foreigner是什么意思 foreigner在线翻译 foreigner什么意思 foreigner的意思 foreigner的翻译 foreigner的解释 foreigner的发音 foreigner的同义词

foreigner [ˈfɒrənə(r)]  [ˈfɔ:rənə(r)] 


foreigner 基本解释

名词外国人; 外人,陌生人; 外来物,进口货物; (非本土的)外来动植物

foreigner 相关例句


1. foreigner

1. More than a million foreigners visit the city every year.

2. He is not from this country, he is a foreigner.

foreigner 网络解释

1. foreigner

1. 外国人;外国船;外来物:foreign-trade financing 外贸资金通融 | foreigner 外国人;外国船;外来物 | foreknowledge 预知;先见

foreigner 双语例句

1. foreigner

1. Because Benny was a foreigner, his colleagues often made a fool of him.

2. Nonetheless, in France, Great Britain, gipsy still regarded as a foreigner, people may be detained by police.

3. I would not be sitting here wearing a necktie and talking to a foreigner.

4. I have a Chinese text book that was written by a foreigner, I can bring it here next time FYI.

5. The higher price that a foreigner pays for the ferry is quite official and not an unauthorised rip-off.

6. foreigner的意思

6. One of the best ways to practise your English is to speak to a foreigner.

7. It is a very serious art form and I have a lot of respect for it as a foreigner.

8. foreigner什么意思

8. If your only reason for making friends with a foreigner is to upgrade your English, then you will probably find that you don't have a foreign friend for long!

9. foreigner

9. The foreigner never took the picture.

10. I am a foreigner in this strange land.

11. That foreigner wears a sandy-coloured moustache and long hair.

12. This article helps for a foreigner to have a general sense of China`s business environment.

13. The establishment of national treatment bases on the idea of equality, it emphasize that both countryman and foreigner are equal in dignity and status.

14. During our auditing in this Bank, I came across some amount of money belonging to a deceased foreigner Mr.
      在我们验核在这家银行中期间,我遇到了属于死与他的妻子和仅他们的第7的女儿在飞机失事的Novermber 2002年的一个已故的外国人Mr。

15. I wouldn't be opposed to another foreigner.

16. 911查询·英语单词

16. Starting tomorrow, back to the quarters in preparation for trekking and backpacking to discuss J donghaengin Extract only one large backpack, and be sure to take the rest of the things you need to keep putting us as a small backpack each jimeojil Porter holds only one divided by two to one keunbaenang Porter decided to hire one day and $ 6 for dinner, and by the time I decided to accompany us and to meet Bonnie Porter Gokul Tamang name of the foreigner's name during a trekking Goodness Goodness me paste it using the name of a 26-year-old young man somewhat waesohan ttamangjok.
      明天开始,回到宿舍,准备徒步旅行和backpacking的讨论j donghaengin提取物只有一个大背包,并务必将其余的东西,你需要不断地把我们作为一个小背包,每个jimeojil波特认为,只有一分由12时58 keunbaenang波特决定聘用一天至600晚餐,并经过一段时期,我决定陪伴我们,并满足邦妮波特gokul塔曼姓名的外国人的名字在一个徒步善善箱贴用的名字今年26岁的青年男子有点waesohan ttamangjok 。

17. foreigner的意思

17. From two cultures as diverse as Spanish and Indonesian has its drawbacks: Jamila Bravo Maagdalia says she feels like a foreigner in both countries.

18. 911查询·英语单词大全

18. Jehovah has sworn by His right hand And by His strong arm: Surely I will never again give your grain As food for your enemies, And surely the children of the foreigner will not drink your new wine For which you have labored
      62:8 耶和华指着自己的右手和大能的膀臂起誓,说,我必不再将你的五谷给你的仇敌作食物,外邦人也必不再喝你劳碌得来的新酒

19. Curiously, the child was at the same time trained to dissimulation, to lying, to theft—all virtues when directed toward the foreigner, toward whom distrust and Machiavellianism were encouraged.

20. I remember that is in my job and I just graduated from the college in Taipei, as the artist requires, I have to talk to a dancer who is a foreigner, but I did not have any experience that talk to foreigner in true life before today, so that I feel to stretch taut and can not express my idea freely, finally, she look like very impatient and refuse my offer of help. Therefore I have to seek someone for help me, even though I have a translator later, but he can not explain what I think accurately, so I feel very sad about this situation.

foreigner 词典解释

1. 外国人
    A foreigner is someone who belongs to a country that is not your own.

    e.g. They are discouraged from becoming close friends with foreigners.

foreigner 单语例句

1. You will already stand out as a foreigner, so do not draw any extra attention to yourself by snapping photos.

2. How much trouble does a printed mistake cause for a foreigner who doesn't know Chinese?

3. My stomach squirms each time I see the CCTV ad featuring a foreigner speaking strangely toned Chinese in praise of a digestion enhancement Chinese medicine.

4. A common Chinese citizen can marry a foreigner within a month of submitting an application, under a new regulation - the first of its kind issued last month.

5. Most of the village had come over to take a look at the foreigner.

6. Prince Frederik has had a series of relationships with Danish women in the past, but he chose in the end to marry a foreigner and a commoner.

7. Though most people in and around our compound know me, those in the village were suspicious of a foreigner strolling in their hutong.

8. The best part was the humble and cordial way the doctors treated a foreigner with a sense of special care.

9. Arrangements have also been made for a cabbie driving a foreigner to take the help of an English interpreter by dialing a translation service.

10. Many Chinese writers today write a kind of " baby Chinese ", which does not demand even a foreigner to use a dictionary.

foreigner 英英释义


1. a person who comes from a foreign country
    someone who does not owe allegiance to your country

    Synonym: aliennoncitizenoutlander

2. someone who is excluded from or is not a member of a group

    Synonym: outsider

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