go on with是什么意思 go on with在线翻译 go on with什么意思 go on with的意思 go on with的翻译 go on with的解释 go on with的发音 go on with的同义词

go on with [ɡəu ɔn wið]  [ɡo ɑn wɪð] 

go on with 基本解释


别说了; 继续干, 一度中止后再继续干

go on with 网络解释

1. 继续:go off 走开 | go on with 继续 | go out 出去,熄灭

2. go on with的近义词

2. 继续某种行为:(7)work on 继续工作 | (8)go on with 继续某种行为 | (9)dream of 梦想,梦到

3. 把......进行下去:171. take a message for为......留言 | 172. go on with把......进行下去 | 173. prevent ...from doing阻止某人做某事

4. go on with

4. 继续做某事:get on well with... 与......相处融洽,进展顺利 | go on with... 继续做某事 | go with... 与......相配

go on with 双语例句

1. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

1. O seven apples on a with's tree With seven seeds to plant inside of me In springtime I grew a magic song Then skipping along, oh I sang the song to everyone I looked at the world through apple eyes And cut myself a slice of sunshine pie I danced with the peanut butterflies Till time went and told me to say hello but wave goodbye A thousand sugar stars Oh put then in a jar And then whistle round the world Oh whistle round the world I'm a little wolf insede a girl, you say And off I'll go from June to May Oh whistling round the world I met a golden swan upon the road Who was a handsome prince, so I was told I asked it the way to yesterday Then I was a sailor, and through the day I sailed away Bluebird seas I sailed With mermaids riding whales Oh whistle round the world Oh whistle round the world I'm a little wolf inside a girl, you say And off I'll go down Winder Way Oh whistling round the world Through apple eyes Oh there are rose-coloured skylines Where flying silver spoons Eat melting marmalade moons Through apple eyes I see for millions of miles The sun's a diamond shining In the nighttime of a summer day A thousand sugar stars Oh put them in a jar And then whistle round the world Oh whistle round the world I'm a little wolf inside a girl, you say And off I'll go Oh whistling round the world Let's whistle round the world Whistle round the world
    o七个苹果,就同的树七种子植物里面的我在春天,我成长的一个魔术歌然后跳到沿线,哦i唱这首歌给大家我一看,在世界通过苹果电脑眼和削减自己一片阳光馅饼动作与花生蝴蝶直到时间一天天过去,并告诉我说,你好,但波再见 1000糖颗星哦付诸表决,然后在一个瓦罐然后哨子环游世界哦哨子环游世界我是一个很少狼insede一个女孩,你说断断续续我会去,从6至5月哦吹口哨环游世界我遇见了一名金色天鹅后,道一位英俊的王子,所以有人告诉我我问它的方式,以昨日那么,我是一个水手,并通过我每天航行距离蓝鸟公海航行i 与mermaids骑鲸哦哨子环游世界哦哨子环游世界我是一个很少狼里面一个女孩,你说断断续续我会走络筒机方式哦吹口哨环游世界通过苹果电脑的眼睛哦,还有玫瑰有色skylines 如飞行银汤匙吃熔化果酱的月亮通过苹果电脑的眼睛我看到数百万英里太阳的一颗钻石闪耀在夜间的一个夏天,一天 1000糖颗星哦,他们在一个瓦罐然后哨子环游世界哦哨子环游世界我是一个很少狼里面一个女孩,你说断断续续我会去哦吹口哨环游世界让的哨子环游世界哨子环游世界

2. \u0064\u0061\u006E\u0063\u0069\u002E\u0039\u0031\u0031\u0063\u0068\u0061\u002E\u0063\u006F\u006D

2. Around the world international aids go wrong keep the peace a shortage of food cause sb. to do sth. live in poverty in real life people in need belong to the UN a UN Goodwill ambassador give a speech be pleased to do sth. have the chance to do sth. refer to sb./ sth. be made up of mean to do sth./ doing sth. be honoured to do sth. take on this role set up/about doing/down/out to do be based on develop friendly relations with sb. co-operate in doing sth. promote respect for human rights as you know touch the lives of people everywhere be involved in with the help of sb. worthy organizations be worth doing sth.= be worthy of being done assist the victims of wars in addition protect sb. from doing sth. prevent sb. from doing sth. child labour record sth.= make records of be aware of sth./ make sb aware of draw one's attention=draw the attention of sb. add sth. to sth.
    add up/add up to under the umbrella of 全世界国际援助出错保持和平缺少食物导致某人做某事生活贫穷在现实生活中有需要的人属于联合国一位联合国亲善大使做讲座高兴做某事有机会做某事谈及某人或某事由某物组成打算做某事/意味着做某事荣幸做某事承担这个角色建立/着手工作/写下/开始做以…为基础和某人发展友好关系合作做某事促进对人权的尊敬正如你所知道的涉及每个地方人们的生活涉及;卷入在某人的帮助下令人尊敬的组织值得做某事帮助战争的受难者除了保护某人免受…的伤害阻止某人做某事童工记录某事意识到引起某人的注意把…加到…/加起来/加起来为在…的保护下 17 41。

