tax and an enterprise income tax on these ventures.

2. Robots currently being used in households are reliant on button pushing, but Schulz feels this must be carried further so communication becomes more natural.

3. Wolpe said the trust currently had no money to buy it and won't participate in the auction on Thursday.

4. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg confirmed on Monday that Britain was currently in the process of overhauling the 1701 Act of Settlement.

5. China currently levies taxes on coal, gas and crude oil extraction by volume.

6. He refused to say how many of officers are currently on active duty.

7. They will eat canned food similar to that currently offered on the International Space Station and shower only once a week or so.

8. The country currently has 9 gigawatts of nuclear capacity in operation, the China Electricity Council said on Aug 14.

9. Individual investors who trade shares on the stock market do not pay capital investment income tax in China currently.

10. Nasdaq currently has 38 companies from China with a market capitalization of about $ 30 billion listed on its exchange.

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