freedom to one是什么意思 freedom to one在线翻译 freedom to one什么意思 freedom to one的意思 freedom to one的翻译 freedom to one的解释

freedom to one

freedom to one 双语例句

1. Senegal – LORD, we pray that the re-election of Abdoulaye Wade as President would be a positive one for Sengal`s future. We ask that the President would uphold values of religious freedom and would work to end corruption at all levels of government.

2. Trent, it is sometimes said, put an end once and for all to the indefiniteness and confusion of thought among Catholics--to their comparative freedom to believe pretty much what they liked, in one version of the criticism.

3. freedom to one的解释

3. He see at that time of society the productivity don't be to is prosperous, the material wealth isn't very abundant, promote to reduce expenses stanza to bury, the whole moderation in order to like, need not excessiveness waste, in managing home he lay claim to don't offend, still wise, break high and low and high or low grade boundary to appoint an able men, still together make public have unify of thought, unify not same, not durance human nature of of freedom development, but lay claim to one country inside have basic of unify of race believe in, at personal development top he lay claim to non- life, the person's destiny oneself should control, go to development oneself, perfect oneself, his non- life be the day life of opposite Confucianism to put forward of, day life's thinking the person's destiny be a God arrangement of okay, personal how effort all useless, this kind thought with profoundly durance human nature of freedom, bar person of development, rather than put forward of life then lay claim to people effort development oneself, pursue self-interest, control oneself of destiny.

4. freedom to one在线翻译

4. The union of believers in Jesus Christ promotes love to one another, and love ministers to freedom.

5. freedom to one的意思

5. Then there is the most radical of all: to revel in one's freedom as a non-reader to recreate each book to one's own ideal.

6. The first requirement is a lack of shame; the second is the courage to impose one's own ideas on books. Then there is the most radical of all: to revel in one's freedom as a non-reader to recreate each book to one's own ideal.

7. freedom to one的近义词

7. A compulsory administrative measure, such as restriction of personal freedom or the sealing up, distraint or freezing of property, which one refuses to accept

8. Elsewhere, however, this may not provide enough independence to satisfy student desires for freedom from parents or other types of control. After all, colleges and dormitories have many rules and restrictions, such as limitations on when and where one can study.

9. freedom to one

9. Also instead of setting one person against another for their religious or political beliefs, there would be tolerance and acceptance of their right to live in peace, and freedom of expression.

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10. With the rapid development of wireless local area network technology, people need the secure freedom to communicate with one anoth...

11. The rock and roll initiative freedom, pursues one kind to rebel against the spirit, suspected to all traditions, thus carries on the resistance by music form as the weapon to it, and had the majority to manifest its artistic value.

12. freedom to one在线翻译

12. One area where Group N cars are allowed to play with freedom is the center differential and engine mapping, and MML has fitted a MOTEC control system to maximize output and performance.

13. freedom to one的近义词

13. The APDL of the general purpose finite element software ANSYS is used in the preprocess part, which is mainly used for the meshing of the slope section so as to get the information on nodes coordinates, numbering of the nodes of each elements, and the degree of freedom of constraint nodes and so on. The VISUAL FORTRAN is used in the main part of the finite element reliability analysis program, which can carry out finite element analysis of slope stability based on two methods-one is the strength reduction method and the other is the slip surface stress analysis method. And then the factor of safety and its corresponding slip surface can be obtained. The main part of the program can also carry out finite element reliability analysis of slope stability based on the two methods mentioned above, and the reliability index and its corresponding slip surface can be gained. The MATLAB is used in the postprocess part for the drawing of different types of figures, such as meshes, contours, positions of slip surfaces and curves.

14. On the one hand, she sought to cast off the traditional shackles and pursue the instinct pleasure, freedom and survival; on the other hand, she was also constantly affected by social norms, and even unconsciously adhered to traditional values.

15. 911查询·英语单词

15. Freedom to act or judge on one's own.

16. Tie oneself down to sth:accept limits to one's freedom of action.

17. freedom to one的反义词

17. The sudden change from the freedom and excitement of the university to the silence and monotony of the cloister had a depressing influence on a man like Luther, who, being of a nervous, highly-strung temperament, was inclined to pass quickly from one extreme to another.

18. It is admitted that there are certain things that He cannot do such as making one equal to two (1), but should we not believe that He has freedom to confer a soul on an elephant if He sees fit?

19. He has moulded a lot of vivid womens image in complicated legal case drama, the drama of love and marriage, historical play, no matter a young one, or old, too no matter height location one, the low location of body is lowpriced, mostly mould so that the personality is distinct and vivid, the emotion is strong and abundant Image of women that Guan Hanqing moulds is divided into five kinds on the whole: Struggle of daring, good at struggle; Pursue the freedom of marriage, resist the feudal Confucian or feudal ethical codes; Gifted in many ways, blue heart favor quality; Understand the important principle thoroughly, dare to die; Abandon and quit from brothel, pursue the right to conduct oneself lowpricedly.

20. The expansion releases the remainder of the fear based patterns one is transcending, and the newfound freedom of the movement of one's field is lovely to experience.

freedom to one 单语例句

1. He said no one should be allowed to defame religion on the excuse of freedom of expression.

2. Liberty is a particular kind of freedom, especially one which you may have a legal right to.

3. Some states want one to exempt " freedom fighters, " while others insist any definition must cover governments and their soldiers.

4. There is no such thing as absolute Internet freedom, just as there is always a limit to whatever one does in any society.

5. One in eight had to endure " physical injury " and 10 percent felt their " personal freedom " had been violated.

6. One of the major Protestant church denominations takes the same view as the Catholics when it comes to the protection of religious freedom here.

7. The celebrities have their own freedom to migrate to other countries and no one can interfere in any manner.

8. Wozniak stressed the importance of freedom to pursue one's curiosity in encouraging entrepreneurship.

9. One older man said both parties in such relationships enjoy greater freedom and it was easier to separate if their feelings for each other died.

10. What makes online activities more outstanding than those in real life is the freedom that allows one to decide what to browse whenever one wants.

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