end task是什么意思 end task在线翻译 end task什么意思 end task的意思 end task的翻译 end task的解释 end task的发音 end task的同义词

end task [end tɑ:sk]  [ɛnd tæsk] 

end task 基本解释


end task 网络解释

1. 结束任务:end table 茶几 | end task 结束任务 | end to end 首尾相连

end task 双语例句

1. Is in use for some of the documents, the system is not allowed to delete, and when this is the case, in Task Manager to end the process, and then press the soft kill of the virus prompted to manually delete the file path, or re-antivirus.

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2. From the formation of the China Air Task Force in July 1942 through the end of May, 1945, U. S. planes destroyed 2135 Japanese aircraft, with another 773 probably destroyed.
    从 1942 年 7 月美国空军驻华特遣队编队到 1945 年 5 月底,美军飞机击毁了 2,135 架日本飞机,另有 773 架可能被击毁。

3. end task是什么意思

3. I have already finished the task of front-end data processing during the execution of the customer reception centre system, such as the work of recording the problems from our customers and task distribution, applying for fittings during problems processing, and administration of permission for users.

4. Start and end dates of each task.

5. end task的意思

5. Assassins and soldiers on the run is different, I miss assassin like fighters, I now ignore the law Magic 48 assassin battle ignored by 48 fighters mounted a set of magic, usually easy task, but have not set any stone, so not to attack the ideal state, but has a passion to play, and is not afraid to see the large, the fear of being invincible seconds to go red, and he points to you, you hit him several times, and he found invincible you wash your, you continue to use the setting moon red, he has to re-point, has been able to down, but big red End assassin then when small punch in the need to manually lock.

6. end task的解释

6. Some business department's task is to open an account by the end of August the number of clients before the stock reached 10% in 30% before the end of September, the first batch of GEM stocks are listed in 50% of transactions completed before the target.

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7. As a result, they fail to complete the task. But they never stop working. On the contrary, they intend to make a larger achievement to realize the previous promise. In the end they are always defeated.

8. end task在线翻译

8. Experiment is divided into two parts. The first experiment takes LED matrix display at three viewing angles:0°、30°and 60° as independent variables to find the effects on recognition of routes, and accordingly determines 60° as the best viewing angle for LED navigation display; the second experiment proceeds with a driving simulator, having subjects carry out navigation task, PDTtask and subjective evaluation in the end.

9. Now our task is to try to make as many rouble contracts as possible for the year 2009 before the end of this year.

10. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

10. To express one's feelings as the end draws near is too intimate a task.

11. Abnormal end of task. I had the devil of a job putting this old car in good order.

12. Task 22: Deliver six twigs, one milk and one honey to Art Gunderson, in the end you'll receive a jar of termites.

13. To fulfill the quantified technical support task to solidworks end user, periodically under the superior`s direction a n d supervision a n d to ha n dle a n d settle the tasks for which he/she is responsible independently

14. end task

14. At the end of March the President's task force on the auto industry put a 30-day window on Chrysler and Fiat reaching an alliance agreement.

15. It is no use to scramble for it. Scrambling between manager and employee will hurt the feeling of both sides. Thus manager may reluctant to give you task or promote you because he is afraid that you desire and request will become bigger and bigger, and he can meet it at the end of the day.

16. Faced with so many marketing activities, Hongyuan Real Estate Development Research Manager Luo said, in fact, many developers Dongguan red end of the task facing the pressure of Marketing inevitable introduction of the New Deal is only a catalyst for more business many more to promote confidence.

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17. Lloyd De Ke Buke Navy lieutenant colonel at the end of December 1967 from the U. S. Navy headquarters in Japan to accept the task, the North Korean side is responsible for collecting electronic intelligence, surveillance at the same time the Soviet navy in the Tsushima Strait activities.

18. Even after the end of the Cold War we are thus faced with the task of tearing down the walls between different concepts of life, in other words the walls in people's minds that make it difficult time and again to understand one anothe r in this world of ours.

19. She was working like old boots to finish the task before the end of the day.

20. Wang. The two men sat up aUnight, not reaching the end of their laborious task till the earlysparrows were cheeping on the eaves at the break of day.

end task 单语例句

end task

1. NATO is taking over in large part to end the arduous task of searching for a new " lead nation " every six months to run it.

2. But not enough efforts have been made toward that end because it is a tough and complicated task.

3. It is a pressing task to end the gray income of the privileged.

4. The task will be completed by the end of June, according to Yang.

5. The flotilla will be the fourth task force China has deployed to the region since the end of last year.

6. They had just six years to complete the task - a challenge the water authority claims it met at the end of 2011.

7. " The first task force will be appointed at the end of this month, " said Zhang.

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