electric wiring是什么意思 electric wiring在线翻译 electric wiring什么意思 electric wiring的意思 electric wiring的翻译 electric wiring的解释

electric wiring [iˈlektrik ˈwaɪərɪŋ]  [ɪˈlɛktrɪk ˈwaɪrɪŋ] 

electric wiring 基本解释

electric wiring是什么意思


electric wiring 网络解释

1. 电力布线:electric wireline 电力线 | electric wiring 电力布线 | electric wrench 电动板手

2. 电线线路,安装电线:Electric supply line 供电线路 | Electric wiring 电线线路,安装电线 | Electrify 使充电,使电气化

3. 電気配線:electric wire traction instrument ==> 电动钢丝牵引器 | electric wiring ==> 電気配線 | electric wood planer ==> 电动刨木机

electric wiring 双语例句

1. 911查询·英语单词

1. Class I – equipment in which protection against electric shock does not rely on basic insulation only, but which includes a means for connection of exposed conductive parts to a protective conductor in the fixed wiring.

2. 911查询·英语单词

2. Limited to locations accessible only to skilled persons, or instructed persons under the direct supervision of skilled persons 7 Equipment Class Class I – equipment in which protection against electric shock does not rely on basic insulation only, but which includes a means for connection of exposed conductive parts to a protective conductor in the fixed wiring.
    6有限的地点只能访问技术人员,或指示的人根据技术人员的直接监督 7设备类 I类-装备,其防触电保护不依赖于基本绝缘只,但其中包括的外露导电部分的连接方式,在固定线路保护导体。

3. This article altogether divides into eight parts, in which mainly includes the host wiring the design, the load computation, the transformer choice, the high-pressured electric appliance choice, the transformer substation illumination anti-radar and the transformer substation arrangement and so on.

4. It includes wiring of printed circuit board, electric capacity coupling, tolerance of digital circuit noise, and transmission line.

5. The system fulfills the simulation of main electric wiring and protection screen by means of multimedia technology.

6. Please do not contact with wet hands chargers, wiring and electrical outlets, which could lead to electric shock.

7. It expounds the necessity to this situation from the rspect of increasing load. Then through to the generalization of planning to build the transformer substation and the analysis of the load materials, safe, economy and dependability are considered, has confirmed the mainly wiring form of 110kV, 35kV, 10kV. Calculated and supplied power in the range and confirmed TV station's number of the main voltage transformer through load finally, capacity and type, capacity and type of using the voltage transformer stand surely at the same time, finally, the result of calculation of calculating that and short out according to the electric current of largest lasting job, make the circuit to protect, the voltage transformer is protected, the bus bar is protected, prevent the thunder from protecting.

8. electric wiring在线翻译

8. I plant in the Institute of Electric Power Engineering, Electric Power Research Institute and other units and the assistance of experts from the electricity, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, specializing in the production of HDL series of high-current test cable, HGYX series high voltage test cable, HGYT series of high-voltage insulation pad, HDC Series Power measured electric wire, HCQ series measuring electric power clamp, HBP Series security power plate, HSZP series of tests dedicated power supply box, HBAP distribution box series, HY/340 wiring test kit, GHY series high voltage electroscope, HJGX Series grounding rods so that rods grams, JXY series of belts, HA series of security fences, security card safety warning lights and other products, so that China's electric power facilities and Detect more standardized, more convenient, by the National Electricity Department welcomed.

9. According to the principles of the requires, you can install the infrared ozone cabinet circuit parts such as electric heating, ozone generator, temperature control switch, control circuits and so on to the surface of the experiment, and print electrical wiring diagram on surface of gearbox.

10. electric wiring的解释

10. Indicia on an outer surface of the annular radial ring identifies at least one of a mounting position for the interconnecting ring and wire guide and a wiring schematic for phases wiring of the electric machine.

11. With the rapid development of electric power, electronic industry and computer in recent years, the proportion of laminated materials used in wiring, instruments and electronic chipsets is notably increasing. The demands for the precision and stabilization of the material properties is also becoming more and more strict, thus need accurate control of the individual thickness and thickness ratio of the laminated materials.

