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for two times

for two times 双语例句

1. Use the eardrop in your right ear, three times a day, one to two drops each time, and press on the ear for a few seconds.

2. DLA-EIAV can be served as the animal model for studying on human immunodeficiency virus. The vaccine was developed in two stages. A carefully selected field isolate, EIAV LN, was passaged 133 times in vivo in donkeys to generate the highly virulent and pathogenic strain D510, which kills animals within a few weeks. D510 went through 135 passages in vitro to obtain vaccine strains DLV. In order to investigate the molecular mechanism of the attenuation and protection of donkey leukocyte attenuated equine infectious anemia virus, we investigated the evolution of LTR of 24 out of 110 passages during Chinese EIAV attenuation.
    马传贫弱毒疫苗致弱路线是:将一株来源于马体的EIAV 超强毒力的辽毒株经过驴体连续传代100 余代使病毒毒力增强后获得了驴强毒株(对马和驴均100%致死),然后将DV 株连续通过驴白细胞进行体外培养驯化,使其病毒毒力完全丧失,而保持了良好的免疫原性,最终培育成功EIAV 驴白细胞弱毒疫苗(沈荣显等,1979),DLA进一步通过驴胎皮肤细胞培养驯化,又获得了皮肤细胞弱毒疫苗株。

3. Last year in this report, I described my family's delight with the one-quarter (200 flight hours annually) of a Hawker 1000 that we had owned since 1995. I got so pumped up by my own prose that shortly thereafter I signed up for one-sixteenth of a Cessna V Ultra as well. Now my annual outlays at EJA and Borsheim's, combined, total ten times my salary. Think of this as a rough guideline for your own expenditures with us. During the past year, two of Berkshire's outside directors have also signed on with EJA. Maybe we're paying them too much.
    去年在年报当中,我曾经形容我的家族自从 1995 年来买下四分之一的(也就是每年 200 小时)的霍克 1000 型飞机所有权的愉快经验,不久之后,我又再接再厉签约买下一架 Cessna V Ultra 型六分之一的所有权,现在每年我在 EJA 以及波仙珠宝的花费大概是我年薪的十倍,如此大家可以据此推算你可以负担的底限在哪里。

4. Angular spectral is spectral value map formed by estimating semblable coefficients of fast and slow shear wave or the variation of amplitude ratio of fast and slow shear wave with times and angles at a specified space point based on semblable theory of fast and slow shear wave, the angle value of this space point at a given time can be got by picking the maximum of angular spectral; the study reveals that fast and slow shear wave with different polarization direction should be separated using different rotation formula, eight formulas of separating fast and slow shear wave using clockwise rotation and counterclockwise rotation have been derived, and gained energy assignment rule and phase coincidence rule, in real data estimation, the rotation formula used for separating fast and slow shear wave can be uniquely determined on the two discriminating rules. On the basis of semblable theory of fast and slow shear wave, the delay time corresponding to the maximum of semblable coefficients at a specified point in a given time window is the delay time of fast and slow shear wave, delay time section of fast and slow shear wave can be got by moving space point and smoothing time window. The vertical variation values of delay time of fast and slow shear wave reflect the effect degree of vertical fractured reservoir on fast and slow shear wave which is defined as anisotropic coefficient, and section map of anisotropic coefficient can be obtained.

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5. Technology and the division of labor have done two things: by eliminating in many fields the need for special strength or skill, they have made a very large number of paid occupations which formerly were enjoyable number work into boring labor, and by increasing productivity they have reduced the number of necessary laboring they have reduced the number of necessary laboring of the population, that is to say, its laborers, will have almost as much leisure as in earlier times was enjoyed by the aristocracy.

6. For+example, +if+someone+seems+to+be+more+articulate+than+you, +you+can+respond+in+one+of+two+ways:+You+can+be+upset+and+depressed+by+telling+yourself+that+you+should+be+as+articulate4+as+that+person, +or+you+can+recognize+and+accept+the+fact+that+there+are+probably+a+lot+of+people+out+there+who+are+more+articulate+than+you+at+certain+times+and+under+certain+circumstances+and+that+is+OK.+It+doesn`t+mean+a+thing+about+you.+Playing+theparison+game+is+a+dead+end+street.

7. Peel off the Onuge Strips from the hard plastic film and then paste to the teeth gently each time for10 - 20 minutes, two times each day, not affecting talking, not interfering with the work and may be used in any time. Use clean water for gargling after sevice.