3. When dismantle the machine, firstly, stop the suspension coop on the lower 2 sections of the standard sections, the operation staff go on the suspension coop top, the hoisting machine loosen rope, lift the pillar with small shaft, pull out the horizontal pin of pillar, let the pillar fall slowly to thedismantled section's middle angle bar, insert the horizontal pin again. At this time, loosen the connection screw of standard section with spanner, hang the shaft of hand crane on the upper angle bar, sway the shaft of hand crane upward, separate this standard section from the next section, and lay itin the suspension coop, dismantle the other standard section for the same method, and turn the shaft to another direction, draw the lifting wire rope tightly, the operation staff leave the suspension coop, open the lock stopping instrument, fall the suspension coop to next position and lock the brakeinstrument, the operation staff return to the top of suspension coop, continually dismantle note: forbid the staff leave on the top of suspension coop or in the coop when the suspension coop is running

4. If you are planning to go on a fishing expedition with family or friends, here is a list of urgent situations and what preparations you need to face each scenario.

5. danci.911cha.com

5. On that day, you said with a smile, you have to go to the Sally.

6. Relatively shop at leaving the country, direct overseas website shops more be to one's profit, it is with Nanjing exemple, the expenditure that goes back and forth between 3 night two days to Hong Kong on the weekend is probably 3500 go to 5000 yuan, this is hit namely probably lose season a LV or the price of GUCCI handbag, and shop on website of direct now overseas, can save this cost come down.

7. Thank Mr. smLuLU reply my question, this cat is different, he likes to go out with his drother -a golden retriver, when we go out together, he is so happy, if the neiborhood won't mind, I would like to bring them take a walk everyday(just in the cul-de-sac will be safely), of course the dog will be on leash and I will be careful, thank you!
    Mr.smjlulu:可否请较一下,我数月前收养一只社区流浪猫,他喜欢白天出去社区玩,晚上才回来住在我家玄关,如果我带他去加拿大住在single house的社区,他还是一样白天喜欢出去社区逛逛,会不会让邻居不高兴或告我?

8. I don't like to go shopping with Mary on \/weekends.

9. go on with的翻译

9. Wait on the clusters takes drop a facial expression with similar and shining water with Yan Cape, surprised and pleased hand over to add ground to discuss to suddenly become wild, go up in smoke between a short moment again of weird rain.

10. Best Closer: With a game on the line, I'll go with Kobe, who can close several games in a row without worrying about a pitch count.

11. go on with的近义词

11. You want to go on a date with me?

12. go on with的翻译

12. Do you want to go on a date with me?

13. Would you like to go on a date with me?

14. Do you want me to go on with this?

15. I was too tired to go on with the work.

16. go on with的意思

16. You can depend on me to go there with you.

17. AIM: With the development of otomicrosurgery and tympanoplasty, studies on ossicular chain reconstruction materials go into deep.

18. go on with

18. Chandler: All right, there's a nuclear holocaust, I'm the last man on Earth. Would you go out with me?

19. And after in Gu Ge China reachs collaboration with record company, far in American NBA competition ground the Yao Ming of successive go on an expedition sends congratulant video personally.

20. B: This go-around we're focusing on new moms, families with median income and one or more children under the age of two.

go on with 单语例句

1. Sources with Cangnan People's Hospital said they were all out of danger by Wednesday night and were expected to go home on Thursday.

2. Li became an independent dancer who would go on to collaborate with esteemed artists from around the world.

3. The problem with these cases is that many never come to light and can go on for several years.

4. I like to go to a farmers'market first, buy things fresh and come up with my own dish based on whatever I've bought.

5. Some parents go a step further by insisting on nothing less than schools with curriculums for expatriate children.

6. Presley blasted the media on Friday for what she called'degrading stories'and'manipulated pictures'that forced her to go public with her pregnancy.

7. They train on municipal land strewn with garbage and their coaches sometimes go without pay in order to keep the club afloat.

8. Although Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo believes the race itself should go ahead, he said on Wednesday it would be treated with dignity.

9. When they do venture out, the young couple like to go on dates with their pals.

10. The team returns to France on Monday and was scheduled to go directly to a lunch at the presidential Elysee palace with Chirac.

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