equally是什么意思 equally在线翻译 equally什么意思 equally的意思 equally的翻译 equally的解释 equally的发音 equally的同义词 equally的反义词

equally [ˈi:kwəli]  [ˈiːkwəli] 

equally 基本解释


副词平均; 相等地; 平等地; 公正地

equally 反义词


equally 相关例句


1. equally什么意思

1. On his death the land was divided equally among his sons.

2. They can both run equally fast.

3. They're equally strong.

4. equally

4. The two girls can run equally fast.

5. The two boys are equally clever.

equally 情景对话

Easy and Difficult-(易学的和难学的语言)

A:People always say that Chinese and English are very hard to learn. Sometimes I wish I were learning French or Japanese. Maybe they'd be easier.
      人们常说汉语和英语是很难学的。有的时候我想要是我学法语或日语就好了。 也许这两种语言容易些。

B:Maybe, but maybe not too. It all depends on what language you already speak.

A:Why should that be? What diffrence does it make?


B:Well, languages are more or less equally difficult.Most of the things one language says must be said by every language in some way.

A:You mean I could learn Chinese easily?


B:No, because your native language is Spanish. But Italian might be easy. It has a lot of words that are similar to words in Spanish. Even the sound systems are more similar than that of Chinese is to Spanish. How difficult a language is to learn depends mostly on how much it resembles your own language.


A:Good morning, Mr. Smith. I brought the contract you are been looking for.Please go over the draft of the contract.

B:OK. Sit down, please. What would you like, Chinese tea or coffee?


A:Thank you. I'd very much like to have a cup of Chinese tea.


B:Here you are.


B:Yes. I have one question about clause 8.Are these the terms that we agreed on?

A:OK. Let's have a look at it.

B:10 percent down and the balance at the time of shipment?That's what I mean.

A:Yes, I think that's what we stipulated.

B:I'll need a few minutes to check over my notes again.



B:Yes, it is right.

A:Good. Can we sign them right away?

B:Of course.S Hand me the pen.

A:Here you are.

B:Where shall I put my signature?

A:Here, on the last page.We'll sign two originals, each in the Chinese and English language.Both are equally effective.

B:OK. Is that all?

A:No. Will you also initial this change on page 2, please?

B:I'm glad our negotiation has come to a successful conclusion.

A:I hope this will lead to further business between us.


B:All we have to do now is shake hands.

A:OK, and go out and have a drink to congratulate ourselves.

B:That's a great idea.

equally 网络解释

1. 平等地:(1) 作为法律,命令(command)必须能为被命令者所遵守;(2) 它必须平等地(equally)对待那些与命令有关而在各方面处境相似的人;

2. equally什么意思

2. 相等地:equality 平等 | equally 相等地 | equation 方程式

3. 平等地;公平地:jungle 丛林,密林,莽丛 | equally 平等地;公平地 | adequate 充足的,充分的;胜任的

equally 词典解释

1. 相等地;同样地
    Equally means in sections, amounts, or spaces that are the same size as each other.

    e.g. A bank's local market share tends to be divided equally between the local branch and branches located elsewhere...
    e.g. Try to get into the habit of eating at least three small meals a day, at equally spaced intervals.

2. (程度)相当地,同样地
    Equally means to the same degree or extent.

    e.g. All these techniques are equally effective...
    e.g. Success doesn't only depend on what you do. What you don't do is equally important.

3. (用于补充观点或与上一观点形成对比)同理,同样地
    Equally is used to introduce another comment on the same topic, which balances or contrasts with the previous comment.

    e.g. They needed his help, but equally they did not trust him.

equally 英英释义



1. to the same degree (often followed by `as')

    e.g. they were equally beautiful
           birds were singing and the child sang as sweetly
           sang as sweetly as a nightingale
           he is every bit as mean as she is

    Synonym: asevery bit

2. in equal amounts or shares
    in a balanced or impartial way

    e.g. a class evenly divided between girls and boys
           they split their winnings equally
           deal equally with rich and poor

    Synonym: evenly

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