do the dishes是什么意思 do the dishes在线翻译 do the dishes什么意思 do the dishes的意思 do the dishes的翻译 do the dishes的解释 do the dishes的发音

do the dishes

do the dishes 基本解释


do the dishes 网络解释

1. do the dishes的意思

1. 洗餐具:1. do the dishes 洗餐具 | 2. sweep the floor清扫地板 | 3. take out the trash倒垃圾

2. 洗碗:do the cooking 做饭 | do the dishes 洗碗 | do the kitchen 收拾厨房

3. 把盘子洗了:Do I make myself clear? 我说得够清楚吗? | Do the dishes! 把盘子洗了. | Don't cut in line. 别夹塞儿!

4. 洗碗碟:21. keep the voice down控制声音 | 22. do the dishes洗碗碟 | 23. put on another pair of jeans穿上另一条牛仔服

do the dishes 双语例句

1. do the dishes

1. No, I can't. Robot, can you do the dishes?

2. But do you know what's the main characteristic of Guangdong flavour dishes.

3. B:I would rather do the dishes than cook.

4. I do the dishes every day, but I don't do the laundry every day.

5. I`ll dry the dishes, providing that you do the washing-up.

6. I'll dry the dishes, providing that you do the washing-up.

7. Some have playgrounds and basketball courts so tell the kids to bring their toys etc. Also to be found in these Parks are bathrooms and showers, drinking water, ice, trash containers and somewhere to do the dishes.

8. The answer: spiced vinegar do not shake the bad, crystalline pettitoes not as dishes, noodles pot boiled the pan lip

9. danci.911cha.com

9. I can sweep the floor and do the dishes.

10. No matter what she means, you must adhere to in your mother-in-law to do on there, because cooking is a good month, son of trouble, it is necessary to cooking dishes adults also children, it is necessary to do eat, wash the film, you also can do several times a lifetime sub on it?

11. How many minutes a day do you dry the dishes?

12. This moment Chris Lee to South Korea's largest seafood market Lu Liang-chun, will certainly be for everyone to try the famous live small octopus, Lu Liang-chun, a bit like a seafood market in Taiwan Bisha Fishing Port, you can dazzling array of aquatic Tanqian Select a number of seafood, in general, prices are similar, very little room for bargain, bought after the business will help you do the initial processing of live slaughter, and then you to take your booty to the second floor of the restaurant, select a sit down, restaurant service fee is 2, 000 won per person, and if you want seafood cooked dishes, they have additional fees, charges pretty fair and reasonable prices, where three to five good friends point of a king crab, accompanied by South Korea's real Liqueur is really the most invigorating thing in life.
      这会儿克里斯李到了韩国最大的水产市场鹭粱津,肯定要为大家尝试一下著名的活体小章鱼,鹭粱津水产市场有点像台湾的碧沙渔港,你可以在琳琅满目的水产摊前选一些海产,一般来说价格都大同小异,杀价的空间不大,买好后商家会帮你做初步的处理,活体宰杀,然后你再带着你的战利品到二楼的餐厅,选一家坐下,餐厅的服务费是每人2000韩元,如果是要将海鲜熟食料理,则要另外收费,收费价格还算公道及合理,在这里三、五好友点一只帝王蟹,配上韩国真露酒真是人生最畅快的一件事。本新闻共2页,当前在第1页 1 2

13. Thus, managers can not manage to control costs, we must do a good job catering operation and management of work, and constantly develop new dishes welcomed by the market and do a good job marketing efforts, thereby reducing the unit cost of dishes in the uncontrollable costs as a proportion of the total.

14. Why do I have to wash all the dishes?

15. I'll do all the dishes to help my mother.

16. You can do the dishes. I'll put the food away.

17. Mom: If you take out the garbage and do the dishes, I'll think about it.

18. do the dishes在线翻译

18. You should do the dishes after you eat.

19. do the dishes

19. All you have to do is wash the dishes, and then you can watch TV.

20. do the dishes的反义词

20. Now, steamed bread, steaming the master, the master Tai Guocai, single-pot Xiaochao mentor who has long been a name even forget, from where have no way of knowing, but their intentions are in cooking, they put cooking delicious dishes as the happiest in life The matter of attitude, a deep influence on me, now I understand, whether to do, as long as you use the heart, recognition of the truth, the truth did not do bad!

do the dishes 单语例句

1. Even when we do eat out, the preference for the lighter dishes on the menu has made us almost vegetarians.

2. It does not have to sweep my room, do the dishes and double as a home entertainment system.

3. You can attend one less gathering with old buddies and instead scrub the floor, wash the dishes and do the laundry.

4. I've always liked restaurants with small menus, it gives me a sense that the few dishes they do they must do well.

5. The tables are arranged too closely and the dishes do not give a very distinctive impression.

6. The flavor of tea is hard to capture and the dishes do not fully absorb that elusive fragrance.

7. Although the dishes show no obvious connection with Confucius, their names do.

8. Although Datong dishes do not belong to any regional cuisine, they provide excellent and exceptional taste with the advantages of every regional cuisine.

do the dishes 英英释义



1. wash dishes

    e.g. I cook and my husband washes up after dinner

    Synonym: wash up

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