freeze是什么意思 freeze在线翻译 freeze什么意思 freeze的意思 freeze的翻译 freeze的解释 freeze的发音 freeze的同义词 freeze的反义词 freeze的例句

freeze [fri:z]  [friz] 


freeze 基本解释

及物动词使结冰,使冻僵; 冷藏; 吓呆; 冻结(存款,工资等)

不及物动词凝固,结冰; 冻伤,冻死

名词冻结; 严寒时期

freeze 同义词


freeze 反义词



freeze 相关词组

1. freeze up : 变呆板;

2. freeze over : 使被冰覆盖;

freeze 相关例句


1. He was frozen stiff after sitting so long.


1. freeze的近义词

1. He looks half frozen.

2. I'm freezing!

3. When the thermometer is at 0 degree centigrade, water will freeze.

freeze 网络解释

1. 冷冻:1995年NSCLC协作组对52项以铂类为主方案的辅助化疗研究的Meta分析,证明能使死亡风险降低13%(HR:0.87),5年总生存率...英国的科学家进行了一项全世界首创的治疗癌症方法,利用液体氮气 (liquid nitrogen) 来使肿瘤 (tumor) 冷冻 (freeze) ,把它破坏.

2. 冻结 冻结:可得到主菜单.某些事件也能使用主菜单自动显现.主主 i 如果在 2 分钟内操作者没有动作,屏幕上的菜单自动关闭.不过,菜单会保持打开, 如果:1)选择框在现用中,2)冻结 冻结(freeze)硬键在现用中,3)正在进行监护仪工作状态 冻结 的温度确定,

freeze 词典解释

1. (使)冻结;(使)结冰;(使)凝固
    If a liquid or a substance containing a liquid freezes, or if something freezes it, it becomes solid because of low temperatures.

    e.g. If the temperature drops below 0°C, water freezes...
    e.g. The ground froze solid.

2. 冷冻(食物等)
    If you freeze something such as food, you preserve it by storing it at a temperature below freezing point. You can also talk about how well food freezes .


    e.g. You can freeze the soup at this stage...
    e.g. Most fresh herbs will freeze successfully.

3. (管子、机器等因液体结冰)冻得堵塞,冻牢
    If something such as a pipe or machine freezes, it becomes blocked or stiff with ice or frozen liquid.


    e.g. The water pipes will freeze.

4. (天气)冷到结冰的程度,冰冻
    When it freezes outside, the temperature falls below freezing point.

    e.g. What if it rained and then froze all through those months?

5. 冻僵;感到极冷
    If you freeze, you feel extremely cold.

    e.g. The windows didn't fit at the bottom so for a while we froze even in the middle of summer...
    e.g. Your hands will freeze doing this.

6. 僵住;呆住;停住不动
    If someone who is moving freezes, they suddenly stop and become completely still and quiet.

    e.g. She froze when the beam of the flashlight struck her.

7. 冻结,限定(物价、工资等)
    If the government or a company freeze things such as prices or wages, they state officially that they will not allow them to increase for a fixed period of time.


    e.g. They want the government to freeze prices...
    e.g. Wages have been frozen and workers laid off.

8. 冻结,暂停(计划、进程等)
    If a government freezes a plan or process, they state officially that they will not allow it to continue for a period of time.

    e.g. Britain has already frozen its aid programme...
    e.g. Diplomatic relations were frozen until August this year.

9. 冻结,查封(银行账户、基金、财产等)
    If someone in authority freezes something such as a bank account, fund, or property, they obtain a legal order which states that it cannot be used or sold for a particular period of time.

    e.g. The governor's action freezes 300,000 accounts...
           州长采取的行动冻结了 30 万个账户。
    e.g. Under these laws, he said, Mr. Rice's assets could have been frozen.

10. 排挤;逐出;挤对
    If you freeze someone out of an activity or situation, you prevent them from being involved in it by creating difficulties or by being unfriendly.

    e.g. Other traders did everything they could to freeze us out of the business.

11. (表面)封冻,结冰
      If something freezes over, it becomes covered with a layer of ice or other frozen substance.

      e.g. The air temperature was well below freezing, and lakes and rivers froze over...
      e.g. The lakes are still frozen over.

12. (使)完全被冰覆盖(或堵塞)
      If something freezes up or if something freezes it up, it becomes completely covered or blocked with ice.

      e.g. ...lavatories that often freeze up in winter...
      e.g. Ice could freeze up their torpedo release mechanisms.

相关词组:freeze outfreeze overfreeze up

freeze 英英释义


1. fixing (of prices or wages etc) at a particular level

    e.g. a freeze on hiring

2. an interruption or temporary suspension of progress or movement

    e.g. a halt in the arms race
           a nuclear freeze

    Synonym: halt

3. weather cold enough to cause freezing

    Synonym: frost

4. the withdrawal of heat to change something from a liquid to a solid

    Synonym: freezing


1. suddenly behave coldly and formally

    e.g. She froze when she saw her ex-husband

2. anesthetize by cold

3. be cold

    e.g. I could freeze to death in this office when the air conditioning is turned on

4. prohibit the conversion or use of (assets)

    e.g. Blocked funds
           Freeze the assets of this hostile government

    Synonym: blockimmobilizeimmobilise

5. stop a process or a habit by imposing a freeze on it

    e.g. Suspend the aid to the war-torn country

    Synonym: suspend

6. change to ice

    e.g. The water in the bowl froze

7. cause to freeze

    e.g. Freeze the leftover food

8. change from a liquid to a solid when cold

    e.g. Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit

    Synonym: freeze outfreeze down

9. stop moving or become immobilized

    e.g. When he saw the police car he froze

    Synonym: stop dead

10. be very cold, below the freezing point

    e.g. It is freezing in Kalamazoo

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