engaged to是什么意思 engaged to在线翻译 engaged to什么意思 engaged to的意思 engaged to的翻译 engaged to的解释 engaged to的发音 engaged to的同义词

engaged to

engaged to 双语例句

1. engaged to在线翻译

1. I have never thought of parting with you. I just wanted to make you change a bit for me. But, you were engaged in less than half a month and told me to marry him. What do you want me to do?

2. Yanjiaguo to graduate from the Hebei Medical college, is engaged in the uropoiesis surgical department clinical research treatment to work 20 remaining years of life, has the rich clinical experience.
    颜家国 毕业于三峡医学院,从事泌尿外科临床研究治疗工作 20余年,有着丰富的临床经验。

3. Urges Kang to graduate from the Hebei Medical college, is engaged in the uropoiesis surgical department clinical research treatment to work 20 remaining years of life, has the rich clinical experience.
    毕业于河北医科大学,从事泌尿外科临床研究治疗工作 20 余年,有着丰富的临床经验。

4. engaged to的翻译

4. Recently John is fully engaged in The Hong Kong Guitar and Gem Centre`s Music and Gemmology courses, he also appears as the Guest Guitar Tutor in the Department of Creative Arts and Physical Education of The Hong Kong Institute of Education and is actively arranging pieces for guitar ensembles and guitar chamber music contributing to the Hong Kong community.

5. Day I has let me cook meal, the noisy bell has also bloomed, I have felt have sth. on one's mind to be engaged, as soon as do not know having been awake also slept well, got up luckily at 6 o'clock much time, in the evening, have been ready for breakfast for them, 2nd day has broken down, the noisy bell has also been unable to hear, one sleep to 7 o'clock, late meal of sleep still is to be going to compose, just being it is exactly by one point lately.

6. Boil cummer says new year's day this year should be engaged, need arises 10 thousand yuan engagament to expend, I am dizzy, became center fast a year I also was not earned enough 10 thousand, even if earn enough I also did not know how to much spend.

7. engaged to

7. I'm engaged to be married, and so far all I know about you is...

8. Mainly engaged in metal materials mainly to the import and export trade, iron and steel production and acquisition charge, precision steel tube manufacturer, seamless pipe manufacturers, steel industry and other business information.

9. Most importantly, he supplied great guidance and leadership in a pointed effort to keep his teammates engaged.

10. Well-known, besides you be network business circles get army person outside, you still are one of rice king of domestic great reputation, include the of all kinds good rice such as Huoche. com, 258.com to be in your hand the can simple experience that talks about you to be engaged in domain name respect investing?

11. It is also engaged in mail-order service of books and periodicals both at home and abroad, with an enormous issuing network in the whole nation. After its establishment in 1996, it has achieved profits tax over 10 million. Just in 1999 alone, the profit tax amounted to 3 million Yuan.

12. The factory is a professional engaged in the production of glass processing enterprises, specializing in the production of glass shelf, glass bath towel racks, a variety of furniture glass, architectural glass, round desktop processing, etc., and to undertake the design of a variety of glass products and can provide customers with samples and drawings for production, processing.

13. An organization is a system of two or more persons, engaged in cooperative action, trying to reach a purpose.

14. Is an individual engaged in the process of an act, or to achieve a certain goal by the experience of spiritual self-satisfaction, happy feeling.

15. Thus, the breast, the hand and the hair are made increasingly schematised, the lopsidedness of the body is lost for the sake of a central axis which assimilates the figure into an engaged column, and the design fades gradually to merge into the background.

16. Canton City Green Bo Trade Co., Ltd mainly engaged in polyacrylamide, protopine, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, corn starch, chloride, basic aluminum chloride, poly ferric sulfate, aluminum sulfate, hydroxypropyl-methyl cellulose, modified split powder, chitin, efficient decolorizing agent, Sodium Sulfate, titanium dioxide, sodium sulfide and other organic chemical raw materials, welcome all new and old customers come, calls to negotiate!

17. Months of planning and considerable human and fiscal resources were invested in the consecration. India's premier event management firm was retained to organize the event. The entire staff of the University was engaged, along with 3, 000 trained volunteers and 700 public and private security officers.

18. danci.911cha.com

18. Article 2 The primary candidates of high academic level overseas personnel shoaled abroad that this Municipality is to introduce are: senior engineers and technicians and senior operation and management personnel much needed for the field of high and new technology, pillar industries, major engineering, new industry and so forth; bellwethers in a certain world`s field of a certain discipline or technology; personnel possessing patent, invention or know-how of world`s leading level or being a gap science and technology of our country which is in urgent need of being filled; personnel necessary to the administrative departments and suitable to be advisers or to be engaged in consulting work; personnel having earned a doctor`s degree in the field of urgently wanting specialty.
      第二条 本市引进海外高层次留学人员的重点对象是:高新技术、支柱产业、重大工程、新兴产业等领域所急需的高级工程技术人员和高级经营管理人员;在国际某一学科或技术领域内的带头人;拥有专利、发明或专有技术并属国际领先水平或填补国内急需填补的空白项目的人员;为行政管理部门所需,适宜担任顾问或从事咨询工作的人员;在紧缺专业领域取得博士学位的人员等。

19. engaged to

19. From the design point of view, this group of units in the current first hand construction sites engaged with the more obvious advantages of a staircase are two families of the design, with the North-South convection, a noodle Jiang Jan features forthcoming function better, and adjacent to the living room about 10 square metres of the small courtyard, the units Counties scarce products.

20. We are engaged in the design, planning of fast consumer goods and design and marketing strategy of new products. Because we know that person's energy is limited, there is no an exception to a company.

engaged to 单语例句

1. If the refurbishing act is not engaged in criminal activity to a crime, it should be prevented using administrative or civil law tools.

2. And the line was always engaged if anyone tried to call back.

3. Overseas subsidiaries of Chinese companies are also engaged in the competition to capture tourism income from the Chinese market.

4. Eleven agents were alleged to have engaged in misconduct in Cartagena, where President Barack Obama attended a weekend summit.

5. The unit originally was tasked to investigate and end leaks of classified information but ultimately engaged in a wide range of misconduct.

6. Under the coordination of the China Maritime Safety Administration, emergency response teams are engaged in an action to clean oil spill on the sea.

7. " We are now engaged in syncretizing our inner business resources to sharpen our competitive edge, " a China Netcom Corp official said on condition of anonymity.

8. The regulation states that civil servants with important missions or engaged in confidential jobs will not be allowed to leave within five years.

9. They say he now has a conflict of interest because he is engaged to another woman and they have a child together.

10. The couple got engaged during a private trip to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, a sanctuary located at the foothills of Mount Kenya.

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