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8. For fishes that exposed to water with 40 mg/L nonylphenol, vitellogenin in study fish plasma, ranged from 8.21 to 12.2 mg/mL was about eight times higher than that of controls, by two-week follow-up. After four weeks, the vitello genin contents rised to 5.38-75.4 mg/mL.
    雄鲤鱼於壬基苯酚暴露后第二周即发现血浆内之卵黄前质浓度明显增加(8.21-12.22 mg/mL),约为空白对照组之8倍;第四周为5.38-75.36 mg/mL,其中餵饲处理者为空白对照组之46倍,壬基苯酚确具干扰生物内分泌生理效应。

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9. With traditional C. P. R. CPR, you push hard on the chest thirty times, then stop to give two breath for forth * breaths to force air into the lungs.

10. For the single impeller agitator, the mixing time predicted by CFD is in a good agreement with the experiment. For the dual impeller agitator, the mixing time of dual CBY impeller predicted by CFD is in a good agreement with the experiment, the mixing time of dual Rushton turbine predicted by CFD is about two times that of experiment.

11. At least two other clinical studies of acetyl-L-carnitine for depression in the elderly have reported similar results. 6162 The amount typically used is 500 mg three times daily, although one trial used twice that amount.
      至少还有两个临床研究的乙酰基- L -在老人发现了类似的结果。61 62抑郁症通常使用的肉碱量是500毫克,每日3次,但一个测试所使用的两倍。

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12. Liu Yanting: We see future has a lot of markets two years beforehand the report of appraise, the part of B2C may have decuple to of 20 times grow, it is above this market, we also are valued exceedingly, it our brand-new now investment is done more greatly in the outstanding achievement that how spreads our trade is better that brand-new now investment is done more greatly in the outstanding achievement that how spreads our trade spreads our trade, say we hope our business shop can be in for example there can be two to arrive before the end of the year this year of 3 times grow, the likelihood is in did not come one year, have sixfold above at least grow, as a whole, still hope of whole market anticipate, on the foundation that grows somewhat in whole market, we hope is the growing speed in sixfold above a year later, chinese mainland is gross the population of 1.3 billion, great country, be in so retail this part, electronic business affairs this part, it is a whole world special value.

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13. For example, if I decided to bet $3 on Red for 40 spins on an American roulette wheel, the theory would be that I will alternately win and lose every other spin and that after the total spins, I will lose $6 for two times the zero outcome.

14. for two times的解释

14. Sows, which had farrowed severeal times, were used in the field trials, and divided into four groups: fresh semen and semen stored for one, two and three days.

15. The indication function which is the times of appearance is a special function, so this paper in forth chapter continue to study more general function regarding to two-order Markov chains, which is the property of the function of two-order Markov chains. In chapter five, this paper study the convergence of Cesaro averages for two-order Morkov chains.

16. A new solution to this problem, namely the improved method of traffic lights and crossings becomes much safer for people, increasing the number of vehicles going in the same direction by two to three times so that the traffic stream at crossing can be greatly increased.

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17. For this reason, a new method of two times of adding quicklime disposing of soft-soil is used for highway.

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18. As for obscene and pornographic literature, it is only in recent times that an important and essential differentiation has been made between the two.
      至于 色情和色情文学,只有在一个重要的和基本的差异已两国最近作出倍。

19. During 20minutes needles retaining, do moxibustiton above the route of LI20-DU23 until erubescence in the forehead and ignite two moxa sticks about 1cm to apply above double St36 until it burn out, As for the patient of deficiency of kidney-yang, do warm moxibustion on CV4 for 30 minutes, once every two day, 15 times a course.
      留针时以药艾条重灸迎香-上星处,以患者前头部温热,局部皮肤潮红为度;足三里待针刺得气后,用长约1cm的艾条点燃后插于针尾处,燃尽为止。肾阳虚者,加艾条温和灸关元30 min。针灸隔日一次,15次一疗程。

20. Clinical improvement was noted for the other patients. One patient has undergone PTA four times and three stents were installed, two of which were in the area of the aortic bifurcation, and one in the celiac trunk.

for two times 单语例句

for two times在线翻译

1. Adam and Skrtel were dismissed for two bookable offences either side of halftime and Liverpool conceded three times after the red cards.

2. Yang told a reporter for the Beijing Times that area residents often relaxed or played chess on the two benches in front of the factory.

3. The call of the times is for the two Asian giants to work more closely, and change the lot of the world.

4. The fees for extra births of married couples would be two to six times the disposable personal income of the previous year.

5. Chen said there were two times when draft amendments proposed were met with divergent opinions and these were not put for vote.

6. Our dopamine pathway generates wants for food at least two or three times daily.

7. A Sunday Times investigation in October snared two FIFA members apparently offering to sell their votes in exchange for cash.

8. Since then, he has been punished two or three times a week for being forgetful.

9. In spite of the policy being in force for two years, the ministry's figures show " diversifying journeys in peak times " does not work.

10. Graver tests may yet occur for the two, as the prolonged and at times somewhat anguished integration process between Lenovo and IBM suggests.

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