former residence是什么意思 former residence在线翻译 former residence什么意思 former residence的意思 former residence的翻译 former residence的解释

former residence

former residence 双语例句

1. Former Residence of many celebrities, such as Dongling thief Sun Dianying, Zhang's younger brother, zhan ZHANG Xue-ming, the last emperor Pu instrument, and so on.

2. We All Come From the Stone-Steps of Our Former Residence, Looking up to House Girder, Rivers and Hills Poppling in the Setting Sun, The Then Autumn Was Lifted High by Wild Geese, four poems by him are anthologized respectively into College Chinese published by Hefei Industrial University Press, College Chinese published by North Jiaotong University, and College Chinese published by People`s Education Press.

3. Besides Penglai Pavilion, there are Penglai Water Castle, the Former Residence of Qi Jiguang, Tianheng Hill Park, etc.

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4. Today we are here at the former residence of Guan Xiangying to conmemorate the great figure in Chinese history.

5. Guan Xiangying Former Residence Memorial: It is comprised of Guan Xiangying former residence, Guan Xiangying memorial and the video hall.

6. The former residence of a citizen at birth; the latter refers to citizens to replace their original residence and choice of residence.

7. Mr. Kang Youwei's former residence is a state-level unit for relic protection.

8. former residence的反义词

8. Kang Youwei's former residence is a state-level unit for relic protection.

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9. The former residence, a small Chinese courtyard-style house, is located in a hutong in east-central Beijing, Beijing News reported.

10. Indeed, it`s also good to know these celebrities through visiting their former residence—experience their living circumstances and know their life details—in addition to reading books from the library.

11. As for the former residence of Jia Yi, Li Fuchun, what the House did not need to look at all the amendments later.

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12. Our company is located in the provincial capital, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, 100 km to the north, next to the Xin Fu Road, adjacent to the former residence of Yan Xishan, is to Buddhist holy sites of Mount inevitable, rail road transport, coal, electric power is rich in resources, climate, there is very Good cooperation and investment environment.

13. Hunan Xiangxiang Lin Hua-Chaohuo leisure Food Machinery Factory is Chaohuo production, oil cargo, betel nuts, and other professional food machinery manufacturers, located in the central Hunan Province, 20 km from the former residence of Chairman Mao, railway, highway accessible from the long line Tam big market only a half-hour journey, the transportation is very convenient.

14. The Museum of Bamboo Slips Unearthed from Linyi Yinqueshan Tomb of the Han Dynasty, the Former Residence of Wang Xizhi, Linyi Municipal Museum, Zhuge Liang's Memorial Museum and Yinan Beizhai Painted Stone Tombs of the Han Dynasty, have become the tourist resorts with distinctive features and have been taken on the list of tourist line opening to the international market.

15. It is 60km to New Fourth Army Corps memorial site in Jingxian County, along the road it has Zha Zhaji ancient village, Wang Jiaxiang former residence, Taohua Pond and other scenic spots.

16. former residence的翻译

16. The ten tablet held by officials during imperial audience gardens are originally the bright Jiajing year the Ministry of Justice doctor of Chinese medicine Hu bonzo former dwelling, Qing Dynasty Chen Zhaoluan (clear Shunzhinianjian are appointed Zhangde governor of prefecture), Guo Xiongfei (the clear Daoguang Dynasty, no matter what Chihli cloth politics government official) once successively had lived in this, latter (in 1885) is bought in clear Guangxu 11 by Wei County richest family Ding Shanbao by the large sum of money does the private residence, the repair north three old buildings, the autograph inkstone fragrant building, excavates the basin, piles up one on top of another the rockery, the beginning becomes the personal garden.

17. Puguang Temple, the Jade Emperor hole, and other relics in the grottoes, He Long, Xin Du five celebrities such as former residence constitutes a local human resources in tourism; and the ancient customs of ethnic minorities and non-hard martial arts qigong, more local tourism resources icing on the cake.

18. I will visit the Suzhou Garde, the West Lake, Lu Xun's former residence and so on.

19. Lu xun's former residence is located in the west of duchang fang ZhouGuXin TaiMen, for national key units to be protected. In September 1881 lu xun was born here, and in this spent his childhood and adolescence.

20. Retains integrity here in the Qing Dynasty-style five-storied building to commemorate祠宇have showroom and redevelopment of the former residence of Du Fu's cottage and other human landscape.

former residence 单语例句

1. A large number of political activists and lawyers rushed to the residence of the former chief justice to celebrate his restoration.

2. There's nothing to suggest it is the former residence of a renowned man of letters.

3. Gui Gong Fu The former residence of a Qing empress'brother, it offers some tea dishes presented in unique style.

4. US filmmaker Michael Tucker won critical acclaim for his documentary " Gunner Palace, " about American soldiers taking up residence in Saddam Hussein's former palace.

5. As the largest and best preserved former residence of dignitaries in Hefei, it has been listed as an important cultural relic unit under provincial - level protection.

6. But it lost its appeal after I learned that it was the former residence of a gangster boss.

7. Xi also paid a visit to the former residence of late Vietnamese president Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi on Wednesday.

8. " We hope the opening of his former residence will attract more mainland tourists, " Cheng said.

9. Liang's former residence was partially destroyed in 2009 but the demolition was halted after the public outcries for ancient architecture protection.

10. Construction of the main structure of the memorial archway in Lin Sen's former residence has been completed.

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