12. electric wiring是什么意思

12. Kawasaki skeleton line, insulation board, copper screws, compensator fittings, electrical cable ties, self-adhesive tape, plastic insulating tape, sealants, motor speed controllers, excitation coil, electric welding machine separately switch, combination switch, but Shun switch, glass ribbons, glass paint belt, centrifugal switch, Wedge bearings, small and medium-sized micro-motor Technical Data Book, Color Atlas of wiring, wire, insulation materials, multimeters, clamp table, vibration rod fittings and other products are welcome to come to buy contact letter or purchase orders.

13. Company is mainly engaged in development, manufacturing, sales instruments and meters, electric wire and cable, cable tray, fiber optic cable, proprietary Chinese medicines and medical equipment and other products, after years of product structure adjustment, and has formed instrumentation including thermal resistance, thermocouple, bimetal thermometer, temperature transmitter, digital meters, pressure gauges, pressure transmitter, level gauge, level transmitter, and temperature, pressure, flow, level series fieldbus instrumentation products; wires and cables including control cables, computer cables, cross-linked power cable, ACSR, fire-retardant cables, fire-resistant cables, marine cables, compensation cables, silicon rubber cables, high temperature cables, the security cable, low smoke and low halogen low smoke zero halogen cables, overhead power lines and other wires, such as the installation of cloth series wire and cable products; communications center beam tube fiber optic cable, including fiber optic cable, twisted layer type optical cable, ribbon cable, ADSS fiber optic cable and wiring products; Chinese medicine including granules, granules, capsules and medical Instruments such as the pattern of diversification.

14. 911查询·英语单词

14. Offer the basis. Is it have work compensate to go on to it, in order to reduce voltage transformer, electric circuit, power of the switchgear loss, reduce specification, electric apparatus of component, reduce power of it loss and voltage loss, reduce investment. Second, compare with economic technology the electric voltage transformer according to actual conditions of our factory, confirm the location, type and its main wiring scheme of the transformer substation; Third, According to accord with situation is it design to go on to factory systematically, for check-up one short circuit stability degree of equipment, turn on or off the blanking ability and sensitivity of the electric current protector of the electric apparatus, exactly fix the movemen

15. The transient response, including mounting dynamic deformation and force, driving shaft input end and electric motor's wiring harness displacement, are simulated on this model, and the simulation results show that the mounting system has uneven working load as well as possible wiring harness breakdown, and need optimization.

16. electric wiring的解释

16. The consortium are currently focused on areas such as computer modeling and prediction, vehicle recycling, electric vehicle development, automotive materials, and electrical wiring components.

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17. Provide two sets of updated and detailed drawings in CAD AUTOCAD files for the completed Project, which shall include the specific information for all the equipment and machines installed, such as electric wiring, heating system, sanitation facilities, ventilation system, air-conditions system etc.
      提供两套关于已完工工程的更新过的,详尽的,CAD AUTOCAD 文件格式的图纸,图纸应当包括所有已安装的设备和机器的明确信息,诸如电线,采暖系统,卫生设施,通风系统,空调系统等。

18. For example: motor vehicle wiring harness, motorcycle wiring harness, cigarette lighter, electric glass lifts, electric seats, rain, including devices, automotive lamps and automotive circuit.

19. The selection of the electric owner grasping the transformer substation wiring scheme, the mould selecting of major electric installation, the selection of main transformer platform number, capacity and model, as well as the various protections are surely calmly.

20. Before new electric stove silk was not being installed, with one flexible cord, installing dish inside be placed in the middle down circle to try to put, abundant of proper put apart is measured, so that join wiring column.

electric wiring 单语例句

1. An initial investigation traced the source of the fire to faulty electric wiring, a city government official said.

2. Fires due to electric wiring have been common, local vendors said.

3. Electric wiring is a problem because they like to chew on things.